Sep 2, 2009

Why Jaycee Lee Dugard never tried to escape

The above linked  article is about Jaycee Lee Dugards strange yet classic case of Stockhom Syndrome,  the condition that likely led her to become complacent and even somewhat attached to her captor for over 17 years.   Variations of this syndrome are commonplace with battered women and others in controlling and destructive relationships. It is often a big part of what keeps a person bound to thier abuser...much to the mystification of others.

As the various linked articles explain, Stockolm syndrome is a really nothing more than a very base survival mechanism-- and it is one with which I am personally familiar.  As such, I believe that I understand it in a way that few others can viscerally as opposed to simply intellectually.

My hope here is that by encouraging awareness about this pervasive syndrome, more people will recognize the hallnarks of these kinds of "relationships" and  thus be in a better position to help a person being victimized, be it a battered woman, someone in a controlling domineering relationship, an abused child or teen or even someone who has been abducted, as this young woman was.  As is often the case with child abductees, Jaycee Lee was exposed to people from the outside world on various occasions throughout her imprisonment - yet she did not directly solicit help nor divulge her real identitiy. There is no doubt in my mind that through the interactions she did have someones gut instinct told them that something was amiss, but they likely couldnt put thier finger on exactly what  was wrong.

Today My prayers and  thoughts are with this young woman and her family...May each day bring her more healing and comfort and closer to  discovering who Jaycee Lee Dugard truly  is.

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