Oct 5, 2011

The Petit crimes: The Story behind the Crimes.

*Note to new readers; Chasing Justice has been writing about the Petit family murders since early September 2007, shortly after they occurred in late July of that same year.

The crimes brought me back from a short hiatus from Blogging and I have been writing about them ever since..

These crimes have deeply affected thousands of people, dozens of  communities, and indeed, the entire State and well beyond.

Every person who has learned of these crimes has come to know the victims Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela Petit,, through the sole survivor and lone voice for his stolen family, William Petit Jr.
Many of us have greatly admired Dr Petit and his extended family's courage, grace, and a faith that has ennobled them with a seeming super human devotion and tenacity at a time where many others would understandably  give up and retreat from the world.

Thankfully, they did not give up. Bill Petit managed to eventually heal from the head wounds inflicted upon him during the crimes. He surely lives with daily seleleque from the brain injuries alone. Decidedly more difficult, is the emotional healing, both for the trauma that he endured within the crimes, as well as the devastating loss of his wife and children, whom he shared a lifetime of love and wonderful memories with. This healing will be a life-long process, but as a caring and loving extended community the people of Cheshire Plainville and the rest of the state continue to lend our prayers and our support, and in this way, we strive to hold he and his family aloft during the tough times where they are challenged the most. 

If you slowly read through the archives on the right side of this blog, a picture will begin to emerge of survivor William Petit. Even though it was too late for his wife and daughters, he sought to change State legislation that would toughen measures for repeat offenders to insure that others would not become victimized, as his family had.

He lobbied tirelessly for a three strikes or true persistent offender law, as well as various other key pieces of crime legislation. He also formed and chaired The Petit Family Foundation, ThePetitfamilyfoundation.org  a non profit that helps victims of violence,, people struggling with chronic illness, and awards scholarships to deserving children and teens. Dr Petit sought to emulate the spirit of his wife and daughters who had all been very involved with charity work and good works throughout their lifetimes.

I suggest that anyone truly interested in these crimes and the affect they've had on so many, please visit the Forever Michaela website that's listed on my link list, to the right of the Blog. This is a very special website that 11 year old Michaela Petit's best friend made in her friends honor, shortly after the murders:. Its heart breaking, beautiful and hopeful, And if you're anything like me, you'll be forever changed once you visit. Take time to read the guestbooks, it will give you an idea of how far reaching these crimes have been how many lives they've touched and how many still grieve over the lives brutally stolen from this world.

Note; It is best to read the archives from past to present rather than to skip around. It's painful and weighty subject matter, and therefore it's best to read in segments, a few posts at a time. You'll get a much better idea of the crimes as they unfolded here within the state, how the murders affected the public as individuals a d  entire State,  changing the way we think, we live, and to a certain degree, how our Justice system operates -  all in real-time -as it happened.

Thank you for visiting and remember:

" You must be the change that you wish to see in this world"

*Michaela Petit's favorite quote on her Facebook page.

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