Aug 27, 2012

Peterson lawyers mount defense at murder trial - SFGate

I don't know if I can endure another week of looking at wife murderer Drew Peterson.

His demeanor since his arrest is the most telling evidence pointing to Peterson's guilt. The man stands accused of murdering his second wife Kathleen Salvo after an investigation into her "accidental death"
was prompted by the highly suspicious disappearance of his next wife, Stacy Peterson. And yet this man has exuded a swagger and atypical arrogance of a sociopath. There is not a trace of an innocent man's behavior IE concern; be it over his own predicament nor an appropriate somberness surrounding the death of a  woman he had been married to for years,and had children with.

Mr Peterson, like many psychopaths, doesn't even bother with appearances. So self-assured is he, that he will beat the rap, After all authorities were never able to charge him in what was clearly the murder of  his most recent wife, Stacy Petersom. The Bollingbrook PD either knew he killed his Mrs Salvo and some of the Police dept  were either complicit, in turning the other way at the scene of the "accident": ie a 40 year old woman is found dead in a dry bathtub with a gash on her head and it was declared an accidental death?

Thus the ease in which Peterson discovered he could take a life, aided and abetted by the fact that he was a police officer, the "successful"murder of his salvo emboldened Peterson gave him a sense of invincibility much like a serial murderer feels after he has gotten away with the first murder or sexual assault. ,Many have been interviewed over the years, thier minds picked apart thier psyches poked and prodded and psychiatrists detectives writers alike have all related the fact that serial killers expressed an almost shock and then glee once realizing that they " got away with"thier first murder and fear of being caught dissipated shortly afterwards. They often become more brazen with each murder or sexual asault thereafter and become compacent about covering up thier tracks so to speak.

Peterson lawyers mount defense at murder trial - SFGate