Oct 7, 2013

Newly revealed Cheshire Police Dept Phone Evidence Reveals Subterfuge,and Police Bungling and Blantan Cover-uping added to Tragic triple murders

I am completely disgusted by this " new" phone evidence by the Cheshire PD Cheshire Police appear to have bungled big time in Petit family murders, but the worst part is that I am not completely surprised.

I smelled a rat a long time ago insofar as the Cheshire Police department's response to the Petit family murders, Their reflexive omission of important facts and their revision of the crimes crucial life and death timeline on the morning of the murders; these were all red flags that something was very wrong with their first official reports to media and public.

 As a few days passed after the crimes in July 2007, it became clear that the Chshire PD had been caught being less than truthful when they announced - on TV no less  house was on fire as they arrived at the scene as wed already heard from some neighbors that they'd spotted policemen and SWAT members in the bushes 10 15 minutes prior to any sign of smoke or flames. truths to lie to the public about their response and the crimes immediately following said media's discovery of the statewide tragedy.

Now Years later I come upon this slightly aged article Fox Story re newly released Cheshire PD's phone records (yesterday to be exact and the news and its implications were enough to jar me out of a short blogging hiatus resulting from a  family crisis.

Obviously, the new information is infuriating but it also explains or confirms a lot. First of all, it smacks of major cover-up, massive mishandling and it confirms what I have suspected since Jennifer Hayley and Michaela were murdered and Bill was severely injured;
The Cheshire Police dept. not only screwed up badly and in my opinion aided and abetted these murders, but equally as horrific some members obviously committed a purposeful mendacious cover up from the day of the Murders on.

I vividly recall a Police Captain or other higher up within the Cheshire Police Department speaking to the media ( it was recently shown on the HBO documentary about the Petit crimes in fact) with him unflinchingly claiming that they got the call from a 911 call emanating from the Bank of America where Mrs. Petit had confided to the teller that her family was being held hostage for money and that they dispatched units right away and when said units arrived at the Sorghum hill home owned by the Petit family, They States that they saw Bill Petit "exit" the house via the bilco basement door injured and almost the house immediately was engulfed in flames"

 While I am very reluctant to rehash the inordinate amount of pain that these crimes have caused so many  I strongly believe that I would be morally remiss to not point out that this " newly uncovered bit of police phone evidence" paints a picture of a misogynistic police officer whose immediate thought to the bank tellers 911 call and story would certainly seem to be that Mrs. Petit was trying to pull a fast one on her husband with their bank accounts!

This also doesn't add up as does the fact that Bill Petit was not assisted by Cheshire Police dept. who were all over the surrounding Petit property - and had been for a minimum of 15 20 minutes or more; police later admitted they watched poor Bill (who had summoned a burst of adrenalin and  broken the wrist zip-ties from the basement pole where he'd been left by the murdering rapists, rolling across his own lawn with his feet still bound, weak, scared unable to crawl head bloodied;
This, and Cheshire PD officers  waited until Bill Petit reached his neighbors Garage a considerable distance especially wounded with massive blood loss.

 It was raining now and the neighbors Garage door was closed; Dr Petit was desperate to save his family knowing they were in the house with two maniacs, he was  yelling for help having made it to the neighbors house before the cops approached seemingly out of nowhere no questions then demanded how many people were in the house how many in the house?

He kept yelling in response to the plainclothes policemen " the girls! the girls the girls are in the house!!!"

Remember, this man had severe head injuries inflicted by repetitive blows to hs head with a bat, he  on a drug for heart issues that thins the blood  hastening  blood loss and really it was a miracle that he was alive hours after being beaten and tied hand and foot to a pole in his cellar.

Yet, Bill Petit was furiously trying to save his family; without letting him even explain any details and ignoring and or refusing to untie his feet, which according to his testimony he'd been begging for and no one - not even the paramedics would do it an those binds were plastic and digging into his flesh!

Police simply instructed the ambulance to depart and take him to the hospital.
No questions asked.

This entire gaggle of new information regarding the Cheshire police captain's dubiousness re the genuineness of poor Jennifer Petit reminds me of so many domestic violence calls that Police get. Of course there was no domestic violence involved in this set of crimes but it is the same kind of mentality that I have witnessed in so many DV calls by various Police patrol men and women and their higher ups such as the on call lieutenants, the people who often call the shots re how a patrolmen should does indeed "handle" a given call.

 This isn't to say every department is the same, but there are too many  departments whereupon I've witnessed or been told that the Police officer responded to a DV call reflexively treating the woman ho was victimized as if she is up suspect, dishonest exaggerating or at fault for being with the man - that mindset which we thought was archaic has made a huge resurgence in some Connecticut Police departments.  have even witnessed the trivialization and debasing of victims of stalking harassment,  threatening and Assault.

The case of Tracy Thurman vs The Torrington Police Dept. in the 1990's served as a watershed moment for the state of Connecticut which had bee sorely lackadaisical and apathetic towards its ever growing victims of intimate violence. insofar as as most intimate violence cases. Sadly like most change, it was propelled by money; A massive lawsuit that Ms Thurman won against the Torrington Police for their inaction's in past DV calls and the final one whereupon a gaggle of officers from the T,P,D stood back and didn't intervene as Ms. Thurman's husband stabbed her repeatedly in the neck chest and face. The Torrington PD had been called out to the Thurman residence on at least 12 occasions for physical abuse and threats often by worried neighbors.

My observations common sense and most importantly - instinct - is telling me that what we are now seeing a return to the old boy club mindset ie sexist, chauvinistic indeed misogynistic attitudes that long - dominated the handling of Domestic Violence, an outdated umbrella term that in reality  includes dating violence stalking, intimate violence, partner violence, threatening harassing and trespassing.

As a terminology Domestic Violence is not only becoming pre historic it is grossly inaccurate as most of these cases have many police calls involving  intimate violence haven't a shred of domesticity within the scope of the crimes yet are being lumped in with a branch of police and court processing that is widely known to be considered unimportant and is treated as such.

Even calls like the originating Petit 911 call where this officers involved used his own prejudices in judging a call re a dangerous situation that was first intercepted and handed to Police by the Bank Manager who described a terrified Mrs. Petit,  the hostage in question, greatly influenced the direction that this entire department took in response to what was in fact an attempted murder ( Dr. Petit's baseball bat beating at the hands of komisarjevsky "

I Hit him quote as hard as I could, as if chopping wood" this h told author Brian McDonald during a prison interview which never should have bee allowed to happen - another victimization of this family the community and the greater society at large as many deeply emotionally entrenched in his case due to the depravity done to children the torturous deaths despite their complete compliance as well  the sadistic and unnecessary baseball ball bat beating of Bill Petit's head- this as he was sound asleep at 3 am unawares that the two rapist thief murderers approached the house were watching him through the sun porch windows.

The leader Joshua Komisarjevsky was the assailant who later related to author Brian Mcdonald that in reality he enjoyed attacking Petit which explains the insane brutality when he was supposedly just trying to neutralized the head of household long enough to have his sidekick Hayes who was donning a fake gun no less help tie him up gag him and toss him in the cellar whilst they pursued the woman and children of the house.

Prior to the Petit home invasion crimes Komisarjevsky had been a breaking and entering expert as well as a stalker an arsonist and when younger a peeping tom and petty thief. At approximately thr age of 13 he was well known to local police and neighbors as a  bad seed; despite a ton of religious intervention from his parents, home schooling and even attending a spiritual based camp for mmonths, he always returned to his criminal behavior typically breaking into houses and spying on others even stealing underwear -a definitive sign of a sexual criminal.

Having been arrested time and again he wound up with two prison stints for veritable round robin breaking and enterings that were misnomers as they were in actuality home invasions. In amost every single robbery he waited for the homeowner to be home = the veritable opposite of most thieves who want as little confrontational likelihood as possible. Komisarjevsky now in his mid tewenties was getting more and more brazen; he'd gotten pinched with goods from a series of b and e's in a nearby town not far from Cheshire and practicaly braggecd to police about one of the homes being a state trobelonging to that of a state trooper..

.  He was after the pretty 11 year old Michaela Petit whom he had spotted in the supermarket near her house  earlier that day This career criminal who had impregnated a 14 year old in town had ridiculously schmoozed the family court into winning custody of his own 5 year old daughter having just been granted early release parole and in fact donning a tracking ankle bracelet  and his ever o helpful middle class parents in tow at the custody hearing.

The second home invader/rapist/thief was a gigantic hefty side-kick toting the aorementioned 9mm handgun, which later was discovered to be a fake pellet 9 mm lookalike handgun, the men purchased to help get te people in the house under control for the rapes and robbery they'd planned all day and into the night .

A Triple Kidnapping, A life an death confirmed hostage and obviously possibility of murder goes up once the criminals get what they want they are at their most dangerous The officer knew that the ransom had been given to Mrs Petit but infuriatingly.

HE then made his own incorrect assumptions, about Mrs. Petit's motivations and this twisted and sexist thinking ultimately cost this entire family three lives! And ultimately millions of
s of peoples friends strangers acquaintances and regular folks like me tat could not sto the what ifs
 heartache and a mourning that has never really ended.

Clearly there is a huge gaggle of lessons to be garnered here and  re training and new training of all Connecticut Police officers must be part of the actions taken.

Much too often we are seeing these Policeman's own personal experiences and or attitudes towards women (including current or past ugly divorces  volatile relationships break ups et al.are influencing how entire departments handles DV calls and even a seemingly unrelated to Domestic violence all like this

And to make matters worse and to guarantee the perpetuity of these often bitter, apathetic and/ or overly machismo Police Officer's stance they pass along  their insidious dangerous attitudes to new cadets, as well as reaffirming this dangerous thinking with every officer who is told to handle a call inappropriately, or witnesses or hears about that call that crime.

These so called DV police calls are already being handled by insensitive and poorly or untrained men sent out to run their own experiences with women amuck in situations of life and death. Almost without fail, the usually female victim is already afraid - she afraid the call will cause more violence from the perp which is statistically viable and common.

Yet she mustered courage for whatever reasons and actually called the police despite threats from the perpetrator that he will humiliate her in front of the police and they'll never believe her"

These two reasons are the most common cited by abused women when queried why they hadn't called on an earlier beating occasion or simply for not calling Police quickly enough after a bad assault.

Remember Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome freezes up many victims rationale thinking as does the very real threats that they've received from abusers first time or seasoned that if they call police or even tell anyone - they will be killed beaten worse as well as children and other family members being threatened; this, according to multiple surveys from across the country.

Instead of the unfortunate victim dealing with the Police and court they often want to avoid altogether the assault or threat or choking or kicking because the Police department I known to treat this tyope of crime in an apathetic and therefore dangerous fashion

Part of the reason for this Police reaction or inaction is due to lack of experience as many abusers are sociopaths who are intelligent and articulate and this is not what police expect and they fall straight into their traps.  I have seen sociopath/serial killers  child abductors and abusers sidle to police responsing to a call or  interrogating them regarding a crime.

 This is but one breed of predators but these are the ones that are the most dangerous because they are highly convincing persuasive and can often
fashion themselves into  likable men at a moments notice. They will often call an police officer by his first name, same with lawyers and even their jailers This is how Ted Bundyescaped from a court house holding cell; he had charmed all the security personell and even the judge so much so that guards were down, which is exactly what they want even whilst predating, and being experts at flipping the switch of ths duality from charming jokester whonsists he's innocent and hiown lawyers want to believe him. The using of the first name is but one of many techniques that they employ to get others to like and trust them \; In this case its obvious an effort to
to create a makeshift false male camaraderie God forbid the police officer
falls for this act(and the newbies are the most vulnerable but weve seen
plenty of well seasoned cops buy into these men

Some are just plain ignorant and imagine that middle class or upper class men who dress decently seem reasonable etc etc couldn't possibly have choked their wife girlfriend or ex as the woman is claiming.
Others are just plain ignorant picturing woman- beaters as drunk lummoxes who look and act the part of the belligerent batterer. One thing is for sure these cops need much more intensive training and by the right people too many people are being maimed and killed in dating violence domestic violence stalking and most common assaults and attempted murder or murder by jilted boyfriends or husbands newly separated or divorced.

It is statically proven that this period following a break up of any kind is the most dangerous for any woman and even some men. With everything we now know as a society, these crimes should be disappearing yet they are growing and women are still claiming they fell down the stairs when they do manage to make it to a hospital. That means that the statistics for brain injuries and many other bodily injuries are considerably off kilter;

The other common excuse that assailants force their victims to claim that they sustained bodily injuries by their boyfriend or husband or date restrain them for their own protection! This is a real common claim by men in DV Police calls. Also she fell while I held her back. Those bruises on her arms or the tears in her flesh are from me having to push her away for her own good"
They might as well add a wink at the end of their versions to police sometime

This Post began with a story about a phone call and a police officer involved with the Petit family murders in July of 2007. I and many others were deeply affected by the crimes and have never fully recovered. How can we so many what ifs left us all tossing in bed at night wishing for a different Police intervention especially once it came out that the Cheshire Police had a patrol car right near the Petits house when the bank call came in and they dispatched the officer and instructed him not to approach but to hang back and turn to observe as much as he could without detection.

My belief after reading all of the Police reports and the timelines is that there were Cheshire Police officers at the Petit home as Jennifer returned with the money and Steven Hayes. This has always bothered me immensely especially when I knew the spokesman on TV lied at first claiming the house burst into flames when the Police arrived"

That was a flagrant lie-and where there is flagrant lying there is often flagrant abuse of power.

Another important question concerns the Cheshire Hostage Negotiator being told they wernt needed.
This decision along with the cavalier approach by Police in such a small
town where hostage taking and kidnapping is an unusual happening to say the least
just because one Cheshire Police officer was  cynical, sexist and misogynistic ie his
reflexive assumption that this woman traumatized tied up all night and exhausted and frightened to her wits  probably really had nefarious motivations up her sleeve planning to defraud her husband because one of the accounts she needed money from was in his name?

Another essential question here folks is why was this information seemingly slipped through the media and certainly not given the attention I warranted by major print and web publications?

This news should have saturated the major media- yet it didn't - why?

Dr Petit has built a new life for himself and I am thrilled that he has finally been granted new joy to balance out the stain that the as and the murders of his family have left, this in no way takes away from the fact that wrongdoing and cover up for the murders of his precious first wife and children is in any way less egregious or important. In every speech including the one he recently made at the Petit foundations Ride for Justice he speaks of the juxtaposition of feelings created by these events.

The Petit Family Foundation, formed in the wake of these crimes, has become incredibly successful and  they are helping others but naturally remind him and his family of Jennifer Hayley and Michaela his "girls", whom he still misses terribly.

I am aware as are others, from interviews and via the grapevine, that Dr Petit has aways supported the Cheshire Police Depts handling of the crimes hat resulted in the murder of his wife and daughters. Then again he still lives in this area and there is a natural inclination for

I also know that Jennifer Petit's family seem to feel quite differently about the Police Bungling, as I must admit I would  -and do even as a non family member. From the start it became quite clear that certain members of  the Cheshire Police Department really failed the Petit family and all of us by their poor handling of these crimes.

In effect the decision makers at the Cheshire PD wound up inadvertently or not aiding and abeting Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes in the sexual assault ad murder or Jennifer Petit and her two daughters, charitable people who were loved by so many,

The thrust of this Post is about fixing what is broken and time is of the essence - lives hang in the balance here;Training and indeed de-programming, such as is done for members of cult,  will be essential for many Police departments in this State. The deprogramming is necessary because the poisonous apath, sexism and prejudice is already been plated in many police cadets and long standing officers who have slowly been sliding backwards to pre-Torrington old habits.

Many Connecticut Courts dare I say most, are equally or more culpable; in fact the 97 percent  plea bargain mode of " processing" resulting in dropped charges and little to no prison time(suspended sentences are quite common. Felonios assaults becoming misdemeanors  are also the norm for  broken bones, choked necks battered brains and faces - simply because the men who dominate the court systems have their own chauvinistic attitudes along with the usual apathy cynicism cronyisim and yes, favor swapping from prosecutors who will get their paychecks at the end othe end of the week without having the burden of preparing for a trial ( including but certainly not exclusive to Connecticuts lengthy voire dire process, the male dominated district attorneys offices do not encourage trials for so called domestic violence because from where I sit as a whole they simply do not care enough and their higher ups suffer from the very same lack of interest.

This dangerous attitude has slowly crept into more courts and has managed to discourage many a well meaning new victim's advocate who finds out quickly that her so called advocacy is a sham; she or he is impotent in actually affecting any outcome or even swaying these prosecutors whose minds are often made up after one or two chats with the ' defendents" ie batterer stalker etc. Lawyer.

And more grant monies for so called specialized Domestic Violence Dockets are wasted/ Monies that could be used to truly impart change retraining and policing the court's with outside agencies that have actual lawyers who don't belong to the same bar and "don't play ball".  .

This Post began over a recent piece of hidden information that might help explain the inertia of a Police department that allowed three people to be murdered as they stood behind trees outside the home where rape was occurring and death was being prepared for.
It has seguayed into issues of misogyny within Police departments and Connecticut's many issues with its court's procedures" for crimes against women
 Our State's Police departments and Criminal Court houses are comprised of human beings, individuals make up entities and agencies.too often citizens come to think of a Court or a parole board as an entity- and if its broken

Broken or even ailing systems will never self - repair, nor will one right minded person survive much less fix anything in such contaminated systems.  

Typically when things become this broken down, a team of completely objective hands - on experts who have no connection to the " rotten apple" must be sequestered carefully from an outside source that is pure, meaning they have no agenda other than to decide whether repairing is possible and who to let go in order to rebuild.

However People have to care enough to petition the corrupt system. Evil exists when good men do nothing is a mantra for me( quote by Voltaire) I have Lived long enough to see that while there are a lot of good kind well meaning people in this world, when it comes to fighting or more aptly, changing what are seen as authority based bureaucracies, such as police departments, Parole boards, Courts,  judicial systems, most folks reflexively thrown thier hands up in an impotence fueled, its all too messed up and what can I do about it anyway?

As someone born with a natural disdain for injustice of any kind whether it be involving human beings animals any living creature I have fought against the unjust and corrupt for many years now.
 I have seen enough to know that caring is not enough action including using our voting rights to weed out the clearly corrupt and professional politicians .

must be taken and the first step is a banding together of like minded people and  correct courageous and dedicated people must take the leap of courage and effort to care.