Apr 24, 2011

Eight Jurors Chosen so far For Komisarjevsky Jury

Eight Jurors have managed to be chosen thus far for the State of Connecticut vs Joshua Komisarjevsky Jury trial,  one of the longer voire dire processes that the State has ever seen, capital murder crimes notwithstanding, (as well multiple sexual assault, torture of a minor, kidnapping, assault in the first degree, arson, larceny, and  various other violent crimes, or as they are more commonly referred to, as " charges".

This, is what acts of brutality, torture and terror have become watered down to, within the courtroom anesthetizing process, and the men that commit these acts, sit years later, the time lapse between their acts of butchery and the formal judicial remedy for them serving it's purpose; a natural lessening of the initial grief and horor felt by the family and community.
The murderer now sits, years later, in their Sunday best, sporting new haircuts and chatting with their lawyers, as if they were regular human beings, not someone who maimed raped and murdered.

And such is our system.

And within the hushed whispers between attorneys and defendant, the strategy for outing the potential juror that might be too tough, or one that just doesn't sit right with their by now well honed instincts regarding who is the most likely to empathize with their client, a sociopath a child-killer, who happens to have a boyish face.

 One of the worst parts in this  obscene charade is watching self described killers and rapists effusively shake hands with their state paid lawyers at the end of this trial, as if to say if not for the lives I terrorized and stole, we might very well  be pals.  Of course not true, but the mere appearance of this ordinary display of mutual respect and other niceties extended to self admitted rapists and murderers, only adds more of a surreal quality to the whole teeth gnashing process, as if one is having a nightmare and open their mouths and cannot form a scream despite the overwhelming need to do so.

To those of us present or even watching the case via televised trials, become sick with the backwardness of all if this agreed upon en masse denial.
 But nevertheless we must  play along with the insanity of it all, because there is nothing else, no other remedy for resolving brutal murders of our brethren in this country.

And most ironic, much later, down the line, if and when this "process" actually manages to yield a tiny measure of arduously dragged out "justice", a sentence reached within the confines of what the law dictates, after sitting through all of the painful details of violence, like civilized human beings, showing immense self restraint, we can then expect to be chastised and accused of being "bloodthirsty" for breathing the tiniest breath of relief that something  vaguely resembling justice rose from all of this.