Feb 16, 2010

Medical error may have played role in Cheshire suspect’s OD- The New Haven Register - Serving New Haven, Connecticut

This really looks like one or all of the following:
a) a stalling maneuver by Hayes
b) An attempt to appear more human to the potential jury pool ie "ee Ive got a conscience unlike that sociopath komisarjevsky who was the real ringleader, and I just got dragged alomg for what I thought was+9
When exactly did these drugs become a staple of Mr hayes daily life? Was he supposedly on these meds prior to coming in to prison OR as the case MORE likely was, di he successfully manipulate some hapless prison doctor/psychiatrist who perhaps young and thus too well meaning opted to be;ieve Mr Hayes's complaints were genuine-and having taken that hypocratc -to forget for a fre minutes the absolute heinous group of crimes that he was literally caught fleeing the scene of be were these drugs an opportunistic tool designed with multi-fold manipulations behind thier use?
For example Hayes defense could have been considering the option of setuing up an insanity defense from the get go-after hayes a long time loser with especially when the relativelyrare use of anti-pschotics-altho even these are becoming easierr to hrt aaaanywherdid these "meds" beginanti-psychotic and anti-anxiety ( Benzodiazepine group-think valium zanax clonipin ) all began after an evalution with prsison staff psychiatrist. Then there was the CLONIPIN AN ANXIETY DRUG OF THE BENZODIAZIPINE CLASS IE THINK ZANAX VALIUM but longer lasting in the system) he has been given this as well close to the time of his initial incarceration for these murders-

All this adds up to is he knew what it would take to kill himself-he is a drug user from way back. He likely knew that this little maneuver would both buy him time-easy time in the infirmary after the intiial hospital stomach pump and possibly garner public sympatathy from fol;ks who might percieve the attempt at suicide as a sign of remorse for the rapes murders and assualuts of the petit family members.

For a man that supposedly wanted to die hayes has refused to leave his cell even accompanied by mulitple guards and sharp shotters for fear of being attacked by other innmates-who historically dont like rapists and least of all children killers-Not to mention because of he and his co defendent being paroled early and abusing the privledge despicably ie slaughtering a family and a 11 year old child whom he tried to burn to death after raping strangling her mother within earshot of her adespite the fact that the doomed mrs petit had just returned from the bank with Mr Hayes having withdrawn 15000 dollars 5 thousand dollars more than they demanded in exchange for her familys life!

. All I can think about is that moment when they returned to the petits home where komisarjevsky admits he was sexually assaulting 11 yr old michalea and taking photos of her nude body as well as her in the bath where hed ordered her to scrub herself (ie dna of his) he turned on jen petit and began tying her down to a table to rape and choke her to death as she tried to scream for her life and her daughters lives tied to thier beds upstairs.
remember too those poor sweet girls heard thier mom being assaulted and murdered while they lay helpless tied up and about to be doused in gasoline that both men poured liberally upon thier bodies and beds and carpeting leading up from thier moms now lifeless body. I mention these details because this is what happened to these women the victims and it should never ever ever be forgotten. We owe them this, no matter how unpleasent nor disturbing-it is that very tendency of some people to distance themselves from the reality of what the victims were put through in thier last hours-or minutes or sometimes even days and weeeks as weve seen recently in the story of rescued twenty eight year old kidnapped at age eleven. The point is these details are the truth the truth is the center of everything. We must be thier voice, no matter how painful it is.

I also couldt help but recall that hayes attorneys had been madly trying to delay the jury selection process which was finally alated to begin in jan two and half years after the murders and rapes.Thankfully the most recent judge saw thru thie attorneys latests subterfuge stall tactics and said NO WE WILL PROCEED. Only a week or so into that very ardous process which conn is famous for retaining such an arcahaic and defendent oriented voire dire system, this meant that Steven hayes co defendent in these murders was about to begin the provess of facing his accountability and exact involvment in this grotesque crimes

Thus the "suicide" attempt would most importantly ultimately serve as a big delay in the long overdue inniated jury selection process for his trial-hayes is to be tried first, and his cohort komisarjevsky who many including myself consider the master mind will be thus tried when hayes's trial is finally adjudicated.

This guy hayes will do anything it takes to stall his trial from becoming underway-a process that in Ct begins with an already famously arduous voire dire potential jury process, by which both sides. the defense and the prosecutors, get to question propspective jurors ad nauseum often willy nilly with the defense almost always employing an expensive jury selection expert company who do nothing but study how to choose just the right kind of ignorant or pliable folks as jurors for thier clients trial.

This process is rare in most states not voire dire itself but the ultra liberal time consuming and seeningly without common sense nor requirement for either side to cite thier endless supply of strikes- a legal term that basically means we doont like this giu or gal for a juror and we dont have to give any reason at all. Again Connecticut is reknown for straying off the common sense beaten path and allowed its liberal legislators who have little to nothing to do with the actual say to day machinations of choosing juries for multiple rape murders kidnappings home inasions arson torture and dhild rape as are the basic tenets in this particular case. A case that I might add has has far reaching effects on not only a formerly trusting safe community but also on a larger scale an entire state that has been post traunatized by the heniousness of the crimes and then again cruelly by a recently illegally begotten cheap paperback novel written laregely from the perpective of one of the co defendets caught fleeing the burning murder scene.

In this illegally obtained and written book such details wer profferred by one of the killers who almost gleefully describes his sexual assault on a tied up 11 year old terrified michaela Petit whose mom was at the bank with mr hayes the other defendent murderer promising her that no harm woulkd come to her children as long as he got the 10000.000 hed asked for while komisarjevsky waited at home aspparently breakibng his part of his promise to Mrs Petit by raping her 11 yr old a d then forcing her to shower to get rid of any bits of semen he might have left on her. As a woman a fomer surivor of viorlent crime I couldnt help obsessing over that little girls fear and pain and terror as well as her older sister hayley who we have no proof was not also sexually assaulted at some point in the evening morning or even when hayes returned from the bank with Mrs Petit and the promised money in tow-again I cannot help but imagine what jen petit felt and thought as her captor whom she gave evrthung and more to protect the lives of her daughters and Mr Hayes and perhaps mr komsarjevsky also turned upon her immedietally tying her arms legs and noose abiout the neck as he raped a d strangled her while her husband unconscious and nearly dead from blood loss was awakened by the screams and begging by his wife on the living room floor above him in the basement where the intruders had left him beaten bloodly lilely dead tied to a pole with zipties hands and feet.

These were the details we already knew from some of the warrents published by the bristol press shortly after the crime. I like many many others soent a lot og time and angst wondering what else we didnt knoe=w and how these victims lived out the last few hours of thier lives.
The murders were no sudden panic happenchance as Mr Komsarjevsky originally tried to bamboozle the police with in his version of his confession" as later in the very book he dictated thru lettere and personal eetings with the author brian macdonald, who made his way thru subterfuge into the correctional center visiting list for lomisarjevsky by posing as an attorney sertainly not offerring the infomrmation that he was indeed a writer as the conn dept of corrections were well aware that there was a court ordered gag order on anyone related to the case including defebdebts lawyers prosecutors police judges and even victims adn thier family members. Oops another so called slip up. But the worst was yet to come when not only was this book given a good deal of pre trial publicity in the courant and the authors website itself but indeed hyped to the point of tittilating the public and misleading them once into claims of 'shocking never before seen photos-lies- and a comparison of the book-written for the most part with little to no research just letters from this kid whod snuffed out a family raping a child and leaving her tied to her bed to burn to death in what was a pre meditated plan to burn the victims and all the dna evidence of the rapes and thier prescence in the house. Ludicrous really considering komisarjevaky had the arrogence to use his cellphone to call his own job to call in sick using his own infant daughter being sick" as the excuse. He also forced Jen petit to call her husbands medical office saying he was sick and wouldnt bwe in. None of this behavioer lends itself to a panic stricken mode and a spur of the moment descsion to burn up the whole house with all the girls and thier mom and dr petit in it by dousing the tied up women two still very much aliove- Mrs Petit dead strangled and raped left thrown with her clothing ripped where she lay after being violently raped by hayes and possibly komisarjevsky-we dont know yet until all dna is presented and testimoney-but either way these are men who planned to torch this home and the children and thier mother and father with it. They procured the gasoliine at 6 am recipts and cameras show as does komisarjevskys redacted confessuin initially made to cheshire police right after he was caught fleeing the burning home with hayes in one of the petit family cars no less. Fopr men who supposedly were going to such lengths to hide thier part in these crimes they ceretainly sere putting themselves all over the crime via stealing the petit car and jewelry as well as stealing many personal items of the kids including cell phomes-which can be traced easily enough and of course the ever famous by now hat of hayley petit that hayes presumably ran out of the burning petit jouse wearing atop his head.

In the recent paperback book by brian mcdonald co authored by komsarejevaky he actually admitted to planning to kill hayes his partner in these crimes as soon as they got away from the petit house he cites his reasoning supposedly for hayes leaving his fingerprints in the hiouse after removing his gloves for a short time while rifling thru the drawers looking for sellable ite,s. Again I do not believe this was the reasom for the planned offing of hayes at ll jk tried to make it sound almost gallant as if to say because of his screw ups we had to ascalate the crimes. which i aslo more mendacity-sociopaths are reknown for lying and manipulation and it is quite clear that JK is in fact a classic textbook sociopath and it was hje who made these murders happen.

As I have \mentioned in the past posts both hayes and komsarjevskys snake oil salesma. attorneys have both behaved in despicable fashion assailing the surviving victim Bill Petit aloud in court thomas culligan even went so far as to slaim that the fact that the court was even sonsidering the petit families request for 2 simultaneous trial for hayes and komisarjevsky ridiculous on its face and was only being considered becasue rill petit was once a doctor and therefore somewhat affluent he went on to tell the judge and the televised courtroom that it made him sick: bc if this victim were black or poor this request qoulve never even been considered. In the end DrPetit and his attorny prosecutor decided to withdraw the request which theyd nade in genuine hopes of sparing the extended hawke petit family from having to hear details re rapes and horrible details re crimes agasint an 11 yr old an d a 48 yr old mom with ME no less, from being repeated twice abd enotionally regugitated. Seemed valid and sensitive to anyone with moral decency which both sets of defense attorenys paid for by our state dollars ironically clearly sorely lack. making the entire legal proffession in Connecticut more of a a farce than it already was-which is really saying something. As the jury selection eventually resumes-and it will-I will be covering the ins and outs and the hidden nuances that the average onlooker isnt privy to. I will stae the truth-plain ans simple-something this entire circus has been lacking from the onset.

One thing is for certain, despite boith defendents attempts at dragging out the judicial and administrative process imvolved with finding and presenting thier actual culpasbility in the kidnappings rapes and torture murders of three members of the Petit family, with a fourth kidnapping and attempted murder on the lone survivor Bill Petit father of the two little girls and husband of Jen Hawke Petit

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