Aug 5, 2011

Komisarjevsky Motion denied - objects to being called evil etc in Petit family murder memorium

Honestly, do these lawyers have a brain between the three of them? 

Great thinking guys encourage your child rapist client to continue an adversarial stance towards the sole survivor of a triple murder that he literally Masterminded! A set of brutal crimes that resulted in three innocent members of the Petit family of Cheshire Connecticut,  being sexually assaulted and murdered, including a child and a 17 year old girl, both brutally murdered by fire. 

And why all of this mayhem? 
Because Joshua Komisarjevsky decided on July 23rd 2007 that he wanted to rape an 11 year old girl whom his predatorial brain had locked onto, spotting Michaela Petit  and her mom Jennifer at a neighborhood supermarket. That is why these crimes happened, and this is who made them happen.

The murders were ultimately committed in order to destroy DNA and other evidence of the kidnappings,. rapes, assaults,  as well as getting rid of all witnesses to the crimes..

The $15,000 that Komisarjevsky extracted from Jennifer Petit, who believed that she was buying her family's safety, was merely an added bonus to these two men. They likely intitially figured that they'd grab some  jewelry,small electronics they could sell and if lucky, some cash, but the main motivation was clearly sexual assault .

And despite all of  Komisarjevsky's repeated  indignancy over such issues as the Petit family wearing small pins representing their charitable foundation, into court, and whether his family gets as many seats as the victim's family at the trial,  well this only speaks to the very evil which is at the core of this entire nonsensical motion. A motion that like the other thirty plus or so that the public defenders for komisarjevsky have continuously spewed out for months now, has cost the taxpayers of this state hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And not for nothing, attorneys Donovan, Bansford and Co: but didnt this very same client who says he's being demonized in the public by a memorial, just over a year and half ago, eagerly co-write a published book about the Petit murders?   And completely disregarding the gag order that had restrained the ploice lawyers family victims and prosecutors from discussing any details of this same set of crimes?

A book that included komisarjevsky bragging about beating William Petit while he lay sleeping on his sun porch, striking him repeatedly with a wooden bat, "'swinging 10-15  times, as hard as I could, as if chopping wood"' 

And as if this wasn't bad enough, within the very same book, Komisarjevsky, admitted child rapist, repeatedly insults the victim of his near deadly baseball Bat assault, for not escaping or fighting whilst he was suffering from traumatic brain injury severe blood loss, and zip-tied hand and foot tied to a pole in his basement with a garbage bag on his head!
Mind you. this is the man whose family members komisarjevsky raped and then murdered by burning them to death,  tied to their beds, after pouring gasoline all over thier beds and their bodies and lighting a trail of fire as he and Hayes ran out of the home laughing. These were a set of crimes that he admits without saying so explicity, would never have happened if not for his targeting Michaela and Jennifer Petit at that supermarket, following them home casing the house and calling in a pal ito help him in a night of  assault terror rape and extortion.

And now, he and his lawyers have the audacity to talk about William Petit polluting the public image of  Mr Komisarjevsky within what was a rather restrained memoriam on the anniversary of the murders of his family. 

An interesting note here is that this is the second time that Mr komisarjevsky has loudly objected to being called an animal; the last time is a matter of public record and can be found online
in the court stenographers notes of his sentencing hearing for over 25 home break -ins, break -ins
 that led to his last prison stint. Mr Komisarjevsky had the nerve then to read a statement to the court objecting to the prosecutors portrayal of him as a "wild animal".

 He was also labeled a dangerous predator by that Judge, and in classic sociopath form, despite all of his
feigned indigence in front of the court, he later bragged about the label to fellow inmates in his halfway house,(also a matter of record, and on the Internet as well as a link in my archives.)
He was apparently immedietely mocked by the other men  upon hearing komisarjesvky bragging
that the Judge had called him a "dangerous predator" 

One man present recalled another inmate scoffing "What?You?!!  You're a weird dude,  you're 120 lbs soaking wet, yeah,  you're  a real dangerous predator..."  Ribald laughter followed by the group..
With the classic fragile ego of a psychopath, that insult likely stung Komisarjevsky more than anyone present ever knew,  he probably ruminated over it for months. It may have even contributed to his lighting upon the idea of escalating his by now rote break ins, and escalating to what was undoubtedely already a seed of criminal fantasy brewing in his twisted head; breaking into the home of a desirable girl and tying her up and sexual assaulting her. After all he had proven to himself time and again how easy it was to get into these womens homes. But being shrewd he knew he'd need a second hand man to pull this off, as he actually 128 lbs soaking wet to be exact and physically he'd have a hard time overcoming any male head of household oe even a teenaged boy or strong woman as was evidenced by his struggle with Hayely Petit who he admitted he needed Hayes to help him re-subdue..

In almost every instance of the home break-in' that Komisarjevsky was being sentenced for during the aforementioned sentencing hearing, the home owners were home during the robberies,something  komisarjevsky has widely admitted to preferring for the"excitement" of knowing that the homeowner was home and oftemn just yards away-usually sleeping,as he creepy crawled through thier home.He often made sure of exactly where the victim was by stalking them from outside their homes in trees etc- using night vision goggles and other tools.

Thus... the"dangerous predator, and "animal" labels from the Judge and prosecutor, who were simply stating the obvious. He predated and behaved as a predatorial animal does and clearly continued to do so
after he was released.

And this leads us to the next all important question: How did this man, who was given 9 years plus 6 of special parole by that very judge, get out of prison in just over two years, then sent to a halfway house, unencumbered by things like bars etc and soon released back into the unsuspecting Connecticut Public via " the early release parole program,"