Sep 17, 2009

Questions about the Murder of Annie Le at Yale

New information that the suspect in Yale graduate student Annie Le's murder- once belonged to an Asian club in High school has sparked suspicion that he may have had a life-long attraction to Asian women.

Another possible motive and one that I personally wondered about early on in the investigation is a scenario involving a dissagreement over the way the animals were being treated in the lab where both the victim and the suspect worked. Apparently, it is just now come out that there was in fact a very heated argument between these two on this very issue in the days leading up to the murder. I hate to say it but this was literally the first thing that came to my mind when I found out the type of lab that they both worked in and a few other clues that I'll talk about later. +

It looks like they will be arresting this guy as soon as the DNA evidence is confirmed as belonging to him. He is reportedly staying alone at a motel being watched round the clock by the FBI as more warrants were served at his apartment today and the police are still there collecting evidence.

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