Sep 5, 2009

An issue of class?

Attorney Ulmanns attempt to inject racism and classism into the fray in response to the prosecution's request for one, or two simultaneous trials for the two men accused of killing the Petit family- is nothing but a cheap and ugly ploy. Its also ironic: Before continuing along this vein Mr Ulmann would do well to consider that if god forbid a violent crime should befall him or his family, according to his absurd conclusions, this should immediately render all legal considerations asked for or granted him as a victim, accordingly suspect-- due to his tax bracket and education level.
This kind of tactic, used by Ulmann in previous hearings as well, is a perfect illustration of the sleazy provocateur lawyering that gives defense attorneys such a bad name. Indeed, many of today's more intelligent and savvy attorneys have distanced themselves from this type of baiting and victim bashing, opting for a more sensitive approach towards their clients victim and their families. In the end, Ulmanns willy-nilly contraryism betrays a desperation, a grasping at straws for anything that might deflect attention from his clients culpability for the assault and murder of three human beings, even when it means going after the sole survivor of his client's carnage.

In many Eastern religions, ones behavior and moral integrity displayed within ones chosen career path matters very much. If someone directly or indirectly hurts others or causes harm within the performance of their 'jobs" this creates very bad karma, which then sits with that person forever .The old standard lawyer-mentality that anything goes in court because Its my job --is nothing but a self- serving lie used to rationalize a lot of very ugly behavior --It also serves to help save face with friends and neighbors when they ask ' how could you defend such a horrible criminal?!' If you're as good at deceiving yourself as you are others you might use it to assuage whatever remains of your own consciences. In Mr Ullmanns case, I daresay that ship has sailed.

Kudos to Dr Petit and the Hawke and Petit families for taking the high road and not allowing these facile and ugly manipulations to deter them from their ultimate pursuit of justice for Jennifer, Hayley Micheala-and Bill himself. Lets never forget that this is what it's all about.

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