Feb 8, 2011

DiMeo convicted of killing Kim and Tim Donnelly

Well, we knew that the jury would find Dimeo guilty, there was just so much incriminating evidence against him, and Dimeo pretty much confessed to Connecticut State Police after he was arrested.

But the big question that has remained and hung over him for all of these years is; will he get the death penalty for killing this much beloved, kind hearted happily married couple, who were just then approaching what was supposed to be thier golden years, getting ready for early retirement

But as familiar as I am with Connecticut;s Justice system especially in capital crime cases, weve got a bit of a wait here; As is often customary, the judge gave the jury a short time off between the rendering of the verdict and the sentencing deliberations for the trial.

 The jury will return to court on February 28. May they use this time wisely to unwind, to begin to treat the trauma that they have unfortunately been exposed to through viewing the evidence of this  brutal double murder, and.hopefully, releive some of the heaviness in thier hearts and the innocence lost when one is forced to encounter the evil that propagtes such senseless and cruel acts of violence.

It will be interesting as well as emotionally gripping for me personally to see which way this jury votes insofar s this man's sentence for taking these two beautiful lives ( there was yet another man that dimeo killed during a seperate robbery that occurred in New York prior to the murders of timee and kim. The death peanlty has been abolished in New York state for several years, and as such he tried to fight extradition to Connecticut to face his deeds here for literally three plus years, rememeber these murders occurred in 2005!