Apr 11, 2011

Jury Selection for Joshua Komisarjevsky trial inside view

Here's an article from a local online paper called The Patch" which covers most of the State of Connecticut, albeit in geographical segments, much the same as small newspapers do.  The difference is that the Patch has a lot of commentary and doesn't deliver the usual recitation  of the facts in what has become mainstream media's idea of "news".

I was just marveling to a friend that  now it even appears that the blogosphere is becoming more homogenized, with bloggers hoping to be picked up by national oe "mainstream" sources are trying to walk that political tightrope of not alienating this one or that one or said organization and as a result, what was once a great underground movement with the very same visibility as regular press and media, whose true blogs used unadulterated real reporting of the news, is slowly but surely becoming similar vanilla versions of "the "facts" or....the crazy militant sort of blogs that only manage to take credibility from blogs by choosing to use the blogosphere as a place to vent, and their commenter's of course follow suit and surpass the blog authors, with over the top suggestions of torturing the murderers as they tortured their victims etc.

None of this is helping to make our judicial system better, nor more accountable, although the power of the pen is still a wonderful tool for yanking the covers off of hypocrisy, corruption and the apathy and evil that is it's engine.