Oct 13, 2011

Waiting for the Komisarjevsky Verdict

The Komisarjevsky Jury began their second day of deliberations in New Haven Superior court at 10 AM this morning, and there has not yet been a verdict nor one single note passed out of the Jury room all day.

Yesterday, the jury began deliberations at 11:45 am after being given their charge by Judge Blue late Tuesday afternoon: They passed one note out of the Jury room to Judge Blue after approximately an hour into deliberations, asking for clarification regarding whether Komisarjevsky had to be found guilty specifically as an accessory or a principle on each capital charge.

Judge Blue sent back a note indicating that they did not have to specify accessory or a principle simply whether they found Komisarjevsky guilty of each of the seventeen charges against him, including the capital charges which carry a possible death penalty.

I am personally surprised that this jury is taking so long to convict Mr. Komisarjevsky, who is clearly more culpable than was his accomplice, Steven Hayes. Hayes was tried last year and his Jury took just four hours to convict him.

More as any new developments occur. 

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