Feb 22, 2011

Defense in Conn. home invasion claims to be focusing on Jurors " emotion" via Motions

Actually, within the komisarjevsky's motion, a big part of the reasoning was that Mr Komisarjevsky, self admitted pedophile and rapist, considers it his right to ask the court to break all standard courtroom protocol, and use seating, typically reserved for the victims family, and in this case, also survivor and witness William Petit, in order to re-arrange a decades old protocol in order to be seated directly opposite Dr Petit and his family, in order to exercise his right to look his accusers eye to eye"

He might as well have said ' Man to man" so overt was the adversarial tone. This stance is classic sociopath; trying to regain the upper hand, even even in situations where he is clearly in the subservient - he is the one in chains, he is in prison, he was caught fleeing from a capital triple murder scene. And most markedly,by off erring to plead guilty to all charges in exchange for life sentence instead of the death penalty, he is clearly admitting guilt.

So what is all this nonsense about?

There was absolutely no mention within the Defense motion's entire document, which I personally read page by page, for moving the court's seating arrangements in hopes of humanizing Joshua Komisrajevsky in the eyes of the jury. this was the nucleus of the reasoning for this motion within the linked article above.

The defense team did claim however that Mr Komsiarjevsky WANTED to face his accusers and  he also resented the Jury being in such close proximity to Dr Petit the Petit hawke families... and the prosecutor as well-the latter, an age old tradition in almost every state superior courts in this country..

But Mr Komisarjevsky, instigator of the most brutal  set of crimes that this state has ever seen, wants this tradition changed---for him.

Now, while I don't believe he nor his lawyers will get very far with most of these motions that border on the ludicrous, it does give me pause; The scary thing here is that we don't know if these "ideas" are originating from komisarjevsky himself or his attorneys, or worse, a result of a meeting of the minds -  of all three men.. -IE Komisarjevsky and his two main attorneys. Somehow I can picture this very easily. Too easily in fact.

The reason this has any important at all is because this kind of manipulation points to a highly manipulative personae and most likely some kind of personality disorder, of which there are a multitude. Another very likely alternative is that these lawyers, like the author Brian MacDonald, who was admittedly hoodwinked into writing a book about the Petit crimes via meetings letters and journals sent by Joshua komiarjevsky, who at the time he believed, although since the Hayes trial bore out that so much of what komisarjevsky spoon fed MacDonald as "the "truth" was forensically impossible and indeed fraught with lie after self serving lie. After watching Jeremiah Donovan speak on behalf of his client " Josh" on the steps of the Hayes trial Media gathering, I wondered more than once or twice is this guy just your typical used car salesman public defender with gravy stain on his tie ET AL, trying to grab his moment of fame, or is he, like MacDonald truly caught up in his clients boyish looks and soft spoken intelligent demeanor? Indeed most human beings do not want to believe that another human being could do the things that Josh" has been accused of doing" Thus it would be much easier for Mr Donovan who also has a wife and two daughters, to believe that Steven Hayes was the real killer here and his client just got caught up in the mess so to speak. I fear I may be giving Jeremiah Donovan way too much moral and ethical credit.

For those interested in reading through any of the defense's Fodder Motions, as we like to call them, feel free to peruse the links in previous and ensuing posts, as the linked motions are released by the court.