Oct 2, 2013

Annual Petit Family Foundation's Ride For Justice' A Big Success!

Motorcycle riders got on their bikes Sunday to remember the victims of the deadly Cheshire home invasion. The Ride for Justice left from St. Paul Catholic High School in Bristol at 11:30 a.m.
The Ride for Justice is the motorcycle communities’ way of supporting Dr. William Petit and his foundation

“These events are always happy but tinged with sadness,” Dr. Petit said.

 “Jennifer would’ve been 55 this week. Michaela and Hayley have birthdays coming up. One would’ve been 18 the other 24"
Dr. Petit’s first family was taken, but he is currently starting a new family.

 A baby is on the way, and the motorcycle riders we were talking to Sunday say that’s inspiring.

“After it happened, he looked like a ghost, but you look now you can tell that he’s happy,” one rider said.

The Fishers of Bristol say as they are riding past autumn leaves and feeling the wind in their faces, their thoughts will be with Hayley, Michaela and Jennifer:

“You can’t help but think about it. … It’s just a terrible thing, I mean, loss of life and the way it happened. Unthinkable.”

But from that atrocity, strangers came together to help Dr. Petit and his cause.

Even though the Fishers have done the Ride for Justice for four years, they’ve never actually met Dr. Petit. But it doesn’t matter. They say he could’ve been any father in any house.

Doctor Petit is not a motorcycle rider himself, but for this event he’s happy to hitch a ride on the back of one. And the road ahead from here looks bright for Dr. Petit, both personally and for the foundation, which hit the million dollar mark this year for grants.

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