Aug 25, 2013

Arias Case: New Juror's twitter accounts will be monitered!

Yet another bizarre effect that the tech- age is having on the criminal judicial system.
Chasing Justice will give you updates on the upcoming second sentencing trial of Jodi Arias, convicted murderess of Travis Alexander.

As most of you know Arias was convicted of the brutal murder of her ex boyfriend last year , but the Jury became hung" during the sentencing phase, the portion of the trial where the sentence is decided amongst the jurors. The case was clearly pre-meditated, in fact some of I was caught on camera as Arias accidently took some photos whilst holding Travis's camera with one hand and dragging his bloodied body into the shower.

Police later retrieved the camera and the memory card with a plethora of photos intact after arias  tried to put the camera through her victims washing Machine.

According to Arizona law when a Jury becomes deadlocked on a convicted persons sentence, a mini mistrial of sorts is declared on the Sentencing portion only, thankfully sparing everyone involved the pain and expense of an entire new trial which is the case in many other States.

Arias's trial was lengthy and her defense carried on quite a show trying to depict her as a battered woman who " snapped" .

This theory was largely debunked by Arias's own words in Television interviews as well as mountains of evidence supporting pre meditated murder provoked by jealous rage. She and Travis Alexander had dated a short time, but the relationship was extremely volatile and several incidents of Arias stalking Travis after he had begun dating another woman were related to the Police and the Jury during thetrial.

The stalking evolved into destructive law breaking such as slashing her ex beau's tires on two spearte occasions. Despite the obvious instability of Ms. Arias Travis Alexander made the same mistake many women who are involved with predators do; he continued and on again off again sexual relationship which ultimately was his undoing.
After an afternoon of sexual romping Jodi Arias began snapping photos of Travis taking a shower, the photos were retrieved from the washer days later when Alexanders friends found his body stuffed nto his shower stall.
He had been stabbed almost 20 times was shot in the face and his throat was cut from ear to ear from behind.

Arias originally denied being anywhere near Travs's home on the day of the murder eventually admitting she was there once confronted with the photographic and DNA evidence.

Naturally she now claimed it was self defense although could not explain the furious overkill of 20 stab wounds a gunshot to the head and the horrific throat slashing.

The nation has its eyes trained upon The Jodi Arias Trial it was one of the most highly covered cases in the past 15 years. Arias was and is clearly a sociopath as well as a borderline Personality disorder.

While society is used to seeing these disorders in male murderers, unfortunately especially for Travis alexander, it is not largely understood that these oft times violent personality disorders also affect woman, who can be as dangerous or perhaps more so especially when they are attractive and or have a demure affectation. And the word affectation is key here; Sociopaths and other serious Personality disordered persons are expert manipulators; they can be charming persuasive and more often than not articulate and intelligent. This is what makes them so dangerous; people do not want to believe that they are capable of acts of brutal violence and the consequential cover-up of such acts.

Twitter Accounts of New Jurors in Arias Case will be monitored