Feb 25, 2010

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Page One > Judge to review jail treatment of Cheshire suspect

Anything to delay this Man's trial would seem to be the defenses strategy; I hope that the current presiding judge -there have been three to my knowledge thus far, will have the necessary insight and indeed education re the manipulative tactics of criminals with personality disorders which both Mr Hayes and his cohort Komisarjevsky clearly possess. Regular folks just often cannot fathom the lengths that this type of criminal -or person-will go to-in order to get what they want, whatever it happens to be at that moment. And it is unfortunately that general goodness/compassion/forgiveness in most people that make them perfect targets for these men and in this case even their paid henchman several of whom have taken on thier defense obligation in a near rabid fashion.
These henchman -ie the state attorneys I speak of are ironically paid for by the state of Connecticut, as is the prosecutor.

The Petit hawke families, and many people within the community the state and even across the country have been deeply hurt and traumatized by these crimes -theyve already been lead around the block dozens of times by komisarjevsky and his bulldog-like lawyers, who have repeatedly misused our countries equitable fair defense for everyone even those whose guilt seems clear notwithstanding and within this propaganda and perverted manipulation of the law and the tenets our forefathers sought to protect and have unabashedly been utilizing the morally repugnant ambulance chaser tactic of going after the victim and his family no matter the cost as long as they save their client" As if how they do their job matters not a whit nor what victims and family friends gets hurt and ultimately re victimized and in some cases re traumatized.

Most recently The Petits hawkes and all caring and connected members of our states community been put through the mill by their client Mr komisarjevsky's graphic and manipulative so- called tell all paperback book re the murders- A book that one of the murderers co wrote in effect via an unauthorized writer who visited him numerous times in prison while a gag order was in effect for everyone connected to the case. They and we were still reeling from that books release prior to trial the least of the issues, and sure enough next were hit with the defense for Hayes the other co defendant that another delay is necessary because of this book and that was just the beginning.

As I know that there is A God I derive some comfort in knowing that all of the people involved with aiding and abetting the evil done and continuing to be done, they too will answer for it.

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