Jun 12, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial, a Cult of Infamy

One of the better articles out there regarding Caylee Anthony's murder and the trial proceedings.
However, immaturity and dysfunction do not explain Casey Anthony,nor what to many seem unfathomable behavior and utter callousness
as displayed in the excerpt of her courthouse note to a fellow inmate. All of this nonsensical attention over the so called mystique and
mystery surrounding how a "attractive young woman" could kill her child and be so distanced from her own despicable actions(as to
rent videos go out dancing and get tattoos in the weeks and months following the murder) is really becoming very old very fast.
With all of this incessant writing concerning this case all of the ludicrous media attention, we rarely see or hear or read the word: SOCIOPATH.

Even Huffington Post, usually a decent Blog with decent writers, of varying degrees, are either reluctant to "go there" I am ssuming
because Anthony is a female and what the writer perceives as a "young attractive" one at that or out of ignorance, which considering the rest of the article and its relative insightfulness, I find unlikely.

So there you have it; if an intelligent legal analyst/writer cannot seem to bring themself to hastily arrive at this obvious conclusion, what are they doing haranguing about the worldwide attention due to the "mystery" of how this women with anti-social personality disorder, did what sociopath's do?

In the meantime, lets pray for Caylee's perfect little soul and Justice for her brutal death.