Apr 15, 2011

No additional jurors chosen this week in Komisarjevsky trial

Six Jurors total are all that have been chosen thus far for the highly publicized Joshua Komisarjevsky Jury. Komisarjevsky is the second man to be tried for the Petit family crimes which happened in July 2007 he is believed  to be the instigator of the home invasion which ended in 3 capital murders and other charges including rape of a minor child, Michaela Petit, only 11 years old.

The Komisarjevsky lawyers have been aggressive and particularly immoral in their approach to this case especially considering Jeremiah Donovan lead attorney made a point to mention that he himself has a beloved wife and two daughters at the onset of the crimes aftermath when he was assigned the case.

There has been an ever widening berth re what the difference between being entitled to a fair defense and a vigorous defense, the latter a term the public has been hearing from the killer's lawyer's as a broad stroke excuse for all behaviors, motions and indeed outright breaking of court law and procedure, in one case Donovan broke a court gag order during the Hayes case first citing he wanted to ameliorate any unnecessary pain the Petit family might endure after hearing forensic evidence that day that proved that their daughter Michaela had indeed been sodomized by Komisarjevsky.

When it became clear that no one was buying that and in fact the Petits along with every intelligent and informed member of the public, Donovan quickly shifted gears, something his client is known for when boxed in by his own dishonesty, and now the attorney claimed that he'd announced this information re Michaela's rape via his client, on the courthouse steps of Hayes trial, as a purposeful display of contention against the gag order that had been in place on the cases since late 2007.

I am actually heartened by Mr Donovan and company obviously poor judgement and overt lack of ethics and human decency, for this will all become apparent very quickly to any jury, no matter how slow and purposefully selective the public defenders carry out the voire dire process.