Nov 27, 2011

The Komisarjevsky Penalty Phase Show. Part Two

Note to Readers: This Post is Part two of a prior Post. It is quite long, but all of the facts are necessary in order to understand the crimes, and moreover this trial which has been excessively deceiving, if one is to rely on most mainstream media.

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 Remember Ted Bundy?

He not only was an innocuous - looking man when he wanted to be, but he also went to law school and worked at a suicide hot- line for several years during the same time that he was raping and murdering women.

He also escaped prison once, specifically because he had his guards and everyone else thinking what a regular predicatble sort of guy he was, and as such - they let their guards down.

After escaping, Bundy proceeded to kill more women and a 12 year old child by the name of Kimberly leach. Poor Kimberly was the first child that Ted Bundy had killed, at least to the knowledge of Police and the FBI. This only showed an escalating, completely out of control sexual predator, who now was raping and murdering several women and/or children a day in orderr to feed what had become an insatiable desire to cause fear horror and pain in sexual assaults whose excitement came from his complete control of  his always female - victims..

The victims were no longer a specific type, as they had started out: long haired attractive brunettes with straight hair often framing thier young faces. It was quickly discovered that his first bartrage of victims closely resembled a young women whom Bundy had been rejected by, in his mind due to his lack of social elevation.

That original victimology soon dissapeared as Bundy evolved into a serial rapist and murderer. After his escape he simply went on a spree of killing and rape willy nillly grabbing up any victim out of sheer convienence and opportunity. After raping and torturing his victims, he murdered in particularly vicious brutal ways, such as bludgeoning them in thier heads and face with pieces of wood.  This is also an escalation.

My point is that Ted Bundy was a Sociopathic sadistic murderer motivated by control and domination. Yet his criminal activities evolved, became easier with each rape and murder and he admitted to needing more stimulus within the crimes as time went on.   Anti-Social personality disorder aka sociopath psychopath is
not a mental illness, it does not serve as an insanity defense for a very good reason. Right and wrong are
very discerable to the sociopath, he often goes to great lenghts and lies to avoid detection. It is however a
choice the sociopath makes upon whether to act upon his fantasys and desires to harm and stalk etc.

Bundy had the same textbook personality disorder that Joshua Komisarjevsky had beginning in childhood.
He was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder at age 13 or 14. This is the adolescent version of a
repeated life of violating other human beings rights and harming others, often rationalizing or minimizng their behaviors even using the notion that they are victimized and persecuted by whomever society the law.

Shared trait among sociopath predators  is  zero  empathy. He could fake it, but when his prison buddy referred to Komisarjevsky as "emotionally dead" prosecutor Dearington should have brought the jury's attention to that description - and explained why it was so pertinent.

 Instead when he cross examined that witness, he asked of the man " by emotionally dead",  wasnt that a way of saying that Komisarjevsky had a calm nature about him?" And the defense witness/  friend of Komisarjevsky said ...."uh....yes?

It seemed as if Dearington thought that by using the term "emotionally dead" that this would somehow give credence to the notion that Komisarjevsky had a mental illness, and that this would alleviate his responsibility for the beating, rape and murders.

But that isn't the case. Emotionally dead is perfectly in sync with  Sociopaths,: despite being able to turn on and off highly manipulative and persuasive natures, there is still a discernable lack of normal empathy, the ability or desire to feel true compassion for anyone because they are so narcissistic (self involved)

However, I think the prosecutor was confusing the emotional flatness of a psychopath with the mood disorder that Komisarjevsky's defense attorney's were trying desperately to inisist thier client had had since childhood or adolescence, using it as if it were a viable excuse for all of his criminal behaviors which incidently all involved an utter disregard for other peoples rights possesions, privacy sancity and safety IE The gas station fire where he was caught on videotape.

The defense were of course way out of thier league from a forensic psychology standpoint. This man killed  a mother and her two young daughters and sexually assaulted an eleven year old girl because of an untreated mood disorder which they managed to procure a pyschoatrist to diagnose him retrospectively without knowing komisarjevsky until well after these murders, as being bipolar since late childhood and this stunted his emotional development, leading to a life of crime.

In the meantime, there is no such

The defense team have spent the better part of three years setting up this notion; Coming up with anything any possible mental illness concussions he suffered (Ive had five myself and yet I am not a rapist nor a killer, nor did i set fires as a child nor did I steal underwear break into other peoples houses every chance i got, try to make bombs, get thrown out of every camp I ever went to and stalk my neighbors hiding in trees and bushes.

In any event this so called mood disorder IE Bi-polar disease is a mental illness that is highly treatable and it does not resemble a psychopath by a long shot ie anti social personality disorder.

Komisarjevsky's lawyer have been dragging out highly paid psychologists and psychiatrists to suggest  and or claim retrospectively that komisarjevsky had bipolar disorder- because this was the only mental illness that the research team for his natural biological family came up with in their attempts to find mitigating factors in this adopted killers past.

The biggest difference between someone like Ted Bundy and Komisarjevsky is age by the time each man was caught. Komisrajevsky unlike Bundy had been in trouble his entire life -  he chose to violate other peoples rights starting at a very young age and when there was no true tangible negative seleleque because his enabling mother and his beleaguered father continued to rescue him from his own criminal acts and had not perfected his craft yet. He also appeared somewhat thug like and unlike Bundy he was so over the top that he used zero self control, unlike Bundy he left a trail of signs of his deviant sexual predatory behaviors from a very early age and unfortunately his parents enabled him over and over again, even if it was unwittingly or do tho their own haplessness and refusal to admit that some human beings are genetically evil. Socio-pathology is not a mental illness again - and it is not treatable, ask any forensic psychiatrist.

The biggest problem for society and particularly the town of Cheshire is that Komisarjevsky has two parents with extremely impenetrable fundamentalist Christian beliefs, that added to their digging in their heels and refusing to see that this was a case of a hopelessly dangerous young man and when the law got a hold of him, he belonged behind bars. Instead there was Jude and Ben Komisarjevsky consistently enabling Thieu son, showing up to every court hearing for his many many burglaries, his juvenile arson stalking, Robbery's, trespassing and stealing ladies and girls panties- a very very ominous sign.

By their loud presence in his current life they are helping him in the eyes of the Judge visiting him religiously, his father in the courtroom talking about how they cant hug their son"

Denial is a very scary thing, and there would seem to be a lot of it going around. Lets just hope and pray that this jury is too smart to succumb to the tactics that they are being barraged with.

Back to Joshua Komisarjevsky's daughter, who was likely doing just fine until this subpoena came crashing into her young life c/o Jeremiah Donovan and Co and her biological father, trying to using the mere fact that he is a father as a deterrent to this Jury giving him a death sentence.

Any hope this young girl had of putting distance between her innocent life and this man's criminal atrocities and legacy, are now lost forever. His legacy has become her own. And Judge Blue allowed this harmful circus to be carried out, his thinking forever a mystery to the sane among us. It has become painfully clear that he has either succumbed to the sometimes mind numbing parade of defense witnesses, in what has to be the longest most despicable penalty phase of a murder trial or:.....

Judge Blue has fallen prey to good old fashioned Lookism and classism, as in "well ....he doesn't look like a child rapist murderer..... and he has (middle class) parents that love him..... and a daughter after all...." and well there is that (alleged)

"Hold your horses ... putting the kid to bed.."

Komisarjevsky, again the author of the above line in a series of text messages sent between he and his hand picked accomplice, Steven Hayes, mere hours before the pair invaded the home of the Petit family of Cheshire Connecticut, with sexual assault and robbery on the mind of Komisarjevsky,who had personally chosen the victims earlier that day at an area stop and shop.

Remember, Steven Hayes had not laid eyes upon anyone in the Petit family, he only had Komisarjevsky's descriptions to go by. Including that Mrs Jennifer Petit was"a young looking tall blond mom"of his personal target for sexual assault, eleven year old Michaela Petit, who Komisarjevsky later claimed to police detectives that s he thought she was 14 or 16 when he sexually assaulted her several times throughout the home invasion. This he said within his taped recorded statement to Cheshire Police after being captured fleeing the Petit murders scene in the Petit's family car.

The trouble with this is that by this point he'd also admitted on tape to the Cheshire police detective that he had spent a lot of time with the child whom he had the nerve to continue to refer to as KK within his statement, KK again was the Petit families nickname for Michaela and it made me ill and showed just how twisted Komisrajevsky was to be using that nickname knowing he had raped and killed this child at this point, having left her tied to her bed doused in Gasoline, after raping her.

But still he almost affectionately called her KK as he told the detective that the too chatted quite a bit including talking about her summer plans and other assorted things as he tried to pretend in his own mind that he was relating to an 11 year old as if she were an adult woman. During that time did he not ask the girl how old she was, did she not tell him what grade she was in in school. Here he was calling her by her family nickname, supposedly bringing her water, letting her use the restroom, and chatting about her summer. In all of these many many visits to this young girl's bedroom, this guy would have us believe that he never asked Michaela her age? I think not as common sense dictates - Joshua Komisarjevsky simply does not want the world to know including his parents, and the jury, that he sexually assaulted a child.

After raping and murdering Michaela by pouring Gasoline on her, after he was done sexually assaulting her and setting both Michaela and her 17 year old sister Hayley who was also doused in Gasoline, on fire while the girls were alive and tied to their beds. Michaela basically cooked to death from the inside out,her lungs and trachea scorched with soot, she died a terrible death.

Thank God that this Jury appears to be extremely intelligent, and I am still banking on them seeing through this ridiculously elaborate smokescreen, and focusing on the facts that indeed can be found by listening carefully to the defenses very own witnesses during this penalty phase.

Some recent happenings in Courtroom 5A that simply defy logic:

The court, (as in Judge Blue) has allowed a Komisarjevsky's nine year old daughter to be subpoenaed and forced to testify on behalf of her father in an attempt by his attorney's to win him a life sentence rather than the death sentence that the State (and everyone else) believes that he deserves.

This is the man who chose these victims, he made these crimes happen. Komisarjevksy has been convicted for murdering and sexually assaulting eleven year old Michaela Petit in the first phase of this trial. In fact he was found guilty of every single count against him by this jury.

It is very clear from the evidence between the Stop and Shop video tape, his taped statements to Police, and his interviews and letters to writer Brian MacDonald that sexually assaulting Michaela Petit was Komisrajevsky's main objective for the Petit crimes. Once he realized how badly he'd beaten Dr William Petit with a baseball bat (in order to gain control of the house), once he understood that Michaela and her mother had each heard him at length speaking, saw him several times without their eyes being covered with Pillowcases - in Jennifer Petit's case she certainly saw Steven Hayes at the very least wearing his mask, if he even kept it on while riding in the back of her car to the bank.( I doubt very much he wore his mask, which certainly insured that the Komisarjevsky wasn't going to allow her to live)

If Steven Hayes who was a convicted Felon happened to be identified, he also knew that Hayes would finger him in a nano - second in order to get a plea deal.

Jeremiah Donovan who is heading up this over the top penalty phase throwing anything and everything at this Jury hoping to evict empathy or mercy from them based on a series of lies about Komisarjevsky's childhood.

Mind you Donovan is the same lawyer that deliberately broke a gag order on what was then a still pending capital murder case, by holding his very own press conference on the steps of the Steven Hayes trial, because on that particular day of Hayes trial evidence was discussed proving that Komisrajevsky had sodomized Michaela Petit.

Using the utterly disingenuous reason that he was concerned for Dr William Petit and his family, he announced that the forensic findings were wrong and when pressed as to how his clients semen was found where it was found, muttered some vague comment about Komisrajevsky ejaculating on the eleven year old child. He actually had the audacity to say that his client didn't want the Petit family thinking that he had sodomized an 11 year old child between that point in time and whenever Komisarjevsky's trial began.

Now this is so wrong on so many levels but the irony for those who have been really paying attention, like me, is that William Petit and his family are the very same folks that Donovan incessantly, attacked demeaned harangued and harassed all the way from his clients pre-trial motions throughout Komisrajevsky's trial and right up to this very moment. Recently he made just another in a series of objections regarding the Petit family and what they re wearing to Court. This time it was the slight edge of the letter M that Donovan spied on Dr Petit's vest which lay beneath a jacket he was wearing to court one day!

This was a particularly sleazeball tactic even for Donovan who has become the embodiment of sleaze, stooping to any level of victim bashing in his ridiculous attempts to draw attention to himself under the guise of "saving his client". Dr Petit's vest said MS which stood for Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that the defense the prosecution the judge and everyone else now knows that Jennifer Petit suffered with as she and her children were involved in a great deal of community outreach for fund raising and awareness for the MS society.

How Dr Petit wearing a MS vest ( beneath a jacket no less) to court was a problem is a complete mystery to anyone with common sense, and yet, as has been his habit since the advent of this trial, Judge Blue not only backed Donovan up in his objection, despite a very rare angry display by prosecutor Michael Dearington, he basically stared Dr Petit down until he removed the vest in Court. A vest which again - was underneath a jacket!

And this has been but one of a myriad of harassing motions and objections in a veritable endless succession by the Defense for Komisarjevsky, always with Donovan, ever the moral vacuum, leading the way. Which is why Mr Donovan's claims that he was making an announcement regarding the forensic findings that his client had sodomized Michaela Petit, trying to nullify said findings for the Benoit of Dr Petit and his family, is so completely and obviously mendacious.

In what was an inordinate amount of pre-trial issuance's, Donovan literally waged a war against the sole surviving victim and his family who had been nothing but gracious throughout the entire judicial process, a process that was entirely too long, with Komisrajevsky the second of the two men to be tried, it was over three years from the murders of their family members before jury selection even began for Joshua Komisrajevsky.

Attorney Donovan having gotten nowhere with several attempts to manipulate Dr Petit and his family, decided to turn on them; One of his higher profile attempts to BS the Petit's was the infamous Hayes courthouse steps press conference where the Petits who had every right to be angry, called for a hearing to address Mr Donovan's obvious and flagrant thumbing his nose at the court imposed gag order on the case. Indeed Donovan should have been held in contempt of court for breaking the gag order, and calling the media around him to do so.

First of all that media was gathered for Steven Hayes trial which was well into its second half. - Hayes and Komisrajevsky had adversarial defenses, each pointing the finger at each other, however by the time Hayes trial had drawn near he wished to change his plea to guilty, his brother having written him a man to man letter encouraging him to take accountability for the first time in his life"

Donovan had been allowed to attend every single day of the Hayes trial which I personally found to be absolutely unfair advantage and seemed inherently wrong. When Donovan's cell phone went off in the middle of someones testimony, playing Joy to the world" it really seemed wrong. He sat in the front row writing notes constantly.

After basically announcing to the world via major network TV cameras, that the medical examiner and forensic Md's must be mistaken when they testified that day in court citing Michaela's rape at the hands of his client Josh" Komisarjevsky, Donovan as I claimed he had no other way to address the Petits because they had attempted to get a restraining order against he and his law.offices. So you see he just had to use the national media who were gathered there for Komisarjevsky's accomplices trial, in order to assuage the Petit family's unnecessary heartbreak and fears regarding 11 year old Michaela being sexually assaulted in this the very worst of ways.

One day later Jeremiah Donovan did a complete 180 degree turn and now was claiming that he made the announcement as a way of contesting the gag order on the case, which he had felt was unfair from the start.

Are we getting the picture here regarding Mr Donovan's credibility and professional and personal integrity?

After being summoned to a hearing by Judge Fasano, the earlier presiding judge who placed the Gag order on the case, Donovan was given a tongue lashing but escaped the contempt of court charge that he so absolutely deserved for pulling such an obvious manipulation of his clients Jury Pool. And in the end of course IT WAS TRUE, HIS CLIENT DID sodomize an eleven year old child. Not one of Komisrajevsky's lawyers dared to question the forensic proof of such during his trial I noticed.

Ever since he was called out by Judge Fasano it seems that Attorney Donovan began baring his teeth towards Dr Petit and his family beginning a campaign of such ugliness towards this courageous and gracious family, that have suffered so much pain. In the end, Donovan has only managed to garner the disdain and lack of respect of most people residing in the State of Connecticut.

He has referred to the family in pre-trial motions and then in court as "the Petit Posse" . He and his cohorts made a record number of legal motions designed to simply delay, harass and deter the prosecution and the Petits from taking an active part in the adjudication of the case against his client.

His client of course was the ringleader in the torture and murder of their beloved family members.

After seeing the recent decision by Judge Blue allowing this convicted child rapist and murderer's nine year old daughter to testify on her fathers behalf via video, I've decided that Judge Blue has indeed fallen for good old fashion American " Look ism, and class ism" within the Komisrajevsky case. The latter class ism is ironically something that both the Komisrajevsky and the Hayes defense have tried to lampoon the prosecution, the state of Connecticut with, since the very earliest pre-trial machinations for their clients.

This man that wrote this infamous text is in fact the very same man who had already targeted the Petit family, specifically Michaela Petit, her mom Jennifer, who he had dangled like bait to would be accomplice Steven Hayes who was the same age as Jennifer Petit. and her sister Hayley, for sexual assault and murder: Unabashedly admitting to writer Brian MacDonald, that" he liked the: way the younger Petit girl looked" (This, at the Cheshire Stop and Shop where the recently released parolee was trolling for victims) Komisarjevsky found what he wanted in 11 year old Michaela Petit, a veritable child who ironically was just two years older than Komisarjevsky's biological daughter is now, making us all wonder what Joshua Komisarjevsky had in store for his daughter when she grew just a bit older.

Remember, he fought tooth and nail for custody of that daughter, when she was just five years old and he was still in a halfway house-the last stint of a supposedly nine year prison sentence imposed by his last judge at sentencing. That nine years plus six years of special condition parole somehow magically got whittled down to just two years actual prison time and approximately a year in a halfway house, where the inmates had complete access to the outside world, working at part time Jobs and in Komisrajevsky's case, having a physical relationship with yet another underage girl whom he had met at prison when the young girl had accompanied a friend who was visiting Mr Komisrajevsky.

Komisarjevsky incidentally, only served an actual two and a half years behind prison bars before being transferred out to a Hartford "sober" halfway house, here he and the other inmates were allowed to come and go as they pleased and thus this is where he began having a sexual relationship with the substantially younger girlfriend he was seeding at the time he committed the Petit family rapes and murders,

That "younger Petit girl" was Michaela Petit eleven years old at the time of her murder, Komisarjevsky had the audacity to call her by her familial nickname during his lengthy "confession like" statement to police (KK) was in fact an endearment by her loved ones, a fact not over- looked by those of us familiar with child predators, sexual offenders rapists, serial killers and would be murderers.

Komisarjevsky acted out a fantasy of control and domination on an 11 year old child, yet as he recounted it to the Cheshire Police detective, knowing full well that Michaela Petit had burned to death in the fire he helped start, he actually made it sound as if there was some kind of "relationship"" between he and his victim calling her by her intimate family nickname K.K throughout the entire interview.

He even made a remark that their eyes locked" at one point and well one thing led to another.

"Their eyes locked" ?!

This means that Komisrajevsky had taken the pillowcase off of little Michaela's head at this point. This sexual assault which was but one of several that occurred over the course of the home invasion, was while Michaela's mother was at the bank with Steven Hayes, and Komisrajevsky was in effect alone in the house with both Michaela and Hayley.

Komisarjevsky in trying to eradicate the appearance of being a child rapist tries to manipulate what transpired between he and his victim by inventing some kind of " connection" with this undoubtedly terrified eleven year old child on an
who was in fact the entire motivation for Komisrajevsky's home invasion. He had never brought restraints and masks with him to a "robbery". We know what this man had in mind when he brought along restraining devices.

Earlier that same evening Komisarjevsky had molested Michaela quietly as her mom was tied to her own bed up the hall as he needed Jennifer Petit's compliance in order to obtain that cache of money from the Petit's bank account. For this reason only Komisrajevsky took great pains to be quiet about his molestations of Michaela up until the moment Mrs Petit left the house.

He made the child change from her Pajamas to a schoolgirl outfit in order to cut the clothing off of her body, again proving that this was not an incidental rape, a sexual assault that just "happened as opportunity just presented itself to Komisrajevsky. The school girl outfit is further proof of a pedophile mentality, and remember this man had a long long history of attraction to and involvement very young girls. He impregnated a 14 year old girl when he was 21. The child was born when the mother was 15 years old.

Komisrajevsky also took trophy's of his sexual assault on Michaela Petit. He took nude cell phone photos of the terrified girl tied to her bed, naked and half nude with close ups of her private regions.

Sadly this is telltale and textbook behavior of sexual predators. I am so very frustrated with this prosecution as they are the only ones who can be the voice for the Michaela Hayley and Jennifer Petit. If they would at least bring attention to these simple basics somewhere during this penalty phase it would help insure that this man gets the death sentence that he earned via every solitary step of these crimes.:

Komisarjevsky chose the victims. He dictated the crimes, the elocution to the smallest details; Such as Mrs Petit calling in her husbands sick-day in order to cover the fact that the Doctor would be missing his normally scheduled rounds at the local hospital where he worked. Steven Hayes certainly didn't think of these details. Joshua Komisarjevksy did all the thinking planning. This was HIS CRIME.

He merely used Hayes predilection for crime, as well as their obviously shared control domination sexual assault fantasy, that the two had clearly lit upon sometime after they met at an Hartford Connecticut halfway house during the last stages of their exclusive prison sentences. Before that stint Hayes who was raised fatherless in Winsted Ct, never knew each other. Komisrajevsky grew up in Cheshire Connecticut where he had a long arduous history with the local police from the age of 8 when he first began stealing panties from clotheslines and later peoples houses.

To hear Joshua Komisrajevsky described by the parade of witnesses who it seems were mere onlookers in his so called troubled life. That life was a life fraught with anti-social behavior which had at its core, a blatant disregard for rules authority, and moreover, the rights of his fellow human beings. This abuse of women started with his own sister and then any females that were in his periphery be it Cheshire Connecticut, Vermont New Hampshire and everywhere he went, he stalked, he stole lingerie, breaking into houses to do so and soon he was breaking into others homes " for fun"

The " fun" for Joshua Komisrajevsky was invading other peoples private domains, their sanctuary's. He enjoyed taking from and hurting others.He starting out laying in wait and trespassing and stealing trophy's always of a sexual nature - women's panties were a specialty of his. As a slight boy and later young man he had not emboldened himself yet to fully cross over and sexually assault, (besides his abuse of his own sister.) But any therapist looking at this mans childhood and criminal history and the Petit crimes can see the natural evolvement, These were Joshua Komisarjevsky crimes, and they were crimes of sexual predation, with his life long pattern of inappropriately young girls, in several cases - pedophilia at there core. The preference for young girls was simple; they are emotionally underdeveloped and therefore perfect for a predator.

This man was not a burglar, anything he stole was incidental. Joshua Komisrajevsky was a stalker and a sexual predator, committing sexual assault and then murder in an attempt to cover up his tracks to escape arrest and conviction, were completely predictable seleleque for this young sociopath. Even within his co called confession he is soon heard laughing and chuckling, despite trying to sound contrite as he begins the taped statement..

An eleven year old little girl her 17 year old sister and their vibrant and dearly loved young mother had just been killed in the most horrific fashion.

Joshua Komisarjevsky chose the victims personally.

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I'm not sure on what legal basis Judge Blue could have refused to permit the compulsion of the daughter's evidence.

The Sixth Amendment says that "in all criminal prosecutions," the accused has the right to compel witnesses for his defense.

Are there exceptions to that principle?