Nov 29, 2011

The old one - two punch by Komisarjevsky and lawyers Re Daughter's so called " Testimony"

Here they go again. And What a performance.

The very day that Joshua Komisarjevsky's attorney's were about to play the video - taped "testimony" of Komisarjevsky's now estranged nine year old daughter ( a little girl who by the way calls her biological father" Nana's son Josh" who is in jail for something...) , we were all in for a surprise! 

The Surprise

A "last minute"  transparently - staged intervening by Joshua Komisarjevsky, who had months to intervene, yet waited to this last possible and therefore, least potent moment, on the very day that his daughters videotaped conversation with a therapist was scheduled to be played for his Jury. The video-taped "testimony" was motioned for by his very own defense attorneys well over a month ago!

Judge Blue, in his predictably defense accomodating mode, approved the motion.

The sudden leaping into the fray and objecting to his child being "used" was actually a two-fold manipulation;

First and foremost this was an attempt by Komisarjevsky to officially save face, whilst still getting that attempt in for a empathetic emotional reaction from his JURY.

This morning in court, Mr. Komisarjevsky, suddenly, and literally at the 11th hour, purportedly asked to address the court regarding his daughters testimony" announcing that he was acting "against the advice of his attorneys" (ahem,.....)

His address to the court was an obviously pre-written and well-rehearsed " strenuous" objection to that day's scheduled presentation of his daughters video-taped testimony. The so called testimony which had been discussed in court and the media for weeks, was being used by the defense as a ploy to manipulate the court and the jury into what they hoped would be a facile reflexive emotional reaction which would then move them to have mercy giving Komisarjevsky a life sentence rather than the death penalty that the state is asking for and indeed the crimes demand.

And This reflexive compassion from the jury, the Komisarjevsky defense lawyers are hoping, will spring forth from said jurors (or even just one holdout, ,causing a mistrial ) because when they see Komisrajevsky's daughter, whom he in fact has not seen in over four years,they will be inclined to think of this child rapist killer as a father and this in turn will rattle their consciences and make them uneasy about putting him to death.

First of all Komisarjevsky impregnated an under age girl whilst he was 22 years of age and whether Komisrajevsky wanted to be a father or not we'll never know but we do know the then 15 year old had the baby. It should be noted that Joshua Komisrajevsky was serving one of two stints for two strings for house break-ins that totalled over 40 arrest charges and within Connecticut's infamous plea bargaining model of justice" magically whittled themselves down to 20 or so felony convictions by the  time he was 23 years old, and now in prison where he belonged, a father.

Today's events translated in possible or plausible to the defense criminal/ legal ramifications;
 Convicted murderer Joshua Komisrajevsky  addressed the court,  IE the public, IE the media  IE the Jury. The Jury. Those 12 people that will soon decide if he is to get the death penalty as is dictated by Connecticut state law when certain capital crimes such as multiple murders are committed in a particularly egregious depraved and cruel manner. The crimes committed against four members of the Petit family of Cheshire who were personally selected by Joshua Komisrajevsky, fit every single one of the aggravating factors listed by the prosecution in the first day of Komisrajevskys penalty phase.

Now although the Jury wasn't in the room when Komisrajevsky made his rather convenient sudden last minute objection to his daughter being used in this way" His so called address to the court will invariably make its way to its intended target  ie the jury anyway.

You see, while it's true that Judge Blue had the jury leave for Komisarjevsky' address to the court, Komisarjevsky and his attorneys knew darn well that the national media is reporting/tweeting every single happening of any consequence within said courtroom, And as such, Komisarjevsky's  so called "unexpected " address to the court would surely makes its way to at least one or two members of the jury as it will be splashed all over every headline on the Internet and many newspapers as well.

And all most people will see is something akin to:

" Joshua Komisarjevsky objects to daughter's video-taped testimony" 

And this is exactly what this Sociopath and his slippery lawyers wanted to achieve.
They knew that people, the public and thus the Jury as explained, were inwardly judging Joshua Komisrajevsky for allowing his own child to be utilized and emotionally harmed in yet another attempt at sparting his despicable life.    The entire show was just that a show intent upon manipulating the jury intogiving him a life sentence, rather than the death sentence that the State of Connecticut has rightfully pursued for these particularly cruel, brutal and self serving crimes.

And despite his cavalier attitude, IE the stretching of legs, the  languid yawn,the bored disaffected look, upon hearing the Jury say Guilty on every criminal count that he was charged with for his part in the Petit family assaults murders,arson, we know he is a coward. Komisarjevsky wants life in prison, his lawyers told us so in a little speech they gave about "what Josh wants." just a few months ago at the onset of this trial that they his lawyers turned into a hateful sleazy circus.

Inserted into his little speech today were several choice words that you better believe were very carefully selected and for a very good manipulative reason, allow me to explain;

Komisarjevsky injected this bit for good measure:

'I refuse to beg for my life, I will humbly ask the court to spare my life..... but I am not at all comfortable with my daughter testifying at this age without her knowledge or agreement as it could later harm her in life when she inadvertently could learn or believe that she might have said something that inadvertently wound up assisting my being given the death penalty"

That's where he slipped IT IN. IT in case you re wondering is the little key to he and his lawyers next shrewd and calculating psychological maneuvering.

Uh oh Judge Blue allowed the child to testify via video, and he allowed official members of the press to view the video, thus outing the girls identity, which had been up until that point anonymous to the public.

Now when this child finds out that whatever she said one day while talking to some doctor, she was indeed part and parcel of her fathers penalty phase!  This is the part of his trial where his lawyers try to fool everyone into thinking that " Nana's son Josh" wasn't  a bad man at all for having chosen 11 YEAR OLD Michaela Petit to rape and killed her and nearly her whole family just to get at her and to cover up evidence of his crimes.

Now Komisrajevskj and later his lawyers will claim that it will be cruel to this child who they insisted should quote testify at her dads trial, cruel to give her dad a death sentence if for no other reason than the way things have unfolded this child might wonder if she said something that made the Jury say ebnough already, we are going to award the death penalty to this man.

In other words, Komisrajevskys and his lawyers are using his daughter in an old fashioned one -two-punch scheme.

First we'll put the kid in front of the juries faces and get her to acknowledge her fathers existence
(since she was only five when he left the house one night, knowing full well he was going off to at the very least sexually assault a young girl whom he'd lusted after earlier that day at a supermarket near his and his victims home. )

He followed that little girl and her family back to their house, creepily stalking the girls hanging back just far enough in a truck given to him by his enabling parents, who were allowing him to live in their Cheshire home rent free despite having absolutely no responsibility for any bills whatsoever.

In fact by winning primary custody,  Komisrajevsky did not have to pay child support anymore. And there has been more than one witness in Joshua past that has shared that he was always complaining about having to pay jayda child support - this before he won his aggressive bid for primary custody.

And don't think for one minute that this was not a big part of the motivating factors in seeking out primary custody so aggressively in family court, despite having just been paroled and in fact still wearing his ankle tracking GPS anklet.

Joshua Komisarjevsky's words in court today have no truth no real meaning, other than to show anyone who is paying close attention, that he is once again attempting to dupe others. Certainly, he had the help of his lawyers with today's tactic, and really, this really speaks volumes about these evil men. They will stop at nothing to wage their war against Justice whilst telling themselves, and anyone else who will listen, that they are all about saving the life of a man; A man who would just as soon rape their child, their grandchild, and smash their heads in with a baseball bat in order to get them out of the way, so that he can rape and pillage in their homes. possibly extorting a cache of money by first playing the role of the good guy between the two bad guys, only to show himself as the devil in the end, when he ties up their loved ones, along with them, bruised bleeding and in shock, tied up and helpless to help their loved ones. Joshua Komisrajevsky would splash on a little accelerate, drop a match and run away..... laughing.

First these lawyers barge into the life of an innocent 9 year old child, with nary a care that they re destroying the priceless bit of distance that this young child has managed to put between herself and this monster that happens to be through no fault of her biological father, and a sexual predator, Arsonist and child murderer.

This whole last minute show; Komisarjevsky standing up and speaking to the court, showing he is intelligent,well spoken and again, his lawyers banking on the prejudices that many Americans have regarding their pre-conception of what killers, especially child killers, should look and sound like.

.This, as they are not sequestered and despite instructions not to talk about the case with anyone, someone somewhere will inadvertently fill in a juror or two regarding Komisrajevsky's sudden attempt to simultaneously redeem himself in the eyes of the jury, the public and his family, by making a disingenuous albeit  articulate and eloquent (that's the manipulative sociopath at work) statement regarding his strenuous opposition to his child testimony, being used to either help or harm his case IE whether or not he gets the death penalty or life in prison.

At the center of this whole flowery diatribe and he has a penchant for flowery insincere wording in all of his writing, from his so called journals to his letters to Brian MacDonald, to his letters to the mother of his child while he was serving his last stint in prison for that string of what amounts to stalkings and home invasions but were classified as House Robberies, he told the mother of his child in one particularly memorable letter that "while prison was a bitter pill for him to swallow, he was ready to take life by storm with her and their beautiful child"

That attitude of Komisrajevky's did not last long. Nor did any loyalty he might or might not have had for the mother of his child in the first place. Think of his letters and all of his words as exercises in manipulating others. That is what sociopaths do. And even in prison he was honing his skills. He would soon have his eye on a new young conquest; A very young companion of a visiting friend in prison. THAT young girl would soon become his lover, the two meeting up at the mall while he was still in his prison halfway house. Komisarjevsky would take pictures of his new gal pal while they had sexual relations in the Malls public Restroom stalls.

I suppose some non existent sexual abuse made him use his own brand new underage girlfriend in this most despicable disrespectful way.

In the end after Komisraevsky;s totally planned little 'surprise objection diatribe"
Judge Blue predictably said something to the effect of" ok we listened, and I suggest you listen to your counsel The video-tape will be shown and entered in as evidence."

Meaning:your so called wishes which you have so loudly and officially made to the court,albeit at the very very last minute for something that has been planned and in the works for months via you and your defense team, And the court says"too bad were going ahead with the plan to view your daughter videotaped without her knowledge while she speaks to a child psychologist  all in a transparent attempt to warm the cockles of this Jory's heart -  or at least one of them -- and get them thinking about the fact that you are a dad and that once upon a time you fought for custody of your then 5 year old, a child that you in fact put to bed the very same night that you'd already planned to the smallest detail a home invasion that revolved around your sexually assaulting an eleven year old little girl. A little girl that you'd spotted that very same day at the Cheshire Stop and Shop.Her name was Michaela Petit.

It should be noted that the decision to allow this video tape of Komisarjevsky's daughter (which was technically supposed to qualify as "testimony" during the penalty phase of a capital murder trial) to be entered into evidence and shown to this jury was highly unorthodox and extremely controversial. Children's testimony in the guilt phase of a trial is not wholly uncommon, but a long estranged child of a convicted child rapist and murderer, basically being used as an emotional ploy to the jury by the convicted mans lawyers, well this is
unheard of.

However, like many of his decisions within the penalty phase portion of the State of Connecticut vs Joshua komisarjevsky,Judge Blue ill advisedly succumbed and rather easily at that, allowing this utterly moot testimony to be played to this Jury as well as the media. Whatever the reasons, Judge Blue has lost his once extremely sound common sense judgement and appears to have long thrown his judicial arms in the air and said " go ahead boys its all yours from here on out" to the Komisarjevsky defense attorneys.

Incidentally, I am using the word  testimony very loosely here for I don't know if one can even call the surreptitious videotaping of the long estranged daughter of a convicted Child rapist and murderer,talking with a child psychologist about nothing in particular -  as testimony.

Moreover this whole show regarding Komisrajevskys child has been nothing but a show within a show whereby Komisrajevsky and his lawyers said I know -  we'll use the fact that giving Joshua the death penalty
would be harmful to his daughter, and while were at it, well hype of the whole fact that he is a dad in the first place (meaning he impregnated an underage girl when he was 22 years old and in typical sociopath fashion, he fought bitterly for her custody, since he and the girls mother had broken up and he wasn't going to have anyone else have control or oversight of his daughter!

 And thus, once again with the aiding and abetting of his parents Ben and Jude, (who have alternately been portrayed as the reason Josh is a killer (due to their particular brand of Christianity and his mothers reluctance to put him on anti-psychotics for genuine fear he'd abuse them or sell them) or hapless parents simply in over thier heads. The Bottom line is that the Komisarjevskys helped Josh enormously in his bid for primary custody, they allowed their home, thier prescence in thier home all to be used in family court hearings as a much more stable living environment than the childs mothers residence, an easy feat considering at that particular moment she was in drug treatment having some temporary difficulties within her treatment center. Remember up until this point in time the girl raised this child unti age five along with the help of her relatives. Komisarjevsky was in prison  when the child was born chasing a much younger girl as the baby was talking and walking and before that he was breaking into houses while people were home, watching them from trees with night vision goggles often for hours and hours.

Once Komisrajevsky was in his halfway house sexually involved with yet another minor, he became aware of said difficulties that the mother of his child had being the control freak that he was, he was all over it. This , despite the fact that he was just being paroled and would wear a GPS tracking anklet which was part of his special parole. That parole was supposed to last 6 years as per the wishes of the judge who presided over Komisrajevskys last sentencing hearing. The judge who was appalled by the sheer magnitude of komisrajevskys house break -ins at his young age and moreover his penchant for breaking into homes where people were present- boasting that anything less was " too boring." took note of the night vsion goggles, the knife that he toted, and announced that this felon was a cold calculating predator and a danger to the people of this state. The Judge intended Komisrajevsky to serve nine years in prison and six years special parole.
Due to something Connecticut called early release parole, Komisrajevsky was sent to a halfway house after 2 and a half years.

 He was home with a tracking anklet in another 8 months. Leniency is clearly a very bad idea for shrewd cunning sociopaths.

The very same night that Komisrajevsky had his GPS anklet removed from the dept of corrections, he was right back out breaking into homes, according to Steven Hayes, showing the inexperienced house burglar just how easy a home invasion could be. All he needed as the perfect set of victims. On his third night of GPS government tracking freedom, Joshua Komisarjevsjy spotted and followed home 11 year old pretty little Michaela Petit and her attractive mom and her attractive older sister. He sized up thier home and made notes in his head regarding posssible break in points. He then called his friend Steven Hayes on his cell phone. That phone was given to him by his parents, along with a laptop computer to use, a decent working truck that was registered and insured and only added to his appeariamce of a regular working guy in Cheshire Ct. a town full of working class men and women.

The difference was that Joshua Komisrajevsky was a predator, who had just had the very last bit of State mandated control removed from his person.

Komisarjevsky once said that the main thing about Robbery, stealing and any other crimes was that

"You  must look as if you belong."

"Appearences are everything" he said.

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