Jul 20, 2011

Office of Victim's Advocate Petition Komisarjevsky Motion to Sequester William Petit

Well glad to see that the Governor's recent plethora of cuts to the office of Victims advocate did not yet have a chance to affect thier prompt and terse response from the OVA to komisarjevsky's lawyers recent motion to have the sole survivor of their client's night of murder, rape and assault, sequestered from his very own trial. See below

If you scroll down a few posts on this page you should find a post regarding public defender, Jeremiah Donovan and Co.s latest motion to have all trial witnesses, including victim and sole survivor William Petit Jr., sequestered from( meaning he may not attend) the very trial of the man, who in his own words, beat Petit's head with a wooden bat, as he lay sleeping on sun porch,
" striking him at least 10-15 times, as hard as I could, as if chopping wood" 

* The above line excerpted from interview and/or letter to writer Brian MacDonald, who, after hearing the irrefutable evidence from the Hayes trial, including forensics and witness testimony, realized that he'd been suckered by komisarjevsky, a classic sociopath, by an obvious self- serving version of what supposedly happened on the morning of the rapes and murders, with all of the capital crime responsibility (  those crimes that render a death sentence) falling upon his accomplice, Steven Hayes -Naturally.

In reality, it was Joshua Komisarjevsky that targeted the victims and called the shots: being a life long chronic home invader with a history of attraction to young girls, setting fires, stalking his victims from trees with night vision goggles and even more damning - stealing personal belongings such as photographs and lingerie from attractive women who lived in the homes that he robbed -often while the homeowners law sleeping unaware of his prescence.

Anyone who knew about the Petit crimes saw through the MacDonald "book' immediately; it was so obviously a sociopath's ploy. There was also a strict gag order on the case at the time which komisarjevsky and his lawyers were well aware of. The objective was clearly to throw out facts that were already known to police, and  the states attorneys office, to lend the appearance of legitimacy to the book, so that komisarjevsky's entire version of the crimes would' be more likely to pass as the truth of what actually transpired that night. 

In reality this 'openness' was nothing more than a ruse, for all of the "facts" that komisarjevsky 'admitted to' were already a matter of record either through his own confession, Steven Hayes confession, witness corroboration, OR evidence seized at the scene - For example; cell phone photos of nude and partially nude Michaela and Hayley Petit taken by komisarjevsky on his Cell phone, these photos komisarjevsky had the audacity and stupidity to try to explain away as pictures taken only in order to "blackmail Dr Petit after the crimes"

This idiotic explanation must have taken komisarjevsky days to conjure; he knew the photos had been taken into evidence, he knew he had to address them, Thus, in classic  psychopath form, he came up with any possible alter reality other than the fact that he is, and was a sexual predator, rapist and pedophile, and following classic sexual sadist form he was memorializing his crimes by photographing them in order to excite himself by re-living the sick excitement he derived.

In any event, the cell phone photos that this lowlife took the time to take, dually served to show the central motivation for these crimes; A sexual predators desire to have complete control an eleven year old girl - still so much of a girl that her bed was ensconsed in her stuffed animals. He had spied Michaela Petit earlier that summer's evening, shopping at an area Stop and Shop supermarket near the Petit's-and komisarjesvky's (parents) home where he was residing after a recent prison  stint which he was still on active Parole for. After following the pair home he called his criminal pal steven hayes describing the actractive young looking blond Jennifer Petit and proposed they stake out the house for a break in involving rape robbery and whatever else opportunity presented..

 Although there is no doubt that although Michaela was his target. Joshua Komisarjevsky was self admittedely excited over the notion of tying up and  "having complete control "(ie power) over all of  the Petit house.This, despite the fact that as an obvious pedophile, attractive Jennifer Petit, at 48, was completely out of his sexual predatorial range, and Hayely, at 17 being an unusually strong and  intelligent girl  very much a woman in appearence at least, was far too threatening to komisarjevsky to be a central sexual target. This was not only because of her age and  her` size,she was a big girl at 6ft tall, her strength (she was an avid athlete) and moreover, her emotional strength, all of which excluded her as a natural target for this coward's power lust. He did however take the time to molest Hayely, as was evidenced by a single photo of hayely nude from the waist down tied to her bed with her legs tied apart.

This single photo if one goes by the cellphone timestamp seems to have been taken while Hayes had just left with Mrs Petit to her bank to extort the 15,000 as a buy off to guarantee her family's "saftey" I have thought a lot about that one pornographic photo of Hayely, as many of us have been perplexed by the fact that according to all press reports, only 11 year old Michaela was sexually assaulted, with two perverts in the house and an attractive 17 year old  tied to her bed all night? After attending portions of the Hayes trial and hearing about that one lone despicable photo of Hayely, I recalled Komisarjevsky's own words about Hayely taken from excerpts from the interviews and letters to Brian Macdonald.

This take it in also goes for his so called "journals" (which were conveinently found" by prison gurads in his cell)Much of these "journals" were in fact first writes and rewrites of letters to Macdonald specifically written  for inclusion in the book) must be taken with the complete aforeknowledge that he is a sociopath, Macdonald wrote him asking for his story about what happened and komisarjevsky sitting in prison decided that he would use this "book" and the writer who was to write it as a tool to pawn off a rewritten self serving version of the murders and rapes, using regurtitated facts that he well knew that the Cheshire police, The FBI and prosecutors were already privy to via irrefutable evidence and testimony, and therefore the entire book was his way of "explaining away" extremely damning evidence and trying to shape into something anything that might make him seem less of a monster and of course lay that mantle upon his accomplice, now convicted Steven Hayes.

I  believe the photo was taken more as an opportunistic act as well as a way of a final demaning of Hayely who he'd told Macdonald had been "a fighter till the end-she'd  refused to submit to he or Hayes even attempting to get away multiple times and nearly successful shed managed to start dialing 911 on her cell phone when he had to call hayes to help him subdue her and re-tie her.

He knew they were about to leave the home in flames killing everyone in the house; he had obviously sexually molested if not fully asssaulted Michaela as the time stamp on his cellphone left a trail of time evidence, as well as  at the Hayes trial among the cellphone photos found on Komisarjevsky's cell phone amongst pictures of himself nude and erect and a myriad of little Michaela, in various stages of undress and were described of  and nude from the waist down the fact made her lesss of a target to that to feel any more than a passing prfedatorial sexual curiousityerverted  to her despite her obvious beauty.

Nevertheless, being a sexual predator and a rapist he certainly derived excitement and a power lust from the notion that all of the females in that house were "under his control"  Michaela all evening, but more or less quietly, at least until Hayes left with Mrs Petit for the bank; he needed Mrs Petit's cooperation and compliance, which meant that she must trust him and not see him as the rapist killer that he was.

 In effect komisarjevsky ameliorated and manipulated the protective mother hen, whose trust he needed to hold onto just until he obtained her  money via her trip to the bank with Hayes.
He was such a good con artist in fact that he managed to win Jennifer Petit's trust, despite having nearly killed her husband upon entry to the home. I am certain she was unaware of the assault upon her husband and was merely told that he was tied up in the cellar as seeing that either man was capable of this type of brutality would have surely led her to take her chances and flee whilst at the bank thinking that the police would get to her home before any more of her family was harmed.

Note that once again on the trip to the bank to procure the 15000, Komisarjevsky has Hayes do the "dirty"  work, the dangerous work, IE if any cameras or witnesses caught Steven Hayes at the bank, or worst case scenario, if Jennifer Petit chose to tell a security person a kidnapper was outside in the car it would be Hayes that would be apprehended. 

I am certain that Komisarjevsky likely had to hold Hayes off" ie from the " main prize" he'd promised him as part of the incentive to invade the Petit's home in the first place ie "The pretty and young looking mom" he described to Hayes after following the pair back to their house from the Stop and shop was the perfect lure for his partner in crime, Steven Hayes. Hayes and komisarjevsky I am also certain had struck upon their mutual fantasies of rape ( ie power and control).prior to this crime, perhaps as far back as when they met at a Hartford area halfway house at the end of separate prison stints.

I do not think Mrs Petit was raped or even molested until the money was procured, due to komisarjevsky's "ultimate plan" In the meantime komisarjevsky had Mrs Petit, Hayley and Michaela tied up in three separate bedrooms, two on a separate floor from Mrs Petit. Time stamps on the cellphone photos prove that the first series of Michaela was taken shortly before and after Hayes was out getting the now infamous gasoline; filling 6 containers stolen from the Petits garage at approx 6;00 Am that morning, even admitting to sending him out of Cheshire knowing he'd still likely be caught by gas station cameras, but perhaps hoping police would not look that far from the scene of the soon to be arson murder/ crimes in Cheshire, and if they did?

It would be Hayes' image and not komisarjevsky that the cameras would see.

The entire book debaucle was very painful for the Cheshire and surrounding communities as well as the Petit Renn and extended families, I liken it to picking at an already raw scab. And it was all just another manipulation set up by Joshua komisarjevsky in hopes of fooling the public and his jury pool and thumbing his nose at the cases gag order at the same time. The order applied to all Attorneys, defendants, witnesses, police officers and judges involved peripherally or directly.

When the paperback book by crime writer Brian MacDonald was announced as imminently becoming published and thus available for purchase at local book stores and libraries, including the Cheshire library, this set the community and surrounding environs in a justifiable uproar.They knew after hearing excerpts from the paperback novel that it's entire reason for being insofar as Joshua komisarjevsky intention, was a grand attempt to dupe the public and thus also his potential jury pool.

People have a habit, even journalists amazingly enough, of reading anything and automatically citing it as fact. I've seen it with this case dozens of times, There has been more misinformation written about these crimes, most of it benefiting the rapist murderers such as  testimony that the murderers shared with  MacDonald or  defense paid psychiatrists etc ( Hayes had seen a shrink hired by his attorneys for 9 months during his prison stint whilst his lawyers desperately sought to rewrite history as well as Hayes already existing confession to police.)

In the end I was at least somewhat glad to note that writer Brian MacDonald snapped out of his temporary seduction by Komisarjevsky, who in the book he'd maddeningly described as surprisngly soft spoken and very articulate . After hearing details about forensic evidence in the case via the Hayes trial , he cited komisarjevsky as one of the " most manipulative" people" he'd ever encountered. 

It took him a while, but he eventually figured it out; unfortunately, a great many good people were greatly harmed and emotionally tormented because he Mr Macdonald ddint bother, or care to, take sociopath 101- something any responsible writer should research  before sitting down to write a book about murder and rape, despecially one based soley upon letters and interviews with the mastermind of these crimes.

As well Macdonald was aware, as was Komisarjevsky and his attorneys, that the entire case was under a gag order, which was utterly violated by the letters alone, never mind publishing a book this about a triple rape and murder where neither defendent had yet to even be scedhuled for trial!.

Thankfully in time the truth usually has a way of rising above lies and evil, albeit sometimes at its own pace painfully enough for those involved, However, Brain Macdonald will forever be a writer and a man that acted in collusion with a child rapist and murderer, a man who caused horrific suffering and pain and whether unwittingly or not helped put a psychopathic killers lies into book form where they were given eternal credibility, despite the fact that the entire book was a ruse and is rife with self serving lies. It is a book now and will forever stand to those who dont know any better as "the truth"

As a  victim of violent crime, I can tell you that when crimes like this happen, the truth is all that the victims and thier families have left. So to sully that truth by giving an open platform to the very man who orchestrated all of this violence, brutality and death upon the Petit family, and that platform being so premature no less not years after the crimes, once the evidence and facts have come out via a trial, but at a time where the possibility of any kind of counter to the ridiculous claims being made in this book and presented as fact to those not familiar with the case, ie the families as well as the prosecutor and police had to stand by as the book was sold, livid and mute, for they were bound by the same gag order that Mr Komisarjevsky and his attorneys so blatantly violated in cooperating with the writing of this book. 

Note Komisarjevskys lawyers certainly had to know about thier clients meetings with this writer in prsion- considering only they and komisarjevsky's parents were on his isitor list until Mr Macdonald began appearing on said list supposedly duping the guards into believing he was an attorney. This in one of the highest profile murder cases in the state. Can anyone spell collusion ???
Getting back to this latest audacious motion by komisarjevskys camp, who now have the audacity to claim Dr Petit is not a victim but rather a complaining witness" and as such should not be allowed to attend the trial of the very man who beat his head so badly with a bat that he required large quantities of blood and a 5 day stay in the hospital which he finally had to leave in order to attend his families funeral.

Besides the actual beating which resulted in Tramatic brain injury which has life long consequences, he suffers from cognitive problems, vertigo, and of course Post traumatic stress both from the assault and the personal knowledge of what his family experienced.

Dr Petit was also victimized by being tied up, threatened to be shot with what appeared a 9mm  gun  "if he moves put two bullets in him This from komisarjevsky to his accomplice Steven Hayes, then ultimately dragged to his cellar, bleeding profusely (the bleeding already life threatening  was exacerbated by the drug thinner Coumadin which Petit took daily. He spent 6 plus hours drifting in and out of consciousness, zip-tied  hands  feet and chest,with a garbage bag over his head, during the entire night and morning, knowing that his family was at the mercy of these men who had already shown they were capable of great violence.

Now despite all of this,which is a matter of record and was undisputed by either criminal and proven fact at the Hayes trial,, Komisarjevskys lawyers claim in their latest motion to sequester, that William Petit JR  is not a victim but rather a "complaintitive witness"

 It should be noted that this entire motion to sequester all witnesses is really only about komisarjevskys lawyers attempting to sequester Dr Petit, they don't want the Jury seeing William Petit face or reaction to the horrible evidence of his families rapes and murders, crimes that were in fact the brainchild of their client the defendant Joshua Komisarjevsky.

This motion to exclude Petit from the courtroom is made even more ironic considering several months ago buried within the now mountainous pile of motions regularly spit out by komisarjevskys public defenders, was a particularly offensive motion from komisarjevsky camp regarding the formal seating arrangements in the courtroom during his trial. whereby his lawyers insisted that unlike the Hayes trial-which amazingly, they were actually allowed to attend (so that they might take notes on what to do and what not to do etc.), komisarjevsky attorneys made a motion demanding to sit directly across from survivor William Petit Jr. so that "he could quote "face his accuser." This will give you a clear idea of the antagonistic attitude that has pervasively defined the komisarjevsky " defense" from the very start.  

And   this was just one of a bundle of courtroom seating arrangement demands that included: more space for The defendant Joshua komisarjevskys family" who apparently all plan to attend the trial in full visual  support of this murderous hell hound,) an objection to the Petit families being given a small room where they could retreat during breaks after particularly disturbing testimony such as autopsy photos descriptions etc.!

As well another motion decried what they labeled special arrangements that the beleaguered Petit families, who they claimed were getting by being given an "inordinate amount of seats and seats that faced the Jury, which is the standard seating arrangement of every solitary murder trial in Connecticut and many other states. Komisarjevsky's lawyers however didn't think it suit their clients best interests and wanted the prosecution and defendant reversed so that the jury did not get a birds eye view of the grieving Petit and extended families..

There were other obscene requests/demands made from the defense  motions that would seem to have set the tone for all of the motions to come-there must be at least 60-70 pre-trial motions thus far from Komisarjevskys "lawyers" 

Most of the motions were denied, as they were so clearly vividly self serving and had zero legal foundations to boot. But no matter, poor Judge Blue, and in a few cases Judge Fasano(the judge that presided early on in the pre-trial process before Blue) was and is still obliged by judicial law to answer every single motion as if it were legitimate - no matter how ridiculous --And I must say, he did this with a great deal more patience than I could ever muster, not to mention an incredible amount of intelligence, insight and in many cases, legal brilliance.

A few months back before the jury selection even started, there was actually a motion from the komisarjevsky lawyers citing an adamant objection to the Petit family and friends or anyone for that matter being allowed to wear their tiny little Petit Family Foundation Pins to court.
See accompanying link here for photo of the Pin  http://www.petitfamilyfoundation.org/

Yes, these lawyers actually had the audacity  to have their clerks who are paid with our tax dollars as are they, typing up motions that disallowed a family who lost three of their own, including two children, to rape and murder, from wearing pins that displayed the Charity logo. The design, which is understated and moreover, very small, was made by a friend of Hayley Petit, was chosen to be the eternal symbol for the family's  charitable foundation that has thus far raised thousands upon thousands for people suffering from chronic illness, violent crime as well as giving scholarships to deserving kids in need..

 For those who haven't seen it the small logo depicts three birds nestled together, one larger than the others, with a wing protectively encircling what appears to be her baby chicks.

Yes, the donning of these little pins is certainly going to inhibit the entire possibility of justice for Joshua Komisarjevsky, the same man who earlier demanded to have courtroom seating revamped from its 50 year old tradition so that he could quote" sit facing his accuser" 

Now if this had been any other group of public defenders besides Donovan, Bansford and co., I'd be taken aback, repulsed, appalled and disgusted, but frankly, with this group, morally speaking, they no longer have the capability to shock,they have long ago joined their client in utter evil incarnate, as well predictability( as in "the banality of evil" )

Sorry guys, there is no free passes under your ever-widening umbrella of  "all's fair while engaged in a "vigorous defense" for ones '"client"  ( no matter how much mayhem, murder torture and brutality said client has wrought upon innocent others.) As well  it should not go unmentioned that somehow through the years, the original notion of entitlement to a"fair defense", slowly segued into" a vigorous "defense which apparently includes doing, saying, whatever the hell it takes to get the guilty person "off"- no matter who is hurt,  re- victimized and no matter the price to the system and society. And by price, I am not only speaking of money, there is much more at stake here as a society, as human beings.

And the best, or really the worst, part of all of this, and the most ironic, is that the man, the "defendant/client" that these attorneys are sinking to such unethical depths over, would just as quickly rape and kill any of their own brethren, their granddaughters, for example,(their own children wouldn't be age appropriate for komisarjevsky as he is a pedophile) That is if they were within client Joshua komisarjevsky's reach, and preferred age range; ie  puberty 10-15 years of age or so. 

And despite this I am certain that not one of his three lawyers, two of whom I know for a fact have wives and adult children of their own, have allowed themselves this very real very important and pertinent consideration. Never mind the concept of how would I want to be treated if I were a surviving family member? ' Could I not, as a responsible attorney, represent my client as is my job, and yet do it in a way that is not so egregiously harmful to the surviving victims, and society at large.?'

Needless to say I wont be holding my breath for any one of these men to have such an epiphany; They all have their eyes glued to the rabbit blinders on as they circle the track. Clearly, the Petit family have long ceased being human beings to them; This puts them in the same company as their client.

In any case....

I was extremely heartened to wake up yesterday to see that during this particular  weekend, while the good people of the State set an all time attendance record for charitable activism ( at the annual  GE//Petit Family Foundation 5K Race day) the devoted folks at the Connecticut Office of Victims Advocate were  task mastering on behalf of the Petit family as well.

Below you will find both the motion from Komisarjevsky's lapdog's and more importantly the response from the OVA on behalf of Dr Petit.