Sep 20, 2011

Komisarjevsky Trial: Tense Events Detailed As Second Petit Home Invasion Case Begins

As disgraceful as it was for Joshua Komisarjevsky's lead attorney to begin his capital murder trial with attacks upon the surviving victim and his family, I believe that it will ultimately only serve the prosecution and therefore, Justice.

What we saw today were Lawyers, not attorneys who, in an attempt to "win", are willing to do or say anything, including trying to vilify that which cannot be vilified.

It actually hearkens back to the way that rape victims were once so regularly attacked by defense attorneys for the rapist, that only a small courageous percentagee ever reported being raped to Police, so well known was this ugly phenomenon. When the sexual assault was so aggravated and violent that the victim required hospitalization, she rarely stayed around to testify.  How many serial killers that began as rapists were so emboldened by the ease in which they escaped arrest or detection, largely due to this well known despicable courtroom tactic?

If this is what these attorneys wish their legacy to be, then so be it. I feel pity for their female relatives, daughters, granddaughters, wives, nieces  Not only is what they are doing adding insult to terrible injury, but   it is also an utterly flawed defense. It actually doesn't even qualify as a defense.

Thus afternoon, Jeremiah Donovan verbally assailed the Petit's and their extended family members for wearing, of all things, small pins depicting three Doves - one Dove larger than the other two has one large wing open, encompassing them.
The pins are modest in size, tasteful and should be no threat to Attorney Donovan nor the Komisarjevsky Defense. In fact they aren't. If Donovan and Company truly felt that they were, he would not continuously bring the the Jury's, attention to these pins. He is being what is commonly referred to as a harpy.

In his opening statement, Donovan  made a pointed, negative reference to the Petit family, referring to them and their extended  family's  as " The Petit Posse" . The irony is not lost on many people in attendence; A less Posse-like family could not be found ; This family, with grief still deeply etched all over their faces. wearing small pins that are symbols of the spirits of their loved ones, each one murdered, targeted by defendent Joshua Komisarjevsky. He spotted the attractive girls as they shopped at an area supermarket; he stalked them he followed them home,driving from a distance he spied the layout of their house, searching for easy or convenient entry points.

Then he called his burly recent B and E accomplice, Steven Hayes. Komisarjevsky excitedly described the attractive blond young looking mother who he thought that Steven Hayes would like He himself liked the way the younger Petit girl looked.

Michaela was eleven.

This is why Jeremiah Donovan focuses on Dove pins.
The entire Komisarjevsky defense, spear headed by Donovan, has spent the better part of the year filing for the most part - petty vapid motions, such as the motion to ban anyone from wearing the Petit family foundation pins to court. Judge Blue denied that motion as any sane Judge would .
 Attorney Donovan appears to share a narcissistic nature with his client, he has demonstrated time and again what appears an ego based need for attention. Thus far he has garnered this attention via broken gag orders, petty verbal attacks, and motions with no teeth designed to distract and clog up the process.

It is not as if this is all a complete surprise.

In a recent article in the New York Times, one of  attorney Donovan's former colleagues noted that "Jerry is in this for the challenge, he loves a challenge."

What is clear is that attorney Donovan has obviously connected with Joshua Komisarjevsky on more than one level, a textbook sociopath with severe narcissistic traits. A man who openly shared with his friends, acquaintances, even Police, that he only enjoyed breaking into houses when people were in them.
He explained that  otherwise" he found his breaking and entering exploits, too boring".

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