Sep 20, 2011

Lead attorney for Petit Murderer; best defense is an offense?

Day two of the Komisarjevsky trial and attorney Jeremiah Donovan continues to try to draw attention to himself through whatever means possible.

For the second day in a row, Donovan harped about the small heart-shaped pins that the Petit family were wearing to court. The pins depict three doves which form a heart shape, they are the official logo of The Petit Family Foundation a Local charity formed to honor the spirit of activism and kindness embraced by Jennifer Petit and her two daughters.

Then there was the extraordinary rudeness that Donovan exhibited during his cross of victim and survivor, William Petit Jr. He carried on what could have, and indeed should have, been a respectful line of questioning with what appeared a prosecutorial zeal that contrasted obscenely with Petit's clearly still grief stricken countenance and carriage.

The Attorney used sarcastic snipes and tried to bait Dr Petit, a man who not only lost his wife and children to terrible violence, but also sustained  permanent life altering injuries at the hands of Donovan's client, a man who has repeatedly admitted to committing the very first acts of violence in the early morning hours of July 23 2007.  Despite this fact, a constant refrain of his defense including Donovan himself, is that
 "no-one was supposed to get hurt"

Dr. Petit appeared somber but undeterred he answered Donovan's rapid fire questioning with aplomb, raw grief clear upon his face, he refused to be drawn in by Donovan's ugly tactics.

In the meantime... Donovan's client Joshua Komisarjevsky, appeared relaxed and disaffected, wearing a suit and tie and donning a fresh new haircut, posed quite a contrast to the evidenciary photos of the black Jeans and dark hoodie, that Police say the fleeeing komisarjevsky was wearing when arrested, along with 2 pair of latex gloves and a pair of workman's gloves. We also saw photos of the wooden baseball bat that Komisarjevsky used as he struck  the slumbering and helpless William Petit  "about 8-10 times, as hard as I could, as if chopping wood". 

( quote from Komisarjevsky during an interview with writer Brian MacDonald )


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