Nov 14, 2010

The Petit murders: we must hate evil - On Faith at

A very good commentary piece about the Petit murders written by a Rabbi Boteach in today's Washington Post. Equally interesting was the breadth of opinions found within the comments section, including the one below written by "sensible 2001"

I daresay it closely mirrors my own rather strong sentiments on this subject - And believe me, I have learned from experience, the hard way, that forgiving evil is not advisable, and will be used to propagate more evil, by those who would commit evil against us.

That whole forgive and reach out to understand those who would harm us idea, borne of a strong belief in Christianity, very nearly got me killed, for when dealing with the Sociopath, this kind of thinking and behaving is seen as a major weakness, and something to be taken full advantage of.

Posted by: sensible2001 November"

"I could not agree more with Rabbi Boteach. Evil men (and women) laugh at those who would 'forgive' them for the evil they perpetrate. Show these animals mercy and forgiveness and they will take full advantage. If the good and the just do not defend themselves, our country will descend into chaos (as have many countries throughout the world). In our efforts to be civilized we have become too soft on those who commit heinous acts of violence against us.

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