Apr 14, 2011

dimeo gets life sentence for murders of Donnelly Jewelers in Fairfield Ct

I hate to say it but I had a feeling that the whole heroin habit foisted upon Dimeo purportedley by his now deceased mother, who also was  supposedely bringing along 6 yr old dimeo on heroin buys long before his indoctrination into the use of the drug, was going to more than suffice for one gigantic mitigating factor for this sentencing.

I also understand that the donnelly family has stated publically that they dont support the death penalty for Dineo as enough death has already occurred, but as benevelont and saintly as that may seem to some , to me it only adds fuel to the fire of every would be murderer, rapist, child predator  and the like-this class of people occassionally stumble into a situation where a life is taken, as Dineo's then girlfriend did via a severe heroin habit, she is someone the court should have shown mercy to, she pulled no trigger and obne could see she was tortured by her part in these deaths, drugs or not- and indeed with a 20 plus year sentence for crimes which involved no murders assaults nor cleaning up the aforementioned,

 I think that the state cane down hard on her needlessly. She was and is extremely remorseful rehabilitative. However suffering from stage 4 cervical cancer, she is in UCONN Medical CENTER likely dieing long  before her sentence is fulfilled.

And then I see Dimeo sitting in the courtroom chatting with his attorneys, now  adorned with glasses making him appear substantially more innocuous than his mug shot taken the day he was caught in a motel in New Jersey, wanted on a different set of robberies including the needless murder of a store manager in the  NY jewekrt store heist-a store that his then girlfriend tred him to stay away from as it had ab elaborate alarm and a store manager who appeared tough and not easily intimated. Dimeo never gave him the chace and shot him in cold blood, as the owner store ran out the back door.

I heave watched and watched for any sign of humanity remorse or sorrow within dimeo now that he is no longer on heroin to catapult such egregious actions. Ive seen not one flicker. I have seen signs of a sociopath who merely wants to sray off death row. TGoday INMATE dIMEO GOT HIS WISH.