Nov 18, 2010

Attorneys Cite 'Errors' In Requesting New Trial Or Life In Prison For Steven Hayes

Like we didn't see this nonsense coming. Still ironic though - just a little over a week ago, the lead counsel for the Hayes defense team spoke to members of the MEDIA- he claimed rather sardonically, that his client was "thrilled" that he was found guilty in his sexual assault/murder trial.

What some folks forget is that at one point in the pre-trial "process" Steven Hayes actually tried to change his plea to guilty, a decision that would have made the entire ensuing trial -and the so called "media frenzy" that accompanied it, unneccesary. That media frenzy is now being cited by ullmann and culligen as a main ingredient in their latest recipe for a request for delay in sentencing, and indeed petition against the sentence itself.  Months back when both Thomas Ullmann and our state's judicial system" would not allow Mr Hayes to stand up and take accountability for the murders, rape, arson that he wanted to admit to committing at that point.

Even if our justice system would have allowed a guilty plea from Hayes at that particular juncture, his bull-dog lawyers were ready in typical pugnacious form, threatening to do whatever necessary, whatever - even disclosing attorney/client privileged information, in order to "save their client from quote performing "state assisted suicide", A phrase by the way, that has been made so many times by Mr Ullmann, that it's become a meaningless refrain. This particular public defender has no discernment, he fights tooth and nail for any and every child murderer, rapist, every sadistic predator whose "case" finds it's way to his desk, and even some that dont; These are the cases that ulmann simply  feels "compelled to take on. If I'm not wrong,  I believe the Steven Hayes" case" was just such a case"  Incidently, lest we forget, each "case" as they are so easily refferred to, has a victim or victims at its core; their; blood, pain, fear, torment and - death. embodies that "case"