Aug 28, 2011

Judge Blue Denies Komisarjevsky motion to Suppress confessional statements made to Police after Arrest.

Michaela Petit
Judge Blue has formally denied Joshua Komisarjevsky's motion to suppress all statements that he made to the Cheshire Police, following his arrest  fleeing the Petit murder scene. 

Komisarjevsky waived his rights to remain silent that day, as he has done many times throughout his extensive criminal past - a past that included arrests for at over forty felony's prior to the Petit murders. His past crimes ranged from arson ( he set fire to an abandoned gas station as a juvenile) to multiple breaking and entering, where he went so far as to use night vision goggles in order to stalk his victims and the layouts of their homes.
I've stopped linking to, nor describing in detailed terms, the never ending motions cranked out by the Komisarjevsky defense team, for the following reason;

Few of the motions are genuine. 

It has become increasingly apparent that many of these "motions" are simply maneuvers to get around the gag order on this case, in an attempt to air this sociopath's latest connivance's via the media.

The media, including the Internet and blogosphere, have been reporting on the basics of every motion filed on this high profile case, and as such, the defense has used this as a platform to publicize whatever they re selling that week as the "truth"

 I will continue to report and link to the presiding Judges rulings and decisions regarding the defense's motions, as long as the ruling does not contain too much verbiage of the defense's original "motion" Attorney's Donovan and Bansley motions are largely comprised of admitted murderer, Joshua Komisarjevsky's latest whining, manipulations and attempts to distort the truth,

The truth is this:

On July 22 2007 Joshua Komisarjevsky targeted the Petit  family of Cheshire Connecticut for a home invasion, motivated by sexual assault and if he was lucky, robbery. He knew he needed a second man in order to bring an entire household under control, thus he solicited burly Steven Hayes as his muscle, using Jennifer Petit's attractiveness as a lure.

As such, if not for Komisarjevsky,  Michaela, Hayley and Jennifer Petit would be alive today, and William Petit would not have been beaten over the head with a baseball bat sustaining traumatic brain injury, severe blood loss and shock. He also would not be living with the emotional devastation caused by losing his entire family, their home and uultimately, his career as a superb healer. (he was a practicing Doctor of endocrinology prior to the murders,but has not returned to practice since)

Komisarjevsky in effect hand picked his victims, following them back to their home over a mile from a supermarket parking lot where mother and daughter were shopping for what was to be their last dinner.
 He has admitted attraction to Michaela Petit who was only 11 years old at the time of her sexual assault and murder.

He staked out the Petit home for break in potential. And he immediately called in a burly friend in crime (whom he had begun teaching the ropes of home robberies to) luring him in by describing the attractive Mrs Petit, who he knew to be Steven Hayes approximate age and a woman that he would be attracted by the idea of and thus help fulfill his master plan of a full out home invasion, kidnapping and rapes, in this case with a girl who just entered puberty early at eleven.

The same little  girl he took nude and semi nude cellphone photos of after tying her to her bed amidst her stuffed toys.

The same little girl he forced to shower after raping to try to rid her body of  his DNA.  Fortunately, the fire the men set died out upstairs as it became oxygen deprived in the top level where the girls bedrooms were and where they died Michaela still tied with her hands above her head, her body had been sprayed with gasoline whiles still alive, but much less so than her sister as the men had almost used it all up on Mrs Petits now deceased body strangled by Hayes, purportedly ordered by Komisarjevsky who wasn't certain if shed tipped off police and wasn't taking chances if the cops moved in after her trip to the bank with Hayes.

I will never get it out of my mind the moment that these thugs turned on Jennifer Petit who had given them everything they'd asked for and her trusting nature believed that they would do as they'd promised. This wasn't the case as we all know, and as she likely walked back into her home praying the men just leave with the money, they both turned on her tying her down including her throat, with Hayes raping her, as I believe either komisarjevsky the one calling the shots, had held him back from raping her, because he needed her compliance up until the point that she withdrew the 15000,00 for her family's safety.If she were made privy to the brutality ie via rape by one of these men, she would have bolted at the bank.

As such this was far more sinister than a plain old robbery, or even rape and I felt this from the moment I heard certain details about the crimes, prior to the gag order being imposed.