Feb 1, 2010

Petit Murder Suspect's in Medically Induced Coma

The word has been released that "attempted suicide" is in fact the medical emergency that caused the hospitalization of Steven Hayes, co- defendent in the Petit family assaults, murders, arson and a litany of other crimes, including the murders of two children.

Hayes apparently had been stockpiling his daily anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and anti-siezure drugs, whilst pretending to swallow them, and at some oppoortune date when he felt he had enough pills, he chose to make a dramatic scene and take them all at once - clearly not enough.

Interestingly, hayes the first of the two murderer's scheduled to be tried, pulled this stunt, wouldn't you know it, just as as his jury selection was under-way,( and the reality of the trial and the impending exposure of his part in the brutal murders of a mother and her two children, came to pass. His lawyers had already tried to delay the jury selection, and thus his trial, .based upon the nonsensical logic that a recently released trashy book, essentially co- written and spoon fed by his co defendant Joshua komisarjevsky to some fool writer looking to make a quick buck, , was prejudicial towards Hayes, in essence attempting to lay the bulk of the capital crimes at Hayes feet.

At any rate, if he was truly planning on ending his life, why not do one right thing, as a parting gesture to this world; confess his complete role in the crimes and share the details these crimes,  making it easier to convict his fellow defendant, and undoubtedly, the mastermind -Joshua Komisarjevsky'. 

You'll recall that Komisarjevsky had no problem whatsoever doing his best to foist all responsibility for the murders and rapes on Hayes, within both his statement to police and within material dictated to the author of the illegally procured "novel " a book supposedly about the 2007 crimes, largely based upon the dictation of sociopath Joshua komisarjevsky" via his letters" and interviews with writer Brian Mcdonald.

McDonald, a writer of less than mediocre talent, and even less scruples, apparently snuck into Komisarjevskys prison, posing as an visiting attorney. He knew, as did komisarjevsky, that they were prohibited by a court ordered Gag on the case, to discuss any details about the crimes.
 This Gag order had been put in place shortly after the begginnings of the criminal case by Judge Damiani and it applied to not only defendents, but their lawyers, including the prosecution. This is why there were very few details about the crimes in the mainstream media in the years following, the hartford courant actually brought the issue to court contesting the gag as an encroachment of free information act

 A clutch of detailed letters were exchanged between murderer and writer and several more face to face meetings transpired before the Connecticut dept of Corrections figured out that McDonald was indeed a writer-only after a bunch of money was found to appear in komisarjevskys prsison account fund after the meetings-something also illegl in Ct and most states since the dahmer case)

and was only then was he finally stricken from komisarjevskys visiting list with purportedly no explanation by the DOC to either writer macdonaldorjoshua komaarhekyman. I like many others, smelled a rat within the Connecticut Dept of Corrections. It is no secret in those inner chasms that only certain people trvaerse, that the Conn DOC is long notorious for their susceptibility to bribes- money sex etc from both inmates and even visitors; And this I do not state with un substantiated cynicism, it is spoken with absolute assurance having been made privy to a multitude of specific examples by many many former and current inmates housed within various Connecticut prisons, I'm sorry to say.

Only time will tell if this was a genuine desperate suicide attempt by a man who is inching closer and closer to FINALLY being held accountable by a jury of his peers for a Vicious rape and strangulation of a 48 yr old beloved member of the community and his part in the muliple murdersof her two young girls, one of whom was sexually assaulted and the other who was reportedly at least beaten supposedly whilst trying to escape- This coming from komisarjevszky must be taken with a grain of salt as he is clearly a sociopaath and will do or say anything to escape blameorconsequences for his own actions/

The other option here is that this so called suicide attempt by HYES is in fact subterfuge and/or another form of procrastination that he and his attorneys were seeking when his lawyers were recently turned down in their bid for a jury selection delay last month ( based upon the release of komisarjevskys book
Mr Hayes hadbut one or two jurors approved within connecticuts excrutiatung

slow iberalrimes themselvesand the publicddidmglwhereupon our state has needed a mjor overgaul by legisdlatorsgoverbirs victims advocates et al because of the fact that it has becimne so used abused andmisused by the defene teamuntil it has actually hijacked the very judicxil process by putting as much time between the crimes and rhe communities collective memory of them.

Of courseHayes co defeiar jevsky really thru a boomerranfginmto that plan with the releaseo OFHISNE;U RKehich he illegally co=wrote ignoring a gag orderthat even the victims were held to chompig at thebi themselvesImsuireto tell the worldthe awful things done to thier belovedfsmily me,bers despitemcooperating ib every way that with thr criminaks demancdd.

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