Nov 6, 2007

Judge Issues Gag Order In Cheshire Case

Once again, morally bankrupt defense attorneys have the court bending over backwards for the "rights" of their murdering-rapist clients.

Thanks to the over-zealous attorneys for Steven Hayes, Judge Damiani has actually granted a gag order on the case that will apply to both the State and Cheshire police depts, States
attorney's office and all defense attorneys involved with the case. They may not discuss the Petit case with any member of the Press or Media, presumably due to a recent article in the courant that according to ulmann "had to have originated from someone in the Cheshire police dept-and it is severely encroaching upon the defendent's right to a fair trial"

Look, I get the fact that you're a public defender Ulmann, head of the state's public defenders office if I'm correct and so presumably, you've got to take this case, but who the hell told you to do so with such ardor?! I'm certain if these guys had brutalized and viciously murdered your daughters, your wife, or your sisters, you would be considerably less concerned with their "rights" especially considering this has simply grandstanding for your favorite soapbox cause; anti death penalty.

This is yet another glaring manipulation of our justice system at the hands of bad men representing evil men. And all under the guise of their client's "right to a fair trial" Hence the word FAIR, has become fair game. What ever happened to professional integrity for attorneys? When are we going to stop tolerating this debasement of our justice system by murderers and their paid henchmen?! Since Hayes attorney, Mr Ulmann, likes to ponder out loud about the ironies in this situation (as it serves him) IE re his comment to the press regarding "the extensive security measures being taken to safeguard the life of Mr Hayes, this when the state is concurrently pursuing the death penalty against him and the real threat against him is in fact inside the prison walls...." yadda yadda ya....'
CONSIDER THIS Mr Ulmann....Who put him there? Who? He did--! One Steven Hayes! When he decided to target Mrs Petit and her 11 year old daughter for a night of kidnapping rape and robbery and then without hesitation, WITH NARY A HEARTBEATS HESITATION he committed a brutal triple murder simply to escape going to prison for rape and robbery.

Mr Ulmann has the audacity to be waggling his finger, at the prosecutor as well as the people of Connecticut, for the current 'predicament" that his MURDEROUS client has ' somehow found himself in.... This in regards to Mr Hayes personal security within the general prison populace, as well as finding himself" under the threat of possible death sentence by the mean -spirited State of Connecticut (facetious)
And as if that isn't enough, here is even more irony ulmann...

We the decent law abiding, tax paying, citizens of Connecticut are ultimately paying your salary so that Mr Hayes gets an over- zealous "fair" defense in this case, A CASE in which he is so overtly guilty that by all rights he should have been executed by now.

Instead, we the very people he has proven a distinct threat to his entire adult life, are now unwittingly and thanklessly, subsidizing his attorneys, his security, his meals, his newspapers, his suicide watch, his doctors and no doubt psychiatrist- and his "medicine" which reportedly includes pain medication and anti-anxiety for all that that ails him.

And We do so, not because we want to, but rather because a system was put in place once upon a time designed to protect the one innocent man amidst the gaggles of guilty, who might find himself ensnared wrongly within our system. I think we both would agree that This is clearly not the case with your client Mr Hayes. This this is one of but many many heinous crimes carried out by equally heinous criminals where we must go through all of the motions of a comprehensive trial Of course given your innate proclivity for dishonesty and deceit one could never expect an honest assessment of anything from you.

We also set a basic standard for ourselves as a people to treat humanely even the most reprehensible among us, including the manner in which we implement our ultimate penalty- death . Here we must again rise above our personal wishes of vindication for the victims and carry this somber duty out instead with absolute consideration for the least possible amount of suffering for men that purposely caused inordinate suffering to innocent lives themselves.

Over the years defense attorneys like yourself have manipulated and prostituted these basic tenets until they have become withered and have little to nothing to do with why they were there in the first place. You have thus taken advantage of all of us as a people, you have used
our collective sense of fairness, humanity and decency and used it to fan the flames of self promotion, propaganda, deception manipulation and thus the propagation of evil , by in effect co signing a pact with those that have done and would do, evil unto others.

In plain English you and your kind are allowing those who commit the worst crimes imaginable to chronically escape culpability to the point where justice in the halls of our courts has become so watered down that it means nothing at all.

And Not only must we tolerate this system, we are expected to support it.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two attorneys are more evil then the two reprobates that they represent-They are already utilizing every slick and slimy "tactic" with utter aforethought and shrewdness, all in an effort to help make sure that their clients, these men escape as much accountability as humanly possible for the kidnapping, assaults and murders, of two children and their mother.

Through this gag order, Mr ulmann and his co counsel would like nothing more than the memory of the horrific suffering that Mr Hayes caused the Mrs Petit and her children, to fade from the public minds, and the details that are part of the awful truth of what their clients did, to fade right along with it.

They hope to put as much time as possible between these crimes and the day when their clients guilt shall be decided, and in doing so the truth fades to be replaced by doubt over the genuine guilt of their client.

Chasing Justice is a private weblog for victims of crime. I am not bound by this gag order as I am not technically "The press", nor the media.
In honor of the memory of the Petit women, I will continue to write about this crime and keep it in the forefront of our collective conscience; This until the day that the death sentence is handed down to both Mr komisarjevsky and Mr Hayes respectively.

I will not relent shining the light of truth on their evil and their lies.

Judge Issues Gag Order In Cheshire Case - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford

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