Jul 17, 2011

Thousands gather at Petit road race

The fourth annual Petit Family 5K Road Race Day has been another awesome success! Over Three Thousand people turned out for the event today,  a day of athletic competition, fun and activity sponsored by G.E as well as many other State and local businesses, each one listed on the Petit Family Foundation web-site http://www.petitfamilyfoundation.org/  .

There hasn't been an official report of the funds raised in this years Race day event yet, it's rather early for that,  but it is clear from the amount of people who showed up and participated,  that the support for the Petit's and their extended families has not waned at all as time marches on, but rather it continues to grow, to encircle not only this  family, who has lost so much, but as importantly to do our best to heed survivor Bill Petit Jr's plea made to us on the day of his families memorial; this was to carry on the spirit of his family Jennifer, Hayley and Michaela, by reaching out to other's who are suffering and in need.

A legacy was created by those inspiring words, so many people otherwise disconnected  from things of this sort, now turned towards issues and ther plights of others, things that they once might have turned away from not out of a careless disregard but rather a reflexive desire to shield themselves and their loved ones from all things unpleasant or painful. I have personally seen a gravitational change within this state and I am very proud of the continuing commitment towards activism and charitable endeavors.