Nov 28, 2007

Dr Petit writes to legislators at hearings for Judicial reform

Day two of hearings in Hartford and many ideas for reforming Connecticut's abysmal judicial system have been put on the table for review and debate.

Although no one agreed on any one thing- with attitudes pretty much split by party lines,
I am at least heartened by the degree of public and political fervor surrounding these

Unfortunately, myself others familiar with the actual day to day machinations of our Connecticut courts, have long known that many of them were in desperate shape. The fate that befell the lovely Petit family was almost bound to happen to someone sooner than later, given the number of dangerous criminals treated with barely a slap on the wrist, for crimes that are effectively, precursors to murder.

The Petit tragedy has served as what I hope will be, the final watershed for an issue that many of us have been desperately trying to bring to the state's legislative forum for quite some time. This crime is simply so glaring, due to the kind and giving nature of the victims and the conversely merciless brutality visited upon them, that it took this to serve as the fait de compli in reforming our states long standing judicial woes.

Within the accompanying article is a letter written by Dr Petit that pretty much expresses this same sentiment.
To paraphrase; "...Since the murder of my family is absolute and cannot be undone, please, please let this be the last lives lost due to Connecticut's inadequate criminal justice system..."

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