Oct 2, 2011

Should joshua Komisarjevsky have been a registered sex offender before the Petit crimes

The above article adresses an issue that I've long considered;  Joshua Komisrajevsky should have been a registered sex offender when he committed the Petit rape and murders in 2007..Had he been so designated, these crimes just might not have occurred

While anyone who has studied the case knows too well that our criminal justice system failed the Petit family and the public at large, in several grave ways insofar as komisrajevsky, this blog writer has an excellent point and one that Ive often thought about because of his obvious predilection for inappropriately aged girls who were typically at least 7 years his junior. The mother of his now 9 year old daughter was 15 when she gave birth.. He was 21.

This disparity should have cost him a statutory rape charge and as such would have labeled him a sex offender on our state and federal sex offender registry.

Combined with other criminal predilections, the system missed many opportunities to formerly label komisarjevsky a sexual predator, at least someone to keep a watchful eye on in this regard.
Local detective in Cheshire shared a story about komisarjevsky stalking and obsessing over a teen aged girl several years his junior back when he was 17 and she was 14 or so. He actually committed what are now stalking crimes climbing up trees outside her bedroom and spying on her getting undressed etc. He would call incessantly and in fact wound up causing this girl a great deal of upset and stress.

Beyond his setting fire to an abandoned gasoline station arson at age 14 he was also getting caught already breaking into his neighbors houses, often while they were home either eating dinner or sleeping. He would boast to friends that he found robbery to boring unless their was the challenge and excitement of the homeowners being home. He stole lingerie from the young lady previously mentioned as well as stealing souvenirs such a photographs of attractive women that lived in the homes that he creepy crawled in and out of while his unsuspecting victims lay sleeping yards away.

The point is that Connecticut's criminal justice system failed the Petit's and the general public in many ways in regards to this man as he traversed his burgeoning life of crime; arson by the age of 14. Breaking and entering and trophy stealing by 15 and in prolific amounts. The stolen items seemed incidental to komisarjevsky-he left most of them in his then girlfriend's parent's basement!. He was not a drug addict as he manipulatively tried to convince the court during the sentencing hearing for his latest string of house robberies at age 24. He'd undoubtedly heard that claiming this often meant leniency and drug treatment as opposed to more severe sentencing and harder time. Thus the claims of methamphetamine addiction and coke. The truth was he smoked marijuana for years on and off as a youth. Beyond this there is little proof of any heavy drug use for Komisarjevsky.

Again manipulation is the operative word for a sociopath, and now, his lead attorney Jeremiah Donovan appears to have taken the cue from his client, behaving terribly all week in court, even accusing the upset family who left the courtroom just prior to some detailed testimony about 11 year old Michaela's autopsy, as having left "en Mass in order to "pull a stunt" !!?? And using the grieving to move for a mistrial---again.
Donovans words and the presumed sentiments behind them were cruel, and indicative of a mind gone completely sour. Either that, or this is simply another one of his acts a lawyers shtick, similar to a Rush Limbaugh, who chooses to makes a living drawing attention to himself via over the top behavior that he thinks is controversial. However. Donovan and co have crossed lines in this trial that their is no coming back from.
Komisarjevsky was  finally recognized as the serious threat that he in fact, was by an dedicated prosecutor and an intelligent Judge the latter who stated that he expected komisarjevsky, whom he considered a dangerous predator, to be done with the Connecticut dept of corrections when he was 36, between a prison sentence of nine years and 6 additional years of expanded special condition parole. He received neither.

It was no wonder as the Parole board has only one slip of paper and inmate  komisrajevsky was in absentia as was the standard method of parole back then called administrative parole" in order to make their decision with; He was out of prison and in a halfway house in 2 years, from there he was out on the street paroled with a supposed curfew which he never adhered to and his parents clearly did not impose upon him despite having signed papers as responsible guardians for the duration of his parole.

When one reads the sentencing transcripts the judge clearly states that he considers komisarjevsky a dangerous predator with his night vi son goggles and other staling accoutrement's, always stealing from folks who were sleeping or eating in their own homes when he'd robbed them. HE bragged about being bored others wise. The prosecutor and judge agreed on a 9 year sentence with six years of special parole which was to include an ankle tracking device for longer than 3 months. The very day that the anklet was removed komisarjevsky was out breaking into houses in Cheshire this time with his prison pal Steven Hayes showing Hayes the ropes, run through for the big night to come where they'd take women girls hostage and the possibilities were endless.
The parole board was supposed to have an infusion of funds which the Ct legislature granted them after the Petit murders and two other sets of senseless brutal crimes involving brand new parolees. They also changed the laws that defined what a home invasion was; it was originally supposed to be that any home that was broken into when the occupants were in the house, equaled a home invasion charge, unfortunately through bickering and partisan compromise over attached addendum's to the bill it wound up being a law with much less bite or good sense for that matter.

The legislature dubs a home invasion as any break in that occurs after 6 pn at night.  Of course this excluded day time break ins for elderly people stay at home moms or simply those who worked out of their own homes the self employed a group that was growing rapidly.

As if to show the legislators thier grave error in designating only nighttime break ins as home invasions ( the latter carried the stiffer sentences)  a terrible set of crimes against two elderly women occurred just months after the law was bandied over and passed. One woman was shot and the other kidnapped, raped and murdered by a recent parolee who'd previously raped a 6 year old girl.

One woman died and the other survived after playing dead when she was shot in the head and left for dead. The cruel and and senseless killings happened in the suburbs of new Britain when the two Friends, one with cancer went back to ones home for after church coffee and this beast who'd been vetted in a similar fashion by the Connecticut parole board, decided to roll the dice and save some money in the process.

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