Jul 13, 2011

Judge Blue denies request in Petit murder trial for second Probable cause hearing

For anyone interested in Judge Blue's official, and extremely articulate - denial of the latest baseless, arrogant and time -consuming motion on the part of Joshua Komisarjevsky's  Public Defenders, you can find the motion ( inane prattle as per usual) and more importantly the official denial of said motion, here

This link brings you to my personal Laurel Okeefe Scribd account, which can be easily searched via google Goodsearch and other search engines. For those interested, I will be publishing most of the pertinent documents concerning the State of Connecticut vs Joshua Komisarjevsky as they become available to me on SCRIBD,  as I did in the State of Connecticut vs Steven Hayes, accomplice in the murders, rapes kidnappings and assaults of the Petit Family in Cheshire Connecticut in July 2007.

Incidentally, the "time consuming" element of said motion is in fact part and parcel of the motion's very existence, nay, purpose, as is nearly every one of  attorney Bansford and Donovan's veritable obscene deluge deluge of empty motions that they have written and filed pre-trial in the Joshua Komisarjevsky case.

Imagine, they have only just finished the Jury selection and these two lawyers have filed more motions than most lawyers file within 20  trials, and although Judge blue a surprisingly wise and insightful man, is well aware of  the lawyers intentions to drag out the process and attempt to frustrate the prosecutor, the Petit family and  the Judge, into throwing up their hands and simply say 'ok you win "no more -we can't take this anymore! Forget the Death Sentence, take the Plea deal' ie the one that komisarjevsky lawyer's officially offered in front of the court, to the press whining that they'd been "Ttrying to save everyone- especially the Petit Families, the unnecessary anguish of a drawn out trial, with accompanying upsetting testimony and images...By offering to plead their client guilty in exchange for life in prison( and no death sentence)

The prosecutor handling the Petit Family murder cases  has steadfastly pursued the death sentence for the murderers of the Petit familyfrom almost day one for both defendants; Steven Hayes, first to be tried and now convicted sits on death row awaiting his lawyers auto-appeal,  The prosecutor was very clear that this was his decision not the petit family or any other extended families of the victims. He stated  that he rarely and very cautiously purues the death penalty even in capital murder cases yet after two three days deliberating came to the conclusion that this case was so brutal, so horrible, with so much suffering took place because of it, that he felt it appropriate
Yet he perfunctorily sits down with his clerks and writes beautiful and sound legal reasoning citing appropriate cases in which each and every one of these lawyers points are nullified to absolute dust.

What Donovan and Co.'s "legal strategy" clearly is is slowwwwwwww down the wheels of justice,to a veritable standstill  and at the taxpayers expense no less) This way he wont have to get to the actual "defense" of his client, whom he has already as much as admitted his client was guilty as hell when he offered multiple times to Plead guilty in exchange for taking the death sentence off the table.

That client, for those of you who might yet be unaware, is in fact the self declared brainchild of the kidnapping, assaults, rapes and subsequent murders of the three members of the Petit family, including his targeting the family after spotting 11 year old Michaela Petit and her mother Jennifer, at a Local Cheshire Stop and shop where he followed them home at a stealth distance deciding then and there to check out their house for a break in/ based upon his desire to rape the slightly older looking 11 year old girl who had just experienced a summer growth spurt and was entering puberty.

Note; Komisarjevvsy has a history of pedophilia  attraction and behavior within his past, and when he did "DATE ( between stints in and out of prison and robbing houses, something he bragged about freely)"
it was consistently with much much younger girls, including the mother of his child who was five at the time of the Petit murders, and the mother of that child was 15 when she gave birth.
Do the math.

This was a man on the prowl, who, with aforethought and malice, targeted planned and executed (including the help of another sexual predator and life long thief from prison Steven Hayes) he chose this particular home invasion which he carried out that very same evening/ morning (3 am was the mens admitted entry time into the Petit's peaceful slumbering home once spotting William petit sleeping on his sun porch with some books on his chest)Komisarjevsky easily picked a basement door lock and once upstairs proceeded to bash Bill Petit in the head "as hard as if chopping wood" anywhere from 6 to 12 times depending upon which confession/ interview, he has given immediately rendering the male of the home bleeding profusely with a traumatic brain injury and fighting to stay conscious as komisrajevsky ran to open a door to let hayes in the two men bound petit hands and feet and ultimately tied him to a pole in his cellar with ZIP-TIES like the Police use which the men brought with them along with a faux 9 mm lookalike gun(it was a pellet handgun bought that day at komistrjevskys demand by Hayes.

All of this violence was not about robbery as both sets of lawyers have tried to imply; Komisarjevskys own words as well as Hayes have betrayed exactly their sick and evil motivation; rape. A house full of pretty women and now the one male based upon a desire to rape an eleven year old pretty, blonde, sweet little girl named Michaela Petit.

For those of you not familiar with Michaela and her life, please visit the Forever Michaela link to the right of my blog with the other link listings.

Michaela,  like her sister Hayley, was also murdered and at the very least, sexually molested, her body was found on the stairs, severelyy burned, as she has somehow managed to escape her binds and running amok as her bed was consumed in flames (from the gas that the men poured on her  and her sister as they lay helplessly tied to thier beds obviously knowing what the men were likely about to do.

Mr komisarjevsky actually took partially nude and nude cellphone photos of both girls, the photos discussed in terrible detail during the Steven Hayes trial testimoney.  Michaela Petit was a lovely 11 year old  girl beautiful inside and out,  and her life ended in the most cruel fashion -  being burnt to death among her stuffed toys, gasoline accelerant poured upon her and her bed, she was helpless tied to that bed tragically and infuriatingly having just been sodomized by Joshua Komisarjevsky.

 Komisarjevsly was a man, just  freed from prison months months earlier whose ankle tracking bracelet from the DOC was JUST REMOVED TWO DAYS PRIOR,  who decided that he would escalate his life long "extreme sport hobby" of home break ins,(-which he did almost exclusively while the homeowners were home at night- otherwise he found the break-ins, which were in fact home invasions (and should have been charged as such, all carried the potential for great violence)"  too boring".)  This piece of well known information came from Komisarjesvky himself as well as both his ex girlfriend, and the separate mother of his child, not to mention dozens of  friends" acquaintances confessions and his 2-3 interviews with crime writer Brian MacDonald.

He also mentioned the high he got from knowing that the often female home dwellers were in the house as he creepy crawled through their home and their belongings sometimes taking pictures of the women and lingerie and other personal items. This is also a major red flag and should have qualified Komisrajevsky as a strongly potent sex offender in the making at his Parole Hearing, in which he was not even present nor was his criminal file, as the parole board claimed it was usually the case due to interdepartmental arguments over who should pay the copying costs, the prosecutors or the warehouse with the written records, depending upon where the files were at the time of the early release parole"

Also, previous confessions to various police departments whose jurisdictions held Houses that Joshua komisarjevsky was caught having broken into, (his break-ins covered multiple counties in Connecticut and he was already once given a sweet plea deal for the first "string" which the judge decided to render his 6 month term awaiting trial  for the second string" over 22 houses this time, as time served"  Therefore he was to serve 9 more years and 6 years special parole as the unusually savvy prosecutor and judge in the second string judicial proceedings(another plea deal-no trial) seemed to be aware of the distinct danger that this baby faced 25 year old posed to the law abiding residents of this state.

Komisarjevsky actually served less then two years in prison in solitary confinement having complained via his elderly parents that he was being picked on by other inmates. He was then shipped off to a halfway house which permitted him far more freedom than a prison. one of these houses is where he met his future accomplice Steven Hayes, and when I am sure they both hit upon their shared interest in rape torture and a fantasy of living that out with some money thrown in for good measure. The only reason komisrajevsky did not rape sooner is because at 5 11 and 128 lbs he was far from an imposing force and could never get a family home under control without another criminal male with stronger physical force and equal interest in rape and control of women.

In any event......
Mr. Komisarjesvksys lawyers had a lot of nerve motioning for a second probable cause hearing, after summarily waiving their clients first one at the appropriate time shortly after the crimes occurred like every other murder defendant, as well we all knew the waiving was for what was clearly manipulative and strategic reasons/

But the real point here was my awe of the otherwise rather plain spoken and down to earth Judge Blue, a man who has been presiding judge in both accomplice Steven Hayes case as well and the Komisarjevsky trial despite his lawyers trying to have Judge Blue removed as soon as they saw how savvy he was while they were allowed to attend the Hayes trial.

With all of this said , we are back to Judge Blue's  formal judicial denial of Komisarjevsk'ys lawyers motion for a second probable cause hearing,it is in a word; simply spectacular;  I ecourage all who care about such things to please have a read. While all of Judge Blues written rulings on the thus far mountain of motions have been surprisngly loquacious and from a legal standpoint  unbelievably thorough and inpenetrable insofar as a possible source for future mistrial declarations)   this one is more of a masterpiece than some of the others.

And btw when i refer to the komisarhevsky lawyers mountain of motions its for lack of a more sunstantial term; but never mind the term  flurry" which the mainstream media keeps calling this inordinate amount of Donovan/ Bansford motions on behalf of thier client joshua komisarjevsky  this overused copycatted word first of all is not accurate enough and more importantly to me it almost sounds as if the media and presss are not getting it right---as usual.  This only makes the defense attorneys appear to be working within normal papameters for legal counsel for this man

 I plan on attending portions of this trial due to begin in September, although we can count on Mr Donovan attempts to delay this already twice delayed trial set date.  In any event I will continue posting  the most pertinenet of the court documents as they become available to me on my SCRIBD account under my name Laurel OKeefe, the same as I did during the Hayes trial.  Please feel free to email me via the adress found on my profile link. Ive taken the cooments section down for now as it became too distracting and attracted too many folks looking to gain attention by appearing to be contrarions to victims of violence.  Its a shame because I did enjoy a fair amount of the feedback and intelligent banter. I may reinstate thisfunction if the good base readership continues and the arses stay mute and the hacking,/spyware//adware spammers go away....We'll see. 

In the meantime; Godspeed to the Petit's Hawkes, Renn and Chapman families, There are so many of us standing with you and willing to hold you up  through our prayers and our collective strength and committment during this trial where Justice will be served