Feb 1, 2012

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

February is National Teen Dating Awareness Month!-

In order to help our youth understand the warning signs of abusive relationships and how to deal with any dating situation that even seems unhealthy, as adults, we would all do well to get involved!

Follow the link on the NCADV website for ways that we can help our youngsters date and relate with each other safely. Lots of down-loadable information that make great pass-outs at community events and school functions.

Please Let's help extinguish dating and intimate violence from a pro-active and preventive standpoint. My personal desire is that every young girl and young man are taught in depth about the nature of abusive relationships as well as how to keeping safe from adult predators, at the earliest possible age!

We have amassed far too much experience in these areas, lets start really teaching our youth, so that they may be empowered with awareness and knowledge as they embark into their lives!

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