Nov 13, 2010

Jury selected in DiMeo murder trial

Finally, a Jury has been selected for the trial of the man accused of murdering Tim and Kim Donnelly, in their Fairfield Jewelry store, in the summer of 2005. Chris DiMeo is accused of killing Tim and Kim Donnelly during that robbery - his ex-girlfriend already has pleaded guilty in a plea bargain.

The Jury selection for DiMeo began in early September, but due to Connecticut's time-consuming voire dire process, (another aspect of our State's judicial system in desperate need of reform) it has taken the usually obscene amount of time to complete a simple Jury selection process.

These murders happened in 2005 -  DiMeo's trial is scheduled to begin in January 2011. The two defendants were on the run for a few weeks before being apprehended in a New Jersey motel. If we do the math, this will presumably be 6 plus years from the actual murders to the onset of the criminal trial for DiMeo.
And we''ll have to wait and see if his lawyers don't manage to come up with something designed to delay the trial, as public defenders with difficult cases are so often want to do.It's become standard fare here in Connecticut.

As a Fairfield resident, I remember well when these murders happened. The town was shocked, devastated and so, so angry. The murders were senseless;The couple had cooperated with the robbers, giving them jewelery and money, not resisting. And yet, Tim Dimeo, a reported heroin addict,, murdered both Mr. and Mrs Donnelly in cold blood, leaving them on the floor of their store, dying from their gunshot wounds. All I could think about was Mrs donne

A friend bought me a beautiful Gold necklace with a Celtic medallion from the Donnelly store just a month or so before the murders.  Mr. Donnelly graciously helped my friend with this relatively modest purchase, treating him as if he were buying the most expensive piece of Jewelry in the store. That spoke volumes of the man.

The charm, it turns out, means "eternal life"

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