Nov 17, 2007

A bittersweet Birthday..

Today would have been Michaela Petit's 12th birthday.

A local florist in Plainville held a special tribute in Michaela's memory, a fundraiser donating all proceeds from special Rose bouquet sales to a local charity set up in the family's name.

Michaela's middle name was Rose and her dad, Dr. William Petit affectionately nicknamed her k.k Rosebud. It was this special nickname that spurred on the idea of the floral bouquet fundraiser, according to the owner of The Pink Door in Plainville.

Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Michaela's mom, was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago, leading Haley Petit, Michaela's older sister, to begin a fundraising charity for MS called Haley's hope. The charity raised over 30 thousand dollars for Multiple Sclerosis in six short years!

With Haley attending Dartmouth college in the fall, she handed the charitable legacy to her younger sister Michaela, who was reportedly re-naming the charity "Michaela's Miracle".

Tragically Michaela, Haley and Mrs Petit were all killed in a home invasion turned triple homicide in late July of this year.

A multitude of charities have sprung from the tragedy, each benefiting a variety of good causes. As the Petit family was well known locally for their extraordinary caring and giving natures, it is only fitting that we all continue to carry on many good works in their memory.

May you rest in eternal peace Michaela.

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