Sep 26, 2009

Book That Gives One Defendant's Version Of Cheshire Killings Coming Out Before Trials --

Ok,,the time has come where I must weigh in on this despicable book that has been released concerning the Petit family murders. The book, simply put, is nothing but subterfuge.
An orchestrated attempt by a textbook sociopath, undoubtedly with complete aforeknowledge and blessing of his attorney(s)-to get his "version" of this set of brutal violent crimes out to the potential jury pool and softening up public sentiment for this reprobate via the ole abused childhood defense The ultimate goal... avoiding a death penalty conviction.

Its a fairly clever attempt; Komisarjevsky clearly thinks that because he shares with the reader what seems like a multitude of self incriminating details about the crimes, he is thus likely to be believed regarding the rest of his story- because after all, why tell the truth about some things and lie about the rest? Why indeed.
When dealing with sociopaths, nothing is ever what it seems.

The book was a tool, an opportunity for this defendant to re-work and tweak, if you will, much of the worst of the incriminating evidence against him. Some of this evidence we the public already heard about, and the rest, we would hear soon enough once his accomplice Steven Hayes- trial was underway. In this tweaking, Komisarejvsky predictably lays all technical capital murder culpability at his accomplices feet, albeit, his assertions easily contradicted by police accounts and key evidence when one bothers to look closely.

An example of one of these lies would be jK's claim that Hayes ran out of the burning house "maniacally laughing." A piece of information that might appear on its surface to be almost moot from a criminal/ legal standpoint, yet it is very important in the overall scheme of things; komisarjevsky and his lawyers knew this and this is likely why it was selected as something he elaborated about or as the case is-explained away anecdotally via a literal re-creation if you will of those circumstances; Of course, komisarjevsky does so without ever addressing the fact that police reports said both men were laughing as they ran from the burning house, which at that point held the two Petit children still alive and tied to thier beds, left to burn to death in the inferno started by the two men. The two laughing men. You see, with that laughter went up in smoke the notion that either man was being cajoled or forced by the other to commit these heinous murders. Neither man was apparently stressed enough by what they were doing to simply remain somber while they knew two human beings were about to die in a horrible fashion.
Komisarejvsky and his attorneys knew that this piece of testimony by the police at the scene, was out there and was very damning indeed to their client. It was for this reason it was chosen for inclusion in the "story" that Komisarejvsky dictated to Brian Mcdonald.

He figured by talking about Hayes and his maniacal shriek of laughter as he left the crime scene he would work to have us focus on Hayes- and reinvent what really happened.
Lest we forget; They both were laughing.

In fact, all of the "important" details that Komisarjevsky " shares" or rather feeds the author of this book, were procured from either testimony of attending law enforcement , or actual evidence from his and Hayes's arrest ie they were caught fleeing from the scene with a ton of incriminating evidence on both of them not to mention a lengthy confession komisarjevsky made to police. That confession incidentally, his attorneys have tried in every underhanded way possible to leak into the public domain, the latest attempt being a request to read parts of the komisarjevsky confession" at a recent hearing where Dr Petit and family were attending, as was the press.
The judge wisely put the kbosh on that and instead put a seal on the statement, undoubtedly smelling the defenses ulterior motive. ( ie to lead the jury pool via public sentiment to "know" komisarjevsky wasn't the one that killed the Petits. As the press are attending these hearings if this statement had been allowed to be read even in part, at the hearing, the press would then convey this information to its readership/viewership .

The bottom line is that every single " revelation" "'shared" in this book would be coming out in court in good time. komisarjevsky would not have control over putting his spin on these in court, his attorneys are certainly not going to allow him to testify.
There are other ulterior motives for this book at this time; Komisarevsky likely craves the attention that the book and even the interviewing process, brought him. He couldn't resist. In fact he likely had been upset that he'd faded so quicxkly into relative obscurity in a tiny prison cell 6 months after the crimes happened. Sociopaths are notoriously narcissistic and egocentric-
So much so that they will often sabotage themselves in criminal proceedings because they just cant help talking about themselves and being in the 'limelight"-- albeit for their twelve seconds of fame. (think Ted Bundy and Dr. MacDonald)

Sociopaths also like the notion of being "feared", ie really bad guys". It makes them feel they have power. Being feared and committing outrageous criminal acts are the only way that they can"stand out" in their paltry existences; they are typically failures at achieving anything positive or productive.

komisarjevsky uses this book to throw out many other ugly details regarding how the crimes unfolded-almost all designed in one way or another to subtly and not so subtly- manipulate the reader, sway public opinion and the potential jury pool, into believing that his accomplice, Steven Hayes, was the really "bad" one, the one who elevated the crimes to murder.

Komsarjevskt claims that Hayes insisted the Petit women be killed, he was the reason that the family is now dead. In truth, it was the other way around; Komisarjevsky was the one who spotted the women and chose them as his victims. He plotted these crimes and in doing so was fulfilling his own personal agenda; the exertion of Control and power over a house full of women-or in this case children including an 11 year old girl Michaela Petit.

Komisarejvsky made these crimes happen and Hayes, he was almost used as merely"brawn" In fact komisarjevsky later in the book admits to planning to kill hayes after leaving the house, supposedly because he flubbed up leaving fingerprints and other evidence. Again this is a socio's classic manipulation and deception at work; He thought to kill hayes undoubtedly a in order to silence him- after all Hayes could finger him and almost as importantly it was an issue of greed Hayes dead he would keep all of the 15,000.00 that they extorted from Jennifer hawk Petit who I am sure was trying to buy her family's safety-and was cruelly double crossed.

Fortunately, in the end, by being true to his nature, Komsrajevsky predictably trips himself up within " admissions"made to the author Brian McDonald. While his main motivation was clearly to shift blame to Hayes for the worst of the crimes, he just couldn't help himself it seems allowing his ego to take over and as a result look close and pieces of the truth have a way of seeping through the detritus.

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