Sep 22, 2011

Disturbing information regarding Komisarjevsky's assault of Michael Petit heard on taped Police Statement

No wonder, Komisarjevsky lawyers fought so hard to keep their clients statements to the Cheshire Police out of this trial:  In todays testimony,  taped  statements of Komisarjevsky speaking to to Police detective about the crimes were played for the Jury; There were new disturbing admissions regarding Komisarjevsky's sexual assault of 11 year old Michaela Petit, as well as an overall flat, detached affect that left the listener with a much clearer picture of this man's true nature.

Attorney Donovan tried unsuccessfuly to ban the statements, and the tape from evidence in pre-trial motions to no avail. The Judge found no valid legal criteria for disallowinging Komisarjevsky's statements.

 It should be noted that Komisarjevsky had a history of being very chatty with Police about his previous crimes when arrested, almost all those charges were for breaking and entering, robbery larceny.
He almost seemed as if he wanted to boast to policr about some of the finer details of those prior break-ins.

The taped statements had komisrajevsky pointing the finger at his accomplice Hayes for escalating the crimes to murder citing that noone was supposed to get hurt, despite the fact that he admitted to drawing the first blood as it were by breaking in thru a broken bjulkhead lock and tiptoing up the steps to the sunroom where hed already spotted William Petit sleeping from outsdie the home with Hayes. He'd instructed Hayes to wait for him to let him in via a door to the house. Komisarjevsky had grabbed a baseball bat from the basement and stood over the sleepinvg Petit for a minute before beginning to club him over the head approximately 10 times despite massive blood spray (petit was on a blood thinner coumadin for prophalytic reasons) and claimed he just wanted him to shut up and stop yelling. In his quotes to

But the facts are that it was Komisrajevsky who had the most to worry about insofar as DNA, particularly at that point especialy, first he had beaten Dr Petit over the head with a bat and there was a great deal of blood spray. he had quietly molesting Michaela on and off from the early morning hours, taking cell phone photos of her semi nude, when Hayes left the house under Komisarjevsky's direction, to purchase containers of gasoline at a gas station two towns away.

This was likely an attempt to cover tracks because after the murders police would canvasss all local gas station video tapes, looking for a suspect who bought gasoline in containers. In fact Hayes got lost three times on his way back to the Petit home, and cell phone records showed that  komisarjevsky who lived in Chesire his whole life, had to give Hayes directions back to the house.

I believe that it was no cooincidence that Komisrajevsky sent Hayes out for the Gasoline,  Hayes was the fall guy for the much shrewder komisarjevsky. He sent Hayes to do all of the dirty work that would keep hayes's face out in the public and his own well known face out hidden. It was Hayes on the Gas station video tape filling up the contianers. It was Hayes on the video, putting gas into the Petit video.

Komisarjevsky sent Hayes out to the bank with Mrs Petit to procure the money, knowing that if Petit di drop the dime on them, hayes would be the person nabbed immediately giving Komisarjevsky time to escape. Also having Mrs Petit out of the house gave komisrajevsky the opportunity to do what he really beeen waiting for a full sexual assault of Michaela Petit, which he'd refrained from as long as her mother was  within earshot, he needed Jennifer Petit to trust him and he needed her compliance; raping her daughter would have certainly cost ghim both. This is what makes komisarjevsky so much more evil then Hayes; he manipulated and orchestrated the entire situation to his benifit and everyone involved including his own "partner"

While Hayes was at the bank with Mrs Petit Komisarjevsky also took one single cell phone photo of what is believed a sexual photograph of Hayely Petit, (the photo taking required him to remove her shorts and re-tie her legs (which had been tied according to her and hayes) both before and aftre the photo. That photo we learned within the Hayes trial was time stamped just after Hayes and Mrs. Petit left the house for the bank.
 It appears that komisatjevsky ran like a bat out of hell through the Petit house, molesting Hayely in order to create a trophy for himself and continuing on to sexually assault Michaela Petit then made her shower in order to try to get rid of as much of his DNA as he could. In the Hyes trial a forenisc scientist mentioned that Michala;'s body had semen in her rectum, at which point the Petit family and many other people became visibly and audibly extremely upset. We all knew that Michale had been komisarjevsky's target all along. He admmtted such to various people directly and inadvertantly. His photo of Hayely was an oppportunistic act and likely he was also trying to deman her and show her who was in charge"  This as he'd made several references to Hayelys refusal to submit to he or Hayes and that she remained defiant throughout the entire ordeal. This likely threatened komisarjevsky but also made him angry; it is also why he never really saw Hayely as an object for his sexual desires, nor did Hayes likely. Hayely Petit was a strong confident intelligent young women. All of these qualities were threatening to men who desired to rape

This is why he likely made any admissions at all to police about preforming Oral sex on Michaela; There is a
 is a reason for everything this seasoned predator admited to I was convinced that he had fully sexually assaulted Michaela but when we found out last year that shed been sodomized I was taken aback as if slapped and I actually cried for hours. I should have seen it coming as rape is reall about power and control, not sex and this was komisarjevsky exersizing his complete power over an 11 year old tied up girl who he'd lulled into a false sense of security---just as he did her mother....just as he is trying to do with the ury.
HOwever we unlike the jury perhaps know certain things such as the overall picture of komisarjevsky's many conflicting admisssions. From his letters and interviews with writer Brain Macodnald to his prison Journals" to his statements to Police which thank god are taped so that all appreciate the obvious conflict between his tone, his obvious detachment and lack of conscience over the end result of his home invasion gone "terribly wrong" ) and the words he is saying. As well as the second hand information that we have been spoon fed by komisarjevsky's rabid lawyers who seem to grow more despearet with every passing day in court.

Jerimiah Donovan komisarjevsky's lead attorney held an impromptu press conference last year literally upon the steps of steven Hayes trial,  the media hordes were gathered en masse, and in absolute violation of Judge Fsanos Gag order placed on the details of the case 2 years earlier, with a soft spoken humble sounding affect, reminiscent of his clients drama training, Donovan proceeded to addresss forenisci evidence regarding the sexual assault of little 11 year old Michalea Petit evidence that had just been presented that very afternoon which the media the jury and the Petit family were all still reeling from.

Mr Donovan was using the media gathering to basically lie using a transparent excuse that he had little choice re the platform because the Petit family had shut he and his other defense attorneys out, and asked the court to keep them away from them. So using this reason this seasoned public defender and prosecutor for many years, decided to completely break a long standing gag on the case, which was put in place to protect his client presumably, in order to get a fiar trial without all of the details of the case becoming oublic knowledge prior to the trial.   Well Donovan et all decided after hearing the forenisic evidencve presnted re Michaleas sexual assault that thyey needed to run damage control and fast. They couldnt have komisarjebvskys potentia;l jury pool taimnted walking around believing that he socomized an 11 year old child.
It was a vulgar display of lawyers manipulation at it's absolute worst. Unprofesional and despuicable. The whole reason that telivison cameras were not allowed int he courtroom was because among the charges was sexual assaults of minors. This attorney decided he'd throw michaela Petits rights out the window her familys rights as well and violate a gag order which should have led to his being held in contempt of court immediately and sentenced to at least several days in jail.

If the state puilled a stunt like that one could only imagine pugnacious Donovans reaction to it both verbally as well as through his now infamous -and thus ridiculous deluge of empty legal motions.

didnt count on my demons getting the better of me" he wrote in one of his jailhouse journals" that were really ramblings designed either to be read by writer Macdonald or startegically placed "diaries to be confiscated by prison officials and poured over by the state.

 disturbing "admissions" regarding his sexual abuse of eleven year old Michaela Petit,  one episode of several,  committed sometime before pouring gas on her and her bed covers and setting her afire, tied to her bed in an obvious effort to destroy any DNA left on, or near her body. One hair, one clothing fiber  

Komisarjevsky made this statements to Police willingly, after he  had been taken intocustody, caught fleeing the  murder scene, driving the very same Petit family mini van that Michaela Hayely and Jennifer were driving when he first targeted and stalked the women at an area supermarket. He then followed them back to thier home from a distance in his fathers truck.

I have always assumed that the public was only aware of a fraction of the actual criminal activity that occurred at the Petit's home on July 23rd 2007, even after the trial of Steven Hayes; We were dealing with two extremely self serving personality-disordered predators, who although, ay some point clicked with eachother, it was undoubtedly a connection of the  base kind: shared criminal/predatory fantasies or perhaps even boasting regarding past sexual crimes that one or both men had yet to even be convicted  or arrested for.

 It  wouldn't be the first time that a career felon like either of these men, had not been caught for scads of other crimes theyd committed - crimes like child abduction, sexual assault, felony assault or murder.
Case in point, Joseph Duncan, who, when first arrested for the Groene family murders and the dissapearence of Dylan Groene, was scoffed at by a detective familiar with his most recent arrest- for an attempted child fondling in a playground.

A pundit at the time was adamant that there was no way that Duncan committed these heinous murders, certainly not by himself; he was a child molester the lowest kind of criminal on the food chain"
A groper, an exhibitionist -yes, but killing an entire family bludgeuning them with a hammer, then kidnapping the two youngest  by himself, taking them over state lines deep into the mountains of Montana, where it turned out he sexually abused both children for weeks and eventually shot little Dylan Groene in the stomach with a shotgun, for no apparent reason, other than to quench his sadistic need for power over those smaller and weaker than he. Then, in front of his beloved sister, while the boy begged for his life, Duncan shot him again in the head with a pistol.

Shasta was rescued a week later when a waitress spotted the girl with Duncan at a Denny's restaurant at 2 am in the morning just outside Cour de lene the town shed lived in and was abducted from. Police found addressed on Duncans GPS all of which had small children living in them. He told Shasta he was going to
kidnapp dozens of children and kill them all like he did her brother.

The scariest part of all of this is that it turned out that this man had only a conviction record for sexual assault which he'd committed 25 years prior when he was just 17. He had kidnapped younger boy tied him up sexually assaulted and tortured him at gunpoint.  had actually committed at least 6  child rapes and murders all while he was on Parole, according to him. Police have since tied him to the murder of Anthony Martinez in California thanks in part to a blogger named Steve Huff, and a partial thumbprint later found on some duct tape used to bind poor little Anthony. He also shared detailed information about other child abductions and murders he committed with the now lone 8 year old Shasta -she was an excellent witness reiterating

I turn to Hayes and the fact that he had a history of only frequenting prostitutes for his "needs" and this shows me a man with serious issues with women, including but not limited to objectifying them. He had a long criminal history that did include assault as well as some weapons charges, these charges were dropped in several of his many many "plea deals," whereupon a criminal pleads guilty in exchange for generally a lowering of the severity of the criminal charges and the corresponding severity of the prison sentence.

This public safety shortcut is designed to save money, clear the docket and grant the presiding prosecutor a conviction...of some sort anyway, albeit one that does not reflect the severity of the crimes actually committed thereby leaving a dangerous man with a criminal record that has no official notation of history of violence and or willingness to use weapons when available.

In komisarjevsky's case, his history with the female gender was even more ominous, and starting at a very young age-another very bad sign. According to a Cheshire police detective komisarjevsky harassed and stalked and literally a young local girl whom he developed a sexual interest in his later teenage years. According to the detective komisarjevsky literally made this poor girl miserable by such things as climbing up trees in her yard or across the street in order to spy her with binoculars. Despite warnings from the girls parents his parents and police,Komisrajevsky was not daunted, and it wasn't until he found a new target that he finally left the girl alone.

The girls, including the mother of his child, were always much younger  a sign of emotional immaturity and an unwillingness to become involved with an equal- a woman of his own age was too much of a threat to komisarjevsky who in classic pedophilia style would rather play the older bad boy to emotionally underdeveloped girls who were already at least 6-10 years younger than him and likely had self esteem issues as well. Many Predators and abusers would seem have a built in antenna for women/girls who have submissive qualities as opposed to their age appropriate peers, as well as those who suffer from confidence and self-esteem problems; these are the girls who make the best " targets" or "victims" .

Joshua Komisarjevsky skipped this and simply went right for the girls just exiting puberty, such as girlfriend Carolyn Meisal the sister of another younger girl he dated whom he met while the pair visited in prison of all things. It Mas this girl for whom Komisarjevsky supposedly bitterly pined for and vowed that he would do anything to bring her back to Connecticut after her parents wisely moved her far away from the likes of komisarjevsky, to the state of Arkansas, this whilst he was on his last leg of a severely shortened sentence c/o a parole board that made all of its parole decisions without  any actual interaction with the inmate who was "up for parole"

This was called administrative parole and is as irresponsible as it is reckless.. It is even more reckless when added to the fact that none of the parole board members responsible for makings these ;life and death decisions every week, made them without the benefit of the particular inmates up for parole, criminal history files. They were lucky if they got a recent arrest report according to one parole officer at that time.
This issue was supposedly just coming to a head at exactly the time that komisarjevsky and Hayes were paroled, according to head prosecutor for the state Kevin Kane, who was trying to fix the dangerous issue which was actually being caused by conflicts over what department would pay for the copies of the would be parolees criminal history files, and who would put this information together for that matter?
 Also an obstacle was that much of the parolees criminal history/prison information that was crucial to the parole board decisions. was not computerized and was manuallyy filed away in Meriden shortly after a criminal case was "resolved" This meant that certain pieces of that parolees files would have to be pulled from a huge warehouse of paperwork.  Kevin Kane was in the middle of this crisis when the Petit murders occurred

Komisarjevsky was in his teens and already getting in trouble with the law. He set an abandoned gas station on fire at the age of 14--fire setting is part of a triad of symptoms for Conduct disorder and Defiant disorder, both of which are age appropriate pre-cursors to full blown Sociopathology, once known as psychopaths.
The most prevalent quality in the sociopath is deception,  manipulating and a chronic disregard for rules and the rights of others. They can also be very articulate and charming when need be, and they can feign humility quite easily as komisarjevsky did at his sentencing hearing for his last string of break ins. Luckily the judge presiding didn't fall for it,despite his parents as usual in court supporting him, looking for all the world like props, holding his newborn infant child who he'd impregnated his then 15 year old ex gal pal with - he was 23 at that time.

The Judge was well seasoned and world-wise to Komisarjevskys type ; Sadly these honed manipulative qualities are what undoubtedly fooled Jennifer Petit. I recall Dr Petit saying that the man who did all the talking, the one who had struck him in the head with the bat, had ised a soothing and reassuring tone earlier saying we just want some money...until he heard thumps and moaning coming from above him in the cellar where he lay tied to a pole.

After he yelled up the steps hey!"  That voice now sounding totally different and sinister Petit recalled shouted back at him don't worry it ll all be over soon!" 

It is a fitting irony that Joshua komisarjevsky's  cruel sadistic words designed to frighten and taunt , this while his wife was being murdered no less---that is how "shocked" he was over Hayes strangling Mrs Petit as he tried to later claim to Police. These are the things that need to be focused upon,

I recall reading somewhere in the book or his " journals" (another manipulation) Komisarjevsky's summation of these horrid crimes.

 'So I hit a guy with a bat, I emotionally scarred a young girl" and I stole some money"
The only thing missing were the words "Big deal!"  I remember my instinctual rage upon reading those lines a man, with all that time to think about what he had set into motion, by targeting Mrs Petit and her daughters that fateful night at Stop and Shop, came up with that facile interpretation. .

" No one was supposed to get hurt" he claims and yet he brought instruments of bondage ie zip-ties rope 9 mm lookalike pellet gun. And he alone drew the first blood that evening. And it  was overkill it very nearly took a life within 3 minutes of entering a sleeping mans domicile.

We can see the farce in ignoring the glaring truth, Joshua komisarjevsky alone hand picked this family because He  " liked the way the younger Petit girl looked"

Her Name was Michaela, she was 11 years old.

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