Sep 18, 2009 | Suspect in Petit murder case seeks change of venue for trial

What a bunch of ____ (Fill in the expletive of your choice) I'm sorry but this reprobate
aka Connecticut inmate Joshua Komisarjevsky and his State financed mouthpiece, have the audacity to complain about incendiary remarks?!

This is a classic sociopath behavior- and while we expect as much from this "defendant", what excuse does his attorney have? While he is more or less obligated to take the case as a Ct public defender, but nowhere does it say that he should personalize the proceedings and assail the sole surviving victim with nonsense recriminations. It is a sleazy, sophmoric attempt to pull attention away from what his client did to three innocent lives.

And I am not carelessly bandying around the term Sociopath here - One of the main characteristics of the socio' is a complete lack of remorse and accountability for THE HARM that THEY cause OTHERS. And a lifetime pattern of harming others - violating others rights, along with a general predatorial and/or parasitic existence, is also part of the constellation of traits. Indeed, blaming their victims is commonplace as despicable as that is (ie 'I am in prison awaiting a trial where I might be found guilty and ordered to die not as a DIRECT result of murdering a mother and her two children--- and nearly killing thier father - I am in this predicament because....'.well ok first I was saying it was my accomplice-he made me do it all, and now I am condemning the one surviving victim, for supposedly making it impossible for me to get a fair trial, due to his becoming an activist for victims of violent crime.

I mean just imagine this, as much of a stretch as it is for those of us with a soul ;
You are caught red handed at the scene after killing a mans wife and two daughters, sexually assaulting the eleven year old and beating her dad in the head with a bat multiple times, (causing severe Traumatic brain injury and life- threatening blood loss) -Then--- after your night of battery and sexual assault , You help to direct your co-accomplice to the nearest gas station via cellphone directions so he can purchase gallons upon gallons of gasoline, using the Petit family's own gas cans, in order to burn down these same peoples house, killing the entire family who are tied up inside, hopefully destroying any physical evidence of your crimes rapes assaults robbery in the fire.. This shows clear awareness of the plan to burn down the house and kill the family.

Then... After you've helped your buddy find his way back to the house thanks to directions from you -( because after all you are the one that lived in this town your whole life and as such brought this crime to this particular home in the first place) At some point you both decide that your buddy will bring The man's wife to their bank when it openes where you will jointly defraud her of 10,000 . Undoubtedly you threatened the terrified woman that if she tries to escape or tip off the police- you will kill her children and/or husband . This is your guarantee. Those children are back at the house tied to their beds, under your guard-the youngest you've already sexually assaulted at least once . You intend to kill them all anyway but sadly the kidnapped mother of two girls thinks that if she only gives you what you want ( she in fact gives you 5,000 more than you asked for! ) that you ll both take the money and leave. This is what you tell her will happen.

Instead you reward her by watching your pal choke her to death and you both pour gasoline on her body and on her girls, who are still alive. One of you throws a match, and You run out of the house that you just set ablaze, with the 15,000 and a bunch of the Petits belongings in tow.
You proceed to drive off straight into a police roadblock just ouside the familys driveway.

Cut forward two years;
You've been sitting on your butt in a private cell eating three square meals a day, given medication for real or imagined anxiety conditions- reading crime novels and being guarded 24 7 -protected from the other inmates -all at the expense of those very same taxpayers whose homes you robbed continuously since you were old enough to jimmy a lock.
And rather than having even the littlest bit of remorse for taking the lives of a mother and her two children -- You are whining over "incendiary remarks" made by this very man who you admittedly assaulted and whose family you molested and helped slaughter.

And as if that' wasn't enough, you are also complaining loudly that the man whose family you raped and helped to murder called you "an animal" an animal! within a statement he made to the Connecticut legislature regarding the crimes against his family as it related to the death penalty. Considering what you have done to this man I would say that he has shown amazing restraint by merely calling you animals. You beat him in the head with a bat as he lay sleeping in his own house-that alone made you an animal! In fact, many of us felt that that statement wasn't appropriate-because even animals do not generally kill their own kind for sadistic pleasure, nor for rape or greed. You are much lower than animals and unlike animals you have no intrinsic value in this world. You have completely forfeited the right to be insulted by comments someone used to describe you.

It is also Bill Petits absolute right to express his feelings about what kind of punishment is appropriate in this "case" He is the sole surviving victim of said case and the only remaining witness to you and your pals' night of savagery.

I'll tell you what; Mr Komisarjevsky, Mr. Hayes and thier lawyers better wake up and smell the coffee: With the publicity that they are bringing upon themselves with these kinds of statements not to mention their complete and utter lack of rectitude, they are only ensuring that they'll never find a jury in the country --never mind the state that isn't predisposed to giving them the most severe sentence possible. Its one thing to ask for a change of venue, the proper way, with decorum and a modicum of professionalism, but this loutish grandstanding and antagonizing of the surviving victim is only making the public loathe both they and their clients even more than they already did, based upon the facts of the case.

Remember These men were caught at the scene red handed ---One of them was fleeing the flaming house wearing just- murdered Hayley Petit's school cap! And both men were toting the girls childhood piggy banks full of change. (Despicable)
There is no question of the Police having the right guys.

There is nothing left for either of their defenses but to try and shift as much blame for the murders on each other-- which predictably they have both been doing from the moment they were taken into custody. That is after smashing several police cars trying to escape the murder scene in the Petit's family car.

One would imagine that after being caught in such a despicable position, these two and their respective attorneys would be as quiet and inconspicuous as is humanely possible in the months leading up to their trials. Instead, Mr Ulmann has done nothing but antagonize, threaten and bait the surviving victim and used each and every hearing as a platform to vent and orate against both the state-for having the nerve to seek the death penalty against his client, and Dr Petit for basically refusing to be a good little compliant victim and just shut up and go away.

Well, I would be more upset if I didn't know with certainty that they were all digging their own proverbial graves-- literally and spiritually in turn.
More to follow--- Not done by a long stretch.

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