Jun 30, 2011

Casey Anthony's defense expected to rest case

My prayer for Caylee:

May this  despicable shameless media frenzy surrounding this beautiful two year old child''s murder end with haste..

Let these jury members see the truth, as it is so very clear -  to me and millions of others across the globe.
There is no "mystery"

Casey Anthony, acting alone, murdered, with pre-meditated aforethought and malice, her own innocent child. Her motivation, while is not necessary in determining that she is in fact guilty as hell, in my opinion was all about

 a) Casey Anthony obtaining freedom from motherhood becoming unencumbered by the responsibilities and constraints of a small child, heightened by the fact that her life revolved around such free wheeling behaviors as bar hopping, bed hopping, and other vapid and selfish pursuits.

I  believe that Casey Anthony is one of the more sinister and manipulative sociopaths that I have encountered throughout my years studying criminals that kill and or maim - and Ive seen a bunch.

Female sociopaths are not all too common, and when they do crop up within our society,  generally speaking they do not typically kill, although their manipulations deceptions and tendency to break laws and run roughshod over the rights of others, can be extremely destructive.  But while they may not kill as frequently as their sociopath male counterparts, when they do-they often get lighter sentences, or even wind up in mental facilities rather than the prisons that they clearly belong in.

Part of this may be our societal tendency, as is illustrated well by the judge presiding over the case refusing to emotionally compute the notion of a somewhat attractive and diminutive, young woman  from a respectable middle class upbringing, killing someone, much less her own child.

Tragically, this is a classic mistake that like so many, others in our society, erroneously believe; our courts systems, including otherwise intelligent judges attorneys sheriffs, prison guards you name it and an attractive young woman need only be a halfway decent sociopath, and seductress and she's going to receive special treatment both in and out of prison as well often will not receive the same verdict or sentences as a male who is accused of the same crimes with the very same facts within that case.

Our society seems to insist upon learning about violent crime and look ism, the hard way (remember Ted Bondy and or  Karla Homolka ( ie of the infamous Ken and Barbie rapist and murdering married tag team from Canada during the 90's?)

Tragically, this societal and judicial ignorance always, always, costs the innocent their lives. and the victims of crime their 'justice..

From early on in this case I noticed a distinctive red flag; an unnatural sibling-like rivalry that Casey Anthony seemed to have with her own child regarding her parents natural concern and deep love for their granddaughter little Caylee.  Their love was within normal parameters, there was nothing sinister about it nor suspect, I say this lest anyone out there reflexively thinks that Casey's jealousy of her own child was based in reality.
As a woman with a personality disorder Casey clearly resented the fact that her parents doted on her very own child, and saw this as competition and resented it. She wanted to be the eternal child. Rather than see Caylee as an extension of herself and thus, her parents love and concern when Caylee"went missing" ,
which was a healthy and indeed in this case they were so steeped in denial about Casey that it took the elder Anthony's who had divisiveness between themselves also, too long in my opinion to finally put their foot down and say ok where the hell is this child -- we are calling the Police in NOW.(It took a month of vague lies about non existent nanny's and then Casey's car smelling of a dead body before they finally were jointly willing to officially involve the authorities.

However, as an obvious narcissist and sociopath Casey Anthony saw her own daughter, as competition for her parents love and attention, as well equally seeing poor little Caylee as an object, a plaything, that she was tied of now jealous of and was getting more and more" in her way"  Caylee impeded Caseys lifestyle and the things that she wished to do when She wanted to do them; this does not go over well with a double narcissist/sociopath, never mind that she had Caylee at such a young age and was for all intents and purposes and single mother.  Add to the mix, an pre-existing  resentment for her parents because they were authority figures, whom Casey viewed as the ever critical enemy also constantly in her way"....the rest is very easy to figure out.
Casey had a lot of friction-with her parents that was clear, as was the fact that it was 99% of her own making as is the case with teens who have "oppositional-defiant disorder" which usually evolves into full blown anti-social personality disorder or Sociopath/psychopath as most people know it. There are a handful of personality disorders such as narcissistic PD, borderline PD, AVOIDANCE PD etc. What they all have in common is a disregard for other peoples rights boundaries and a disdain for rules and authority-be it parental, school, in the work environment, Police and other federal or state agencies etc. Most feel that THEY are different and that rules are for shmucks- if you'll pardon the language.

. To see a perfect example of Caseys jeolosyand resentment of Caylee who was dead at that point remember just watch the  infamous jailhouse phone conversations between Casey and her mom shortly after Casey's arrest, look listen closely. I believe that this jealousy largely perpetuated Casey's idea and thoughts of killing her child. Between this sick rivalry, which for a mature woman,would seem absurd, but for a
 young emotionally stunted sociopath, it wasthe perfect recipe for murdering one'schild -this combined with
 a desire to return to her previously held free-wheeling, partying lifestyle, a lifestyle that involved spending evenings with whatever young man of the moment, culminated in her premeditatively killing her darling 2 year old.

The text messages that this presiding Judge wrongly disallowed from being entered into evidence, clearly showed this part of Casey Anthony's mindset and motivation to kill Cay lee, just prior to the murder, They spoke volumes to that motivation;  She wrote in her text to her then beau " in just another couple of days baby you can bring your ass over here any frigging night you feel like it!"

Now for some ridiculous reason that was certainly not based upon  common sense fairness or proper judicial/ criminal precedents, this judge,who in my humble opinion is not a very good judge
(he is very inconsistent
far too detached and presumptive and this particular decision that he made regarding the dis-allowance of these extremely pertinent texts to be entered into evidence, ie shown to the jury-whom he ordered  out of the courtroom while they were read out loud in front of the lawyers and families was a major mistake that cost the prosecution and the rest of the law abiding world-the truth-and justice for Caylee.

.And  by way of explanation for disallowing the incriminating texts to be seen or heard by the jury-This Judge claimed the texts were prejudicial and made no sense anyway".  He then elaborated  saying"I mean,whats she going to do- kill her parents too?!  This was rhetorical, The Judge did not want nor expect an answer.
But if I was that prosecutor I would have given him a very pointed answer; and yet for whatever idiotic reason the prosecutor didn't say a word and let the entire thing go.

This shows his incompetence. My best guess is he figured the judge was stubborn he wasn't going to get anywhere likely and made the mistaken decision that he probably didn't need the texts to win the case against Casey Anthony. Plain stupid. You always always argue a point when you know you are right, your deadvictims right to justice is at stake.
Now when the judge said whats she gonna do kill her parents to" he did so in a mocking tone, which I immediately recall thinking  Does he not know a thing about forensic psychiatry?

Or is he like so many other men-and a fair number of women in this country-fooled by Casey Anthony's age and fresh scrubbed appearance, rendering the mere idea that this petite young woman-a girl almost , primly
sitting, in a crisp white shirt, on a subconscious level....had the Judge fallen prey to"Caseyitis" It sure was beginning to look that way  as I watched the judges decision and his"reasoning" in making it.

Here is a young mother accused of killing her 2 year old child and throwing her in the trunk of her car where she was left for days in the heat to rot while Casey lived her typical daily life without a sign of even discomfiture or moodiness.

The days following Caylees murder were filled with video watching, dancing clubbing,drinking having sex with  the moment boyfriend  (note; I am reluctant to bring up a women' sex life within the confines of a criminal case however in this instance  it relate to Caseys state of mind following the murder  in this case,thus rendering it extremely pertinent to the case.
the "accidental drowning story" where Casey  tried to throw her father under the bus by claiming
out of nowhere that he disposed of Kaylee's little body how on earth could she be so emotionally disconnected as to behave as countless witnesses have testified she did, in the days and weeks that followed this supposed accidental death of her child?!

Shopping, Getting Tattoo's, chirping away and texting on her cellphone with friends, all whilst simultaneously fending off her parents growing concern and demands for answers re Caylee's

Do the math Judge. the texts make perfect sense -we are not dealing with a nice  young gal that is built like you and I -in her soulless frame lies the heart of a manipulating sociopath;

Thus to disallow key evidence that points directly to motive, text messages clearly showing said motive for the murder of her child a la  Susan Smith style, you don't send the Jury out,call a sidebar and state that you are not going to allow such important evidence in because either
you have no training in forensic psychology
b) because they make no sense and yet are highly prejudicial-
which is it Judge?
ie "was she gonna kill her parents too?!  The Judge asked the prosecutor after sending the jury out.
Too clarify:

At the time Casey and Caylee lived at the elder Anthony's home,  as Casey didn't work and in fact had lied for months at a stretch,telling her parents that she was working at a job, only for them to discover she wasn't and as was typical for her she was lying, trying to keep them off her back so to speak
 an attempt to fulfill their demands that she work if she lives at home, as well as any parents of a young adult who wants to show their adult child that one must pay their way even when their parents have graciously allowed that adult child-and her child to live with them, including intermittent free baby sitting by the Anthony's.

Yes-YES-YES!  It is completely within the realm of possibility that Casey Anthony might kill
her parents,or  one of them,whichever she thought might be in her way the most or even worse
turn her in.  You better believe that anyone that would kill a beautiful 2 year old child and then behave so disconnectedly and lie with such connivance,showing utter disdain for her crying mother who was literally  begging  (on the prison phone) for any little thing that Casey might be able to remember about (upposedly missing at that point )cayle via her imaginary nanny,  a lie that reciting to her mom  alone seemed to irritate Casey-as if she resented having to "explain herself" yet again to her mother or anyone else....and why they hell dont you people care about me I'm in Jail!

 Casey was barely able to sound convincing whilst sounding utterly disgusted and bored when finally suggesting to her mother"I don't know mom Ive told you everything already! Look up her family I think they lived in the Dominican republic or something"   She threw this half hearted bone at her clearly distraught and broken up mother who was there visiting her daughter in prison, where she sat on charges of murdering her own child.

All we heard and saw from Casey Anthony, who remember now-in retrospect-is claiming at that point her daughter had long been dead-drowned in the family pool her little body disposed of conveniently by George Anthony, she suddenly says and yet what we saw and heard was a  Casey Anthony responding to her mothers pitiable beseeching re Caylee's possible whereabouts, with utter disdain.

Disdain sulkiness,resentment and bitterness -  and even boredom.
If you watch and listen to those tapes carefully, you'll see that Casey herself was so clearly sick and tired of being asked about Caylee -by her parents especially. It was bad enough she had to deal with the police and the lawyers, but she was not going to deal with her parents bugging her about this kid anymore.

Let this Jury see and feel the truth of Casey Anthony's evil and deception. Let them understand that Cindy Anthony has become caught up in a Stockholm like syndrome where she is now aiding and abetting her daughter desperately trying anything to keep her off of death row. She now claims that she searched the term chloroform"?!!!!!  She insisted that little Caylee could climb up to the pool herself and proffered photos depicting herself propping little caylee up with her hands at her little back as the toddler climbed the steps gingerly. I think we all can see whats happened here with Mrs Anthony. Her daughter has bamboozled her made up some lies about her father molesting her, stirred up media interest in her dads female friend trying to imply infidelity in order to hurt her fathers credibility.  And the tension  between Mr and Mrs Anthony can be seen from a mile away.

As is classic with sociopaths within a family dynamic they are experts at causing divisiveness all the better to divide and conquer.  From where I stand it is clear that Mrs Anthony has put herself i a thick state of denial re her daughter murdering Caylee. Shed much rather believe that Caylee drowned by accident and even if she doesnt really believe this, after listening to her lie under oath and claim that it was her that searched for chloroform on the computer I knew that Mrs Anthony had crossed over for wahtever personal demons she has to answer to. Its just too bad that she is wiling to aid and abet a child killer as well as throw her own husband under the bus in the process.

 But before we judge her too harshly remeber this, Socioapths are extremely adept liars and manipulators, the stories" about George anthony supposedly trying to molest Casey as well as Caseys brother, both of whom happen to obviously believe and know that Cseys is guilty of killing Caylee , these storiues were told at a very purposeful moment by Casey Anthony-she needed at least one parent on her side, so she worked out a scheme to solicit her mothers instinct to protect her own, she guilted her and she through the molestation bit in for good measure insuring that Mrs Anthony would begin to wonder....is it possible...oh my god maybe thats why Cassey is so messed up!" 

In the meantime a little girl desrves justice for her brutally stolen life.