Nov 8, 2010

Death.Penalty Verdict for Steven Hayes

Today, a parcel of Justice was meted out for Jennifer, Hayley, Michaela -and William Petit. The members of the Jury presiding over the trial for Steven J. Hayes should be well commended. With a painstaking thoroughness, they poured over evidence and testimony and labored for days, all in an effort to make a fair and Just decision -a decision directed by law and common sense. Their wisdom and their courage have inadvertently helped begin the process of healing - for our communities, our state, and for the many people everywhere so deeply affected by these crimes.

May the Petit, Hawke, Chapman and Renn families sleep a bit more peacefully tonight; There could not be a stronger, more tenacious and devoted family advocating for loved ones lost to violence. William Petit Jr. has carried out the sacred, though often arduous duty of witness, survivor and advocate for justice. He has done so consistently with grace, dignity and a determined strength that has gained our deepest respect and admiration.

Rest in peace Hayley, Michaela and Jennifer, our solace is knowing that you are now forever in God's loving embrace; Be assured that we will continue to fight for Justice, in your memory, in your names.

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Anonymous said...

Odd to have this story in the news at the same time as the Smart story. As you point out in this case, and in that one as well, the target was a young girl. So random and by chance - I'll be leaving my young ones at home more often.