Nov 1, 2010

Hayes' brother: Don't kill yourself -

It's amazing how two brothers from the same family could be so very very different, and it only flies in the face of the concept that so many defense attorney's try to sell us: that abuse, abandonment and/ or flagrant neglect in childhood creates criminals like Steven Hayes. There is always a choice, everyone, including Steven and Matthew Hayes are given free will There are men and women with far worse childhoods who do not choose to become criminals who prey upon others.

Matthew Hayes sounds as if he is fairly religious or spiritual person, a no nonsense sort who is encouraging his brother to take responsibility for his crimes. Unfortunately, despite what Hayes attorneys and their hired hand forensic Psychiatrist claim, Joshua Komisarjevsky is not the only sociopath in this murderous pair.

Unfortunately, these two men are both Sociopaths, which created a perfect storm of sorts for one of the most brutal set of murders this state has ever seen. Komisarjevsky is clearly the more intelligent of the two and likely called most of the shots as Cheshire was his turf and he targeted the Petit's for the sexual assaults for both men and the Robbery. I believe Komisarjevsky used Mrs Jennifer Petit as incentive for Hayes who he'd obviously shared common fantasies of rape with.
This can be easily surmised in the texts that Hayes and Komsiarejevsky exchanged hours before the crimes.
JK Wrote "Dude hold your horses I'm putting the kid top bed"

Hayes wrote back "dude, hurry up, my horses are dying to get loose! lol!"

Does this sound like a reference to a house robbery or a planned evening of sexual assault?

But the real story about Steven Hayes's soul is told through the many hours he spent with this psychiatrist, who ironically was brought in by the defense, almost as a way of getting Hayes testimony into the trial without Hayes having to take the stand-(and thus be cross examined by the Prosecution.) Thirty some odd hours of "therapy" later and Hayes never ever copped to anything resembling the truth about what happened on the morning of July 23rd, when three members of the Petit family were brutally assaulted and murdered. In fact I believe he diverged further from the truth that he'd told to police albeit with some very big omissions right after he was taken into custody.

His entire version of the events leading up to the murder completely conflict with what he said earlier to Police, of particular note was the fact that he'd claimed to have seen Michalea Petit changed into new clothes and showered with her hair wet, this when he returned with the money. This was the truth and it made sense, later he contradicted this important piece of info told to police when he tells the shrink that upon return from the bank komisarjevsky told him he'd raped and thus killed the girls and that Dr Petit was dead. This is patently absurd and flies in the face of reason.

I do think that Hayes spent many hours trying to come up with any viable reason for killing Mrs Petit, for bothhis criminal case and possibly in attempt to save face with perhaps his daughter. So far we've been given three or four vesrions all of which contradict eachother: First, Josh told him to get rid of her, and rape her to square things up" for the rape of Michaela. Then he Claimed he saw the cops and went into a rage and killed and then raped her.-That doesn't fit at all because if either man knew the police were outside, they most certainly would not escalate what were thus far lesser crimes to a famicide murder as they'd intended Dr Petit to die in the fire before he escaped. Also the men were heard laughing as they ran out of the house. This certainly doesn't jive with a panicked Steven Hayes in shock and controlled by Josh feeeling as if in an altered reality"

Police testimony from an officer close to the house reported hearing the men laughing as they ran out of the now on fire home. Hayes was wearing Hayley Petits school hat on his head as well. More evidence of not only no conscience, but rather a complete gloating towards the 17 year old he'd just left to burn to death in the Petit house.

And when faced with the evidence that he went to a gas station at 6 am that morning, proving the murders were pre-meditated and that he was entirely aware of the plan for killing the family, Hayes states that he thought they were going to bring the family out into their car while they burned down the house. If this isn't ridiculous, I don't know what is. As one can see this is a simple case of "oh what a tangled web we weave" and I think it's time we stop these games and allow Justice to be served.

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