Oct 4, 2011

Gas on clothes of Conn. home invasion suspect

New Haven Superior Court
The Gas and household cleaner found on Joshua Komisarjevsky's clothing and boots puts to rest any of the defense's assertions that Joshua Komisarjevsky has no part in murdering the Petit girls. Gasoline on his pants, shirt and boots is certainly enough proof that he was handling the gasoline that was part of the murder weapon for Hayley and Michaela Petit, and the dectruction of Jenniefer Petit's body as well.
Since Komisarjevsky's own DNA was his major concern, it is likely that he poured this gas on at least  little Michaela Petit, as well as pouring bleach on her body and clothing in a calculating move to try to kill off any of his remaining DNA that wasn't washed away in the shower, which he forced Michaela to take.
I shudder to think about this man pouring bleach on an 11 year old child, after raping her and preparing to kill her by fire. This image circling my right and left hemispheres only cements my desire to see this man found Guilty and given the appropriate punishment under Connecticut state law, for these loathsome crimes.

In the state, these capital crimes are punishable by the death penalty - period.
Joshua Komisarjevsky knew this when he committed the kidnappings, sexual assault (of a minor child),
aggravated assault upon William Petit Jr, Arson, Larceny and more. He knew this when he targeted Michaela, Jennifer and Hayley Petit at the Cheshire Stop and Shop the night before he invaded their home,  following them home " for whatever reason"
(Those were his words within his taped statement to Cheshire detectives.)

To writer Brian MacDonald however he admitted " I liked the way the younger Petit girl looked"

Komisarjevsky and his horde of attorneys, led by Jeremiah Donovan, has tried to redefine these crimes as a robbery gone awry; both defendant and his lead counsel are shrewd enough to realize that his actual motives show him to be a pedophile, a sexual predator and a sociopath with no real conscience

However, not being able to resist attention and undoubtedly appreciating the idea of some money in his prison account, he engaged in a correspondence with writer Brian MacDonald. The correspondence led to interviews which Komisarjevsky knew were for purposes of a book about the crimes.

As MacDonald could not get Hayes or the Petit families to speak to him (there was a gag order on the case, which komisarjevsky violated) Komisarjevsky's version" was served up as if it were the truth, the way the crimes happened.

This was very irresponsible on the part of writer and the publisher. Fortunately, as time and facts of the Hayes trial were released, it came out in the wash that the book was indeed a hastily written paperback that was a psychopaths attempt at rewriting these crimes, hoping to reach his jury pool as well as the general public opinion of him.

Despite attempting to manipulate the criminal happenings on Sorghum Hill Rd on July 23rd 2007, painting his hand picked accomplice Steven Hayes as the man who escalated the crimes to murder, indeed committing all of the murders Komisarjevsky claims, he tripped himself up in many ways, by doing what narcissists often do, talking too much.

For this reason, I am thinking that Donovan might be considering putting this guy on the stand.
Extremely rare for an attorney in a capital murder case or even a non - capital murder case to put their defendant on the stand, but these lawyers have shown very bad judgement in so many ways, it is clear they believe themselves impervious to any of the other general rules of the courtroom. ie don't attack the ( lone surviving) victim. Do not vilify yourself in front of the Jury, especially when you re client's hideous crimes being trounced out in court are villainous enough for all of you.

My suspicion is that very much like Komisarjevsky, Donovan or Bansford, or both alternating, will turn on the schmooze for this Jury as they present thier case. We saw this chameleon like behavior last year outside the Steven Hayes trial, when Donovan callied his very own impromptu press conference, clearly for damage control purposes, but he would have the public and his future jury pool believe that he being concerned and good hearted, even willing to break a gag order on the case to use the media's cameras already there, to allay any unnecessary pain that the Petit family would be experiencing after that particular day's courtroom forensic testimony.

The Testimony that day was from the medical examiner, concerning 11 year old Michaela Petit. We learned that day that Michaela had not only been sexually assaulted and photographed naked tied to her bed by Joshua Komisarjevsky, but forensic swabs proved she'd been sodomized before she was murdered set on fire after having Gasoline poured on her. Donovan indicated that since it was such a long time before Komisarjevsky's trial would begin, he didn twant the Petit family believing that his client would sodomize an 11 year old child!

And why should we believe this _.Because he told his lawyer so.

However... performing oral sex on that 11 year old, ejaculating on her stomach as she was tied arms and legs to her bed, amidst her stuffed animal collection, making her change from pajamas to a school girl uniform and cutting her clothing off of her body, taking pornographic pictures of her on his cell phon...these, he would do.

And quite a paradox between the Jeremiah Donovan who called that spontaneous little press conference on the Hayes trial courthouse steps. He was literally oozing humility and a feigned concern for the Petit family and particularly victim William Petit, all of whom he has since regularly assailed, debased and maligned for the past 6 months. The same William Petit whom his client admits to repeatedly bashing in the head with a baseball bat, "as hard as I could as if chopping wood" ,while Petit slept on his couch.

The question is will Donovan roll the dice and put this guy on the stand?
Attorney Jeremiah Donovan might just be arrogant enough to believe that he could sway a jury his way, as would his client, who likely believes that he can seduce anyone.

The scary fact is that these two share a great deal in common, too much in fact; Egocentric personalities with obvious self-esteem issues, highly manipulative and easily deceptive natures, and a reflexive combativeness and hatefulness towards anyone that will not be manipulated, or goes up against them. William Petit defied komisarjevsky -and Donovan by simply surviving.

Within his own journals and interviews with writer MacDonald Komisarjevsky felt the need to attack and degrade this man whose family he had a heavy hand in torturing and murdering. Komisarjevsky praises everyone in the Petit family now dead by his hands, one by one having the audacity to analyze each for character features and strengths. And William Petit he reserves a scornful and obvious hatred of, accusing this man whom he'd maimed that night as a coward for reaching out to police as he was tied at the feet and down 7 pints of blood with a brain injury. The words that this man wrote about the crimes themselves, the Petits and lastly William Petit speak of the sociopath he cannot separate himself from no matter how he tries to hide it when he thinks the world is watching.

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