Nov 1, 2011

Joshua Komisarjevsky sister testifies he sexually assaulted her for years.

More evidence of Joshua Komisarjevsky's propensity to sexually predate those smaller ad weaker than him, even as a child.

And for the many people who have been erroneously led to believe that Komisarjevsky was sexually abused when younger and thus, sexually abused his sister as some kind of natural response to his own abuse, I must inform all that this is nonsense!

The so called early sexual abuse that Komisrajevsky retrospectively claimed to have suffered , at the hands of a learning disabled foster boy that his parents took in, was never mentioned to either parent until until  Komisarjevsky was about to be sentenced for his first string of home burglaries.

It was and is yet another ploy devised first by Komisrajevsky himself, and now the water is being carried forward by his ever gullible overly trusting mother and father, who simply cannot or will not face the truth that their son was not abused and thus became an abuser, he was not under satanic influences as a teen, but  rather was himself an evil influence: first upon his sister and parents, then upon his neighbors as he snuck into their houses while they were home stealing small items and escaping by bicycle, later boasting about how he duped police for years by "blending in" - the very same tactic that he bragged about to writer Brian Macdonald when speaking about targeting Michaela, Hayley and Jennifer Petit at the Cheshire Stop and Shop, ultimately following the females back to their home, deciding to come back later with a second man in order to better ensure control of any male head of household..

KomiaRarjevsky also inflicted his " evil infulences" upon a local girl whom he stalked and terrorized for years stealing her panties and watching her from trees outside her bedroom window. Around the age of 12-13 he began setting fires which is a glaring symptom of" the sociopath triad" He easily could have caused loss of life when decided to set an abandoned gas station in Cheshire on fire for no other reason than his own sick entretainment.

There is absolutely no proof, no documentation of  one solitary episode of sexual abuse in Joshua Komisarjevsky's childhood or adult life, yet this Jury and the public has heard this repeated mantra, despite the fact that it is mere rhetoric re sexual abuse that cannot be backed up with any factual findings or witness corroboration -  Nothing but the claims of a sociopath whose main psychiatric features are deception, manipulation and often, an articulate and persuasive nature that studies other peoples weaknesses and as such, what to say to whom, in order to escape accountability and encourage pity or misplaced empathy and loyalty.

IGNORING the rights of others, and being destructive influence in their families communities and the world at large, consistently  laying the blame upon others. This is the young Komisarjevsky an oppositional defiant disorder to a tee, quickly becoming a full blown Sociopath with aa lot of help from ignorant but sometimes well meaning Chrsitian people who make excellent victims for the sociopaths who are reknown for preying upon overly kind trusting people.

I am surprised that the State is not objected more readily and more often as to this by now constant refrain regarding Komisarjevsky's supposed sexual abuse as a child and now a teen. We've heard and read about 6 versions of what ages this man was when he reportedly was "abused" as well as many different versions of when he decided the time was just right to share this information with his parents,  police, the court system, and apparently while serving time in prison, when his mother was visiting and he undoubtedly was setting her up.

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