Jun 12, 2011

Komisarjevsky Trial To Continue As Planned

We've got all necessary Jurors and the trial is going to  continue on schedule, thank God.  The Komisarjevsky defense "team" has literally tried every sleazy trick in the book, with absolutely no conscience, in order to stall the inevitable: Justice for the assaults and murders of Michaela, Hayley and JJennifer Petit. And lest anyone forget the near fatal baseball bat assault upon William Petit jr.head and brain, from which he certainly still suffers from daily.

They've petitioned the appellate and supreme courts, when they've gotten nowhere with Judge Blue, they've buried the prosecution and the judge, in a veritable snowstorm of paperwork for the dual purposes of
encouraging a white flag plea bargain from what they invision as the beleagured prosecution and Petit families, and if nothing else stall stall and stall some more.   All of this is of course a glaring abuse of the system, as well the bit of power that they have as officers of the court.

I've personally read nearly every single motion that these lawyers so eloquently comprised (with help from their team of minions)they are all show no go--not one issue that they broach and meander endlessly about is viable; legally, judiciously or ethically-Athough I think by now, the latter has become a non- issue, as the moral turpitude that is the Joshua Komisarjevsky's defense has been thus recognized from quite early in the process and certainly by now the people of the state and other caring onlookers,know what were dealing with.