Nov 11, 2007

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While perusing the net looking for information regarding the public defenders that are handling the defense in the Petit crimes, I came upon this article from a few month back.

There is some very importantt information regarding the lead attorney for Steven Hayes, thomas ulmann -the very same man responsible for the current gag order that has recently been imposed on the entire case, The order, in effect, disallows the police and/or attorneys from speaking with the media or anyone else regarding the facts of the Petit family assaults kidnappings and murders.
I saw attorney Ulmann in "action" at Hayes' probable cause hearing, and he is definitely going to be a tenacious lawyer in handling this guy's defense.

The strong anti-death penalty stance that Ulmann champions rather loudly, will obviously have a huge impact on this case. He is now and has always been, an avid- high profile anti-death penalty advocate known both within the local legal community and outside of it.
He has already begun taking morality jabs at his former courtroom nemesis, Michael Dearington, the lead prosecutor in the Petit case--hinting that if the prosecutor wasnt so hell bent on killing his client, that a guilty plea would be forthcoming and the state would be saved a lot of time and energy and money. The implication of course is see how expensive the death penalty is for the state of Connecticut-do you see how this bloodthirtsiness and vengefal mindset costs us all so dearly?' Of course its conveinently not poibnted out that in fact it is the crimes that were committed and the atrocious methods employed in these multiple murders that are what is costing the state-not the obtaining of justice and the appropriate accompanying penalty-which in this case the state the people and the prosecuctor feel is death- Mr ulmann.

Apparently, Ulmann is the only attorney to ever go up against Mr Dearington in a capital death penalty case, And according to the article, Ulmann "won' the last one; ie he "saved" his client, a man that killed an entire family including two small children, from the death penalty, and won him life without parole instead.

According to Ulmann's his main focus will be keeping his client from recieving the death penalty- and it already appears that he will try to make this case all about that issue rather than the brutal and senseless crimes that were committed by his client steven hayes!

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