Feb 19, 2012

Connecticut crime lab's accreditation restored...finally.

This is a perfect example of our States terrible marks in it's Criminal/ Judicial system. Once again egos and apathy loom large behind the scenes wherever change or improvement is sought. The crime lab debaucle is but a symptom of an entire state-wide attitude of keeping the status-quo, and dont tell us how to do our jobs.

The only way that change is going to happen is from outside agencies that have power, and even here we see the amount of resistance that just such a powerful agency has run smack into, at a terrible cost to the people of this state. And you'll notice it has not gotten a whole lot of media coverage either, considering the magnitude of a State like Connecticut losing it's crime lab accreditation.

In the meantime...for the most part, the Police keep doing their jobs, putting their lives on the line, getting a first hand view of the carnage, only to see our courts render their hard work moot, as the revolving doors continue to turn for violent offenders and predators.

More on this later..

Connecticut crime lab's accreditation restored- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut

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