Apr 11, 2011

Komisarjevsky Lawyers Ask To Redact Names From Witness List | 24hr Legal Adviser

 Now the defense lawyers are trying to redact certain names from the witness list because their motion to make the entire witness list secret from public and press - was officially denied after due consideration, as was the obligatory "reconsideration" motion, Reconsideration to grant motions that were just denied would seem to now be standard protocol for almost every motion that the attorneys feel "strongly about" or when they need more time for something else and are using the system to slow the process to an ebb.

As mentioned, there have been an inordinate amount of baseless, at times downright insulting - defense filed motions, some of which are written up by the horde of minion law clerks that the Connecticut state public defenders office directs to do the actual practical work of looking up precedents that don't apply, and to make certain the motions are typed up in such a way as to appear official, despite the transparency of their true purpose.

The witness list is supposed to be available end of April, although Judge Blue gave the Defense this time to file more motions of take it to higher court, as they did with the "Tweeting" issue. something that is really akin to the shorthand that old time journalists used to use and then shout out to the public waiting outside what the latest happening was in regards to high profile crimes.

 Tweeting, while it may seem a bit cold in a sense violent crimes and terrorising of human beings being reduced to 142 characters or less, is really just a tool of today's journalists press and media members, it is but one of many many forms of news conveyance that simply attempts to be as close to real time as possible, in order to give the public information regarding the trial, when television camera's have been disallowed, in this case Judge Blue made that decision, probably because of asexual assault of a minor and two other women within the crimes committed by Komisarjevsky and Hayes.

He also might have felt that cameras themselves could cause an intrusiveness's that laptops or tweeting off laptops don't. As someone who attended parts of the Hayes trial,I can say that the electronic devices managed by the reporters were extremely low key, the mood was one of somberness, and only once did a reporter have to be asked to either get a new keyboard or make her current one less clacketyclack as a juror had complained about the noise.

The Komisarjevsky attorneys didn't want the tweets because they are afraid that their violent,cunning and murderous client who unlike Hayes, has a boy like appearance lending itself to more innocence" which they are counting on to appeal to the emotions of the jury insofar as giving him the death penalty which he certainly qualifies for under State law with a deluge of Aggravating factors, including the fact that he alone chose these victims; he targeted them at stop and shop when Hayes was not with him. He alone brought the information regarding the attractiveness of Jennifer Petit to Hayes, as one would lure a fish with bait on a line.

This is something that cannot be denied nor controverted and no matter his self serving claims either within his illegally smuggled Book which he agreed to as it would serve to get his bogus version out there to the potential jury pool-despite a gag order he knew prohibited him from discussing details of the case. But a sociopath does not believe that they need to follow any rules, and Komisarjevsky, perhaps with his lawyers sideways wink of his eye, proceeded to interview with a writer and send copies of journals and letters written for just this purpose; most of the important forensic evidence in the Hayes trial showed exactly my suspicions ; that the "book" was filled with outright,lies,manipulations and just enough so called truths thrown in, to appear as if he might might be telling the truth-that and the fact that the book was narrated from Komisarjevsky's perspective, lent itself to the appearence that this 'book' was fact.

Even later after the hayes trial, the writer Brian Macdonald, admitted after seeeing hearing forensic evidence witness testimoney etc, that Joshua komisarjevsky was the most manipulative human being he had ever known, and he is a crime writer by trade. In effect he'd admitted he'd been used and duped.