Aug 17, 2012

The Campus SaVE Act: A Critical Step to Ending Violence Against Women

"In an effort to protect their reputations, some schools neglect to properly report incidences of violence. This Act would aim to add additional protections for women by requiring schools to implement a recording process for incidences of dating violence as well as report the findings. In addition, schools would be required to create plans to prevent this violence and educate victims on their rights and resources so women would be better able to address their abuse. I applaud my colleague, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, for her leadership on this issue.

The newly proposed SaVE act is the most essential of all of the enhancements written into the Senate's  proposed VAWA bill.  While there are of course many new provisions incorporated into this years VAWA bill, the SaVE act is has the most potential for saving lives, and reducing violent encounters9 for young women . In addition SaVE helps deconstruct the deadly 'we dont talk about these things openly... ' 

A good deal of the self esteem issues that contribute to a girls vulnerability in wind up in  anabusive relationship, begin to manifest themselves in high school and or college. College women are particularly at risk: most are away from home, separated from parents aunts uncles and other adults might intervene when witnessing the symptoms of a controlling  abusive relationship, before serious violence occurs.

The SaV E act is a no brainer, the bottom line it will save many many lives through its practical applications as well by changing the secrecy that often surrounds abusive relationships and date rape. Had this act been in effect 4 years ago, Yeardley Love might still be alive, as there were multiple incidents of witnessed violence  by her ex boyfriend and murderer George Huegely: One of these episodes involved huegley choking Yeardly at a party, a gaggle of lacrosse players had to intervene prying huegely off  love.

Amazingly, not one person at the party reported the incident.

Under thr new "SaVe act, reporting of any incidents of violence would be mandatory.


The Campus SaVE Act: A Critical Step to Ending Violence Against Women