Jan 26, 2010

Connecticut Law Tribune: Cheshire Case Illustrates Jury Picking Problems

For once Norm Pattis makes sense regarding our states unusually ludicrous and costly voire dire process which beyond costing our state many dollars when it is used costs many more lives because it is more often not used due to the money ie time involved. This means that trials have become a thing of the past in the state of Connecticut, leaving most cases to be dealt with via the 'PLEA DEAL" which is only a deal for the violent criminal.

This new found concurrence with Mr Pattis is a bit of a surprise as my past experiences with him seem to be of a editorialist who oft times shows himself as a predictable tow the latest liberal line kind of guy-(and remember, before making assumptions, I too am a registered democrat ) No my issues with Norm Pattis go beyond merely politics" for the kind of issues that I endeavour to explore, expose and hopefully even on the rare occasion- change are of the moral ilk; life and death, human suffering, justice. I have found his past Op-Ed pieces re these noble issues altho well written to be lacking one key element --true human compassion-not the standard obligatory nod to the latest victim of the latest heinous crime that has made its way into the political or legislative forum. It isn't his acerbic style his cynicism or wryness that I object to-how could I...in all fairness I don those very same...shall we say, weapons on a regular basis myself. No its something else; and that something is at the core of much of what is wrong with often otherwise well meaning liberal politicians legislators writers and "pundits". Its the actual desire and then ability to imagine the horror and pain of their fellow human beings once fallen to victim of violent crime. No one wants to go THERE.

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